Sunday, May 12, 2013

Alhamdulillah~ im happy..hee

well 1st of all im so happy cos blessed wt such wonderful people surround me. firstly, happy mom's day to my amazing mama. we celebrated a day earlier cos my sista flew to sarawak on friday. it was a small celebration wt those two cucu mama yg tersyg sgt tu kan. Alhamdulillah to see all of us which i think mama did a very good job as a mother abd dad to all of us. not in my life i ever heard mama merungut cos of our behavior..all she did was understand the whole situation that she gotta faced as a single mother. i couldnt imagine her in her toughest years facing so much hustles in raising us up. with all respect...these very day i tend to realised Mama did everything to make us feels good and happy bout we have. never in my life i feel i didnt get what i want...rasa cam smua nyer cukup je all this while. best part is we get superb education and Alhamdulillah smua dh bekerjaya.

Mom, there is no any solid reason i couldnt love u much as u did to all of us. not just on mom's day..its everyday..every morning when all of us bout to go to work..we surely find u rite at the door step to salam and kiss u for us to be bless for the whole day. Seriously and Alhamdulillah, i never fail to do so. sometimes i even wish to raise up my kids just like mama did...penuh kasih sayang and kesyukuran. And all us never ask for more...cos we been train to just Bersyukur dgn ape yg ada. That is the greatest gift ever from my elderly. thanks for making me and others always berpijak pd bumi yg nyata~

Secondly, despite mom's bakal mertua..ehem*..*blushed* came by my house. now, lets get into a real talk about me and my fututr husband. Finally, both parents meet. how i wish My Abah was there discussing on the matters. i bet he was around watching us all td. perhaps, he is bless to see his future son in law...serious, my future husband have similarity as my Late abah :( it feels so good and grateful to have it back in my life once again . Ya Allah, thank you in putting the puzzle that ive been looking for all this while. serious x sangka...jodoh aku tu drkat sgt all this while. BarakAllah~

papepon, today was the 1st time in getting the silatuhrahim between umah semakin berkembang. i really hope this kinda meeting up wt lead to a beautiful and amazing ending for both family. InsyAllah~ :)


love from a happy girl,