Monday, November 5, 2012

Purchase & Donate Project~

I always have a big heart in creating a smile on someones face. Most of all, in my work duty or anything, basically deep in my heart i always starts with prayers and sincere intention towards sumthing i wanna do. I'm in sales and marketing line..of course in media world..i can said all this while Alhamdulillah,cos of I'm kind of hardworking and  my efforts make me earns pretty good perks out of the sales deal i closed. And not forgetting, every cents that i get i make myself to 'Pusat Zakat Selangor'. Well, we gotta always think that not everyone has fortunate life rite. So, there i go share my hardworking profits i get with the one who really needs help.

It has been my own practice in myself to do so as i always see my parent did all this amal jariah thingy since i was a kid. And alhamdulillah, the good values keep on and on growing to next generation...perhaps soon gonna be develop in my 'junior me'. hiks! InsyAllah~ So, Whats up with this 'Purchase & Donate Project?'

Let me go by a teaser.... a partnership boutique!jeng jeng jeng....!~Ahaks! Yes! I'm in the middle of helping my mom expanding her boutique into a proper and upgrade business. And at the same time partnership with my good friend in doing online boutique. Discussion and paper work all done and now there is some added value that we both had agreed to put in a project called " Purchase and donate"! cool aitw ;)

The project is currently in alpha stage of development. We are still putting some minor issues like 10% of the purchasing money will be donate to unfortunate kids or single parents or orphanage or even Animals rite society. Those associations are still under our consideration.. :)

And so..i started with selling this online on my instagram : Lindaroos7 .huhu

Purchase & Donate Project : Nice & comfy handmade shoe for SALES!!
Price : RM 99.90 (each)
Size: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
PM if you wanna purchase it..and every purchase 10% goes for donation..InsyAllah to unfortunate and single parents~

Peace! xx

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