Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In my eyes...

Little did they know, what's essential is invisible to the naked eyes~

How do i put LIFE in my own words?? 
I come to realize so many things...like sometimes i just sit here and think about my life in 2 to 3 years to come...of course less worries and look out for a wonderful things to happen..like really2 happen ^_^ 
So far... i enjoy my life as it is...

Two days ago i went to Halem son's Birthday party...Halem a fwen of mine back in my high school years. Few days before she called me and told me that she will be having a birthday party for her son, Syamil. And out of people she called me for lil help...well its all about graphic in designing her door gift sticker. Knowing me...it was way simple to do so and its a YES..come on...to think back da time Syamil was born i didn't have a chance to pay a visit...so, doing this kinda thing probably will make Halem happy :)

Tadaaa~~ this is the kinda lousy art sticker i made for lil Syamil~ (to be place on goodybag)

Wooo..how time flies really fast. Tau2 this lil Syamil is ONE YEAR old...and so i told halem that is she plan to have another one~~ jeng jeng jeng....all she answered is..."i will wait for you" *touched* well...if it is that easy i might want it now,thou. I swear to God, women round my age all they look up is having their own cute babies....Marry is another issue but we definitely have this 'naluri keibuan' which automatically LOVE KIDS and wish in having one. ^_^'its just beauty indeed~

In my sincere eyes...i see having a family is one of the most beautiful gift to oneself. I mean..i've been mingling round with fwens who are married and everything pon seems so beautiful. They are loving, responsible and hardworking in making their family in a good terms. To add on, having a baby will somehow carry a weight in both husband and wife relationship. This is what i see and figure it out after seeing my friends. *cam best je idup berumahtangga ni kann*~  

And so...another good fwen of mine is married. AIZUDDIN AZMI is the name. we both actually from a same Uni and i knew him back then from several of my fwens. Not that close to him but we practically when thro a same disaster relationship...at the same time..once upon a time la~~ lol..and now...alhamdulillah..he made it to go thro it and found the one who will complete his life puzzle~ 

This is another beautiful things in my eyes~~ MARRIAGE. Glad to know that in order to get sumthing amazing, God created some hustles for us to go thro it with patient. Then, from the imperfection comes the BEAUTY~  See it, learn it and adapt to it. 

Smart people are the one who over thinkers, the insure ones and the different ones. They know whats the real world is like. They analyze every lil thing in life.
To avoid getting hurt and to find happiness. They stay up at night trying to think bout every possible situation to get through all the problems. They think toooo much but trusr less people. Their insecurity proves their respect towards themselves. 
Of course they try to live away from drama-filled life. 
Smart people know their worth, now that's the one worth keeping by your side~

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