Thursday, August 30, 2012


"Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind...War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today."

-- John F. Kennedy

I'm writing my post on the nite of MERDEKA day. Let me rewind back to 55 yrs ago...where am i.???..duhhh...obviously i'm not out yet to this wonderful world to be specific to this lovely motherland of TANAH add on my mama pon x kuar lagi from my nenek nyer perut ^_^... but the one i always remembered was my dad story upon Merdeka. He was a bout 17 or 18 cam tu dad was born on 1934.  He experienced and witness the era of achieving Independent. *awesome* 

Every Merdeka, kalau tgk TV iklan petronas time kecik2 dulu...he always told us how things were sooooooo freaking different back then. Petronas TVC was sumthing similar la..but the feeling nowdays is totally different. (time tu mmg zaman aku slalu tgk Doremon..and i even told my arwah abah then if there was a pintu ajaib doremon i would fly to that era just catch the feel) haha...that was those days when abah was still around. 

Sometimes syok gak tau pasal sejarah silam smua ni..(ckp cam suke sgt mata pejaran sejarah time sekolah dulu kan..hell no! to be frank aku la org slalo tido time class sejarah) nak2 bile tgk zaman skang smua nyer dah senang, indah berlaka and the value of appreciation in oneself is lacking day by day. The direction or agenda Negara is not the same as what we hold since our MERDEKA day last time..well..i know some people suka kan pembaharuan but hey...reality check...we leave in such a peace and harmony country. Zaman dulu nak kuar umah pon takot sbb penjajah dengan senapang nyer smua...if u cant imagine..look at the real scenario happen in middle east country. Poor thang..when i look at them...seriously my heart always Bersyukur la sgt2...atleast i can drive peacefully outside doing my work..friends will many races. semua tu just GREAT and I LOVE IT. and every of my sujud i would never forget to thank the Almighty for this peaceful, lovely and amazing country.

JANJI DI TEPATI.....Is our so called tag line or propaganda for our 55th Merdeka?? MasyAllah...klo kot ye pon u is just a freaking tagline/phrase...we as Malaysians have to look beyond the the truth meaning of our MERDEKA. then....u can feel it~ like really the semangatest in celebrating our own independent day! MALAYSIA BOLEH. Kalau dulu time la masa nyer nak melepakkan diri with fwens sbb esok CUTiiiiiii!!~ hahaha..standard i tend to appreciate in every angle in celebrating my blogging la kot ^_^....

Well people, Salam M.E.R.D.E.K.A to all my lovely Malaysians..and to who ever fell in love with our country as well la :) and you know what...i love Malaysia up till to have this imagination to be the 1st Women Prime Minister. hahaha...    * dream on* 

peace! xoxo~

Friday, August 24, 2012

syokk nyerr RAYA!!

i seriously never been this enjoy celebrating raya bile time2 dah besar cam skang ni..(ehem* baru sodar keee aku ni dh besar) haha...well as far as im concern la this raya i've made myself fully available for my FAMILY. haa...over the yearts...mmg la TERSGT bz with lots of jemputan during 1st week of Raya kan and im the one who usually really keen lank gi smua....BUT this raya i keep it SEMPOI...TIME WITH MY FAMILY je....and welcoming people to my house!the feeling of seeing people came tu truly gave me such honored and bliss...Ya BarakAllah~ the feeling its so AMAZING. nak2 when they enjoy the food, the talks and laughter. i actually captured those small2 things happen around me and there goes smiling and Alhamdulillah~ ^_^

Welcoming mama's siblings, our cousins to our house. tadaaa~ this isn't complete baru x sampai quarter.huhu. 

The best part of all, im actually happy to see budak2 smilling when they received their duit raya. Mama and All my siblings bagi duit raya kat cousins yang kecik2 ni...whee~ (our time to receive those colorful ampaw are over dah~) the feeling og giving is much more BEST wooo dari receiving....SONOKK nyerrr!~

haaaa~ i absulutely agree with the quotes of "Tangan yang memberi..lebih baik dari yang Menerima" huhu...those yang bg ampaw tu actually they giving not just money..they giving life and smile to others.Sonokk la raye dia kan~ lol

1st, 2nd and 3rd day standard la kaum keluarga yang ziarah2 sama sendri....cousins met cousins...aunties and uncles...this is the time what ever story i've been missed all this while they probably gonna brought it up and spice it up in terms of jokes around and yada..yada...hee.

Yesterday was the finest day in celebrating my Raya cos i'm invited my Clients, friends..long lost friends and who ever think la im still her fwen dtg la my house..haha..I madeLaksa Johor....(the easiest dish to make in welcoming my friends..and of course Mama was the one who monitor and did some extra cooking like Nasi Minyak and nasi empit with kuah kacang) hee~

my ex-colleagues from Media Prima...and both recently got married ..aww~^_^' 1st time la ni baraya as husband and Wife :)

standard la me and wani with the used of her beloved husband's camera...what else to end their visits ..taking pictures la kan..huhu.


The one who really can layan my tng tongness~ lol

my long lost girlfwens~ Alhamdulillah...raya ni menyatukan we all balik...well...time contrains make us bz with life. Sikin the bride to be soon and the middle one is Shara a.k.a lenchumi~ lol (these 2 girls really made my day when ever both of them with me...ado je benda nk gelak sakan)

peneman setia buat keja2 umah with me...haha. He's my best buddy rite from my creative works back in MMU time till being a good friend in my career world. and soon he's gonna marry with his childhood family friend. AWESOME!! (serious i cant wait for ya big day Mr. Ron)huhu~ InsyAllah..

He came on My 2nd day and 5th Day of Raya makan2 at my house. *awesome*

A lady who taught me to be a real women... (masok dapur hiris bawang, potong timun, daun itu ini..blend ikan,blend halia, goreng2...segala benda la..and at the same time always warned me not to SING while in the kitchen) lol.... donno that my mom believes in those PETUA org tua2..haha

well...konklusi nyer...i'm so all blessed in welcoming my guests to my house as what i believes is thateach and everyone who came actually membawa seribu RAHMAT to me and family and x silap la kan...i heard my late dad said last time when our tetamu balik they eventually will hapuskan dosa2 we ols seisi keluarga. InsyAllah...and that is why..somehow i will always treat my guests yang dtg semulia yang mungkin..eceyh~ 

Ok.Whats next? doone with my AMAZING raya FEVER...gotta tune on my mind, emotion and good psychical to welcome back my DUTY next week....ZzZzZZzzzzz....*yawning* (that goes to my duty back at office but dealing with ministry im so UP for it) lol~


Monday, August 20, 2012

My Raya 2012

Assalamualaikum u ols~ I bet everybody rite now is still enjoying their ketupat rending..well..SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI J Obviously every RAYA pon is all about FORGIVENESS..u know like forgive and forgets sort of things. Yang jauh didekatkan...yang silap di maafkan..eceyh~ something that u probably heart from TVC or Radio ad. Hiks!

The Feelingof My Raya 2012 is just GREAT as usual.....
There is so much I want to say but honestly I do not know where to begin, Raya is all about Family, get together, appreciation and forgiveness. I think each years i tend to get emotional and sentimental here and there. You know, we are all aging and as we raise up we have keep the memories with us. The one thing that always touches my heart will always be Family value and of course our dearest Mama. Every year during Raya time, she will always cry and gave her few words to each of her beloved sons and daughters.

Moment with my brother in law

Moment with my eldest brother...Mulia nyer hati My Mama to treat her Menantu same as her own son. Alhamdulillah~ (senang aku tgk ^_^' hiks!)
Mama have gone through so much in years. When I was young I remember every time Raya you never forgets to buy us new clothing, shoes and not forgetting Gold and Diamonds. You taught ya girls, me and sista how to be little ladies and of course you certainly did not wish for us to act like spoiled little brats! We learned manners, how to sit and when to keep our skirts down :p not running round with our Baju Kurung’s on and warned me not to join my brothers playing boys stuffs (fire crackers i was once taught was a boys dangerous things to play with) haha. Spankings were allowed when we were growing up and it hasn't seemed to harm me in anyway, it certainly did not make me cold or bitter a spanking here and there, it made me respect your point and now I realize what a hard head I was,but mama that is another discussion. Hee~ Those are the memories that I will cherish indeed J
As I type this tears well-up in my eyes because I know and i feel that you are going through so much hassles inraising all of us. I know it through your tears that run down each year of Eid. SuhannaAllah..if i could I ask more from God, I would ask Him to keep ya heart with no worries upon your children and of course to give you a better place in His highest Jannah...IinsyAllah. I know that God has a plan for all of us and I personally pray to God for us to have such a strong and happy family in our lackness, of course some people do have a pessimistic thinking but hey, I have always been the optimist and truly I try to find good in everyone , even when they upset me or break my heart.I have gotten that from you, people may say that you are naive', but what I believe is that you have given me a gift , it has been a beautiful gift, how many people can say that there heart is so giving? You have giving me the gift of being creative, strength and belief in myself. You see Mama although we may not have always met eye to eye on certain things you supported me regardless if I was wrong. You gave me wings to fly when I was young and pushed me out of the nest, the love you had when we hit the ground was the most unconditional love any mothers could give. You let me back into the nest to gather my feathers and let me fly again until I was able to fly on my own. Seriously, there are so many things i would like to speak up to you this morning while I was down on my two knees praising for your forgiveness........but i guess the tears just speak by its own~
There are so many more stories that I could write about but you know that they are wonderful memories forever etched in my heart and locked in a precious box in my mind and that I thank you from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes.
I love you for so many reasons,
I love you because you taught me respect,
I love you because you did not ever neglect,
I love you because you allowed us to be children
I love you because you disciplined with love,
I love you because you taught me how to bake,
I love you because you taught me how to cook,
I love you because even when I failed you never gave up,
I love you because you make me smile,
I love you because you love unconditionally,
I love you because you never placed any conditions on me,
I love you because you believed in me,
I love you because through any sorrow you are my sunshine,
I love you for so many other reasons and these are only a few , but I love you simply because you are only you! Not only on any special day but I will love you forever and always! Selamat Hari Raya, Mama J

Maybe next year i’ll talk about my siblings~ Guess, this raya we tend to celebrate it once again happily with our Dearest Mama. And plus, felt pity to our mama cos her baju raya last minute x siap  L (tapi tetap nk pakai hijau smua kann )

Moment with siblings and the kuntuts~

beautiful sister and mama *heart*

TV3 Brothers ;p come this purple Man include in our Family Green Team...well look at his sampin got a lil of Green skit kan ^_^' hee~ goes a song by Nat King-  i love you for sentimental reasons...cos i'm tend to hv this emoish and sentimental value in nk lari skit dr mood lagu 'damm damm dumm bunyi mercun'. haha...this song s for those people in the picture that really means a lot to me! xoxo.PEACE!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Career Growth ^_^

i think is about time for me to move forward for a better offer. How do we actually know that we are ready to just for our own kinda work? cos as i know being employed is the easiest way to survive in this world rather then built up our everyday life by doing our own business rite? ehem* wait a minute....hmm...i'm the one who always do my own thing regardless in any situation. i think la....~

Last week my GM..i mean my direct boss resign. And today my colleague who i used to work together going to leave the company 2moro. it is a sad thing but deep in my heart i know when the moment comes everybody will choose for a better life....and so they grow their own experience in another path :)

jeng jeng jeng....actually just nk bgtau...i'm also telah disunting ^_^...aww~ i mean got offered to much more BIGGER PLATFORM..BIGGER POSITION...BIGGER COMPANY....BIGGER..and Bigger and smua nyer la big...hahaha....Alhamdulillah. but.....tu la still dlm persoalan. 

Chup! if u ols ada peluang to starts ya own business (good networking + capital) would u go for an offer to be employed again??? Gosh! the world is so big out there and if we are confidently prepare to face it ...y not taking chances by concentrating doing it with ya own effort kan? ( of course the nearest people to me always said..."jgn nak confident sgt la") wah! ckp mmg la senang aku ni kan....but when we jump into it..My God! its look like im not gonna settle down before I'm 30! NoOoOooooo~:( ...thats the most thing i scared about~ haha 

ok lets get back my focus.... WHAT DO I REALLY WANT OUT OF MY LIFE?? ok linda ..keep on mentioning it till to the top of ya head....look  for the answer at the bottom of ya heart.~ tuuttttttt...*blank* haha...

sneak preview my Raya 2012 offical color

tadaaaaa~ Yes is a royal GREEN yaw~ a big THANK YOU to my dearest sweet pwetty bubbly desinger, Miss Azura known wt Azura Couture She just make my raya mood go really wheeeeeeee~ even thou i aint got an feelings towards raya nowdays....u know la kan rays s all about getting together as family, seeking for blessing and minta2 maaf smua la kan....if kanak2 sre standard yg dikejar nyer AMpAW~ hiks! everyboday been a kids rite those sure u guys hv ya lil good old times being a kid.huhu

to think back...i make lots of costumes for ray as im celebrating my 1st very raya officially with hijab on...wahhh~ another sejarah tercipta in my life omg like sriously i come till this extend of life? TRANSFORMATION obviously for a better lew kan. so kire ni raya art of celebrate the transformation in me, my sista and da whole family. oh yes...everybody welcome me and sista wt new look on this aidilfitri. Alahamdulillah.

smua dh terlaksana...guess next raya insyAllah transform me to be into aother stge of life.....A Wife ...maybe. insyAllah. jeng jeng jeng~ i feel the boringnpart dh bout raya sbb at the age klo ada kids my raya would b much more meaningful....x sabarrr nyeerrr nk bg duit raya and the giving back smile really make peace in my   lonely heart taw. eceyh~ jgn nk lonely heart sgt la kan...huhu

so people lagi...jommmmm rayaaa:D

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mamaku dan kapas~

Assalamualaikum~ i rememebered this one evening i told mama if she wants to be on newspaper sempena Ramadhan and Raya. Blum sempat ckp abis she trus "NAK!!" haha..cute je taw mama ni~ well...most of her kids( jgn nk kids sgt la...smua stok dh ley jd mak and bapaq dah..HIKS!) majority in Media line. 2 of my brothers a producer and director at Media Prima..and i used to be there those days as well...and now i'm doing my own thang in media world..(ignore my kisah kena terminate.haha)

All this while alhamdulillah la..i managed to have a good relation with the media world...from sales person, client servicing, editorial, production up till the management levels...serious till now im so blessed with all that happen in my life. i gotta say NETWORKING is really important baru smua benda we need can be materialize easily. Making connection is a thing that wouldn't need to pay yaw~ its always pay with our sincerity and with a good heart InsyAllah good things will comes to you without u knowing it. huhu.

Tau tak if nk promotion or ad on print paper ..Full color Full Page plak tu cost dia sumtimes can reach up to 70k for just one off ad??! seriously CRAZY kan!! but thats about it...Media Advertising is just syooookkkkkkkkk business abis ~ hehe..if u know how to play around with it and not forgetting a good servicing to your kinda clients.  well, my mama knows that i'm so committed and passionate in my media works as in tu la makanan si Linda ni..(thats the words always i heard from her mouth) kuangg3x!

This was what i gave her for upcoming RAYA!! FREE exposure on her boutique and a bonus for her sbb MUKE DIA KLUAR paper!! hahaha..
Mama is one of the person who loves cotton sangat2!! she always said that cotton is EVER green...dari i'm a lil girl up till somewhat be a lady now still every of Raya she will do 1 baju kurung cotton for her girls..(ok now girls dia dh tambah satu lagi..which is my sis all together 3 baju cotton) haha...

For the love of designing and materials, she was a interior designer back then (Eyana Deco Sdn. Bhd....sempena nama my sista! cis!) but now more into boutique (Eyana house of Cotton...again nama my sista*terjeles* hehe). According to her she started just to go thro her pass time je..but now run beautifully and rezeki comes x putus2. I'm happy that she knows how to handle her kinda life pretty awesome at her age where it supposed to relax jaga cucu2 or jejln with husband kan...but yeah to thnk back..My Mama x pernah duduk diam...if x kat boutique..she will be at Masjid belakang umah. Her kids know her time schedules pretty well ;) ahaks~ 

You may have heard that cotton clothing offers a lot of benefits over synthetic material. Have you ever wondered why and what those benefits are? are some good facts i got from my Mama the cotton lover. According to her, there are numerous of goods and great things about cotton, but the main one is the fact that cotton is hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant which means is the best choice of material for people who suffer from asthma or allergies or those who have sensitive skin prone to irritation. Natural fabrics usch as cotton clothing allow for better air circulation which helps remove and absorb body moisture, drawing heat away from the skin and keeping body cool and dry. Also, cos cotton clothing breathes better, it's the best choice to keep cool in hot, humid weather. So for those who actually always on the go and wanna feel comfort at all times, cotton is the best answer. And to think back, while we were a baby our parent put a cotton clothing on us to keep us all feel realllllly comfy!~ (kite mati nanti kain kapan pon Cotton gak kan~ ^_^')

It happen few months back when i actually followed my mom travel to take some of her product from overseas. We actually went to Vietnam to find new tailormade for our Raya outfit and at the same time looking for more business opportunity in extending mama's boutique. So, we went to this BIG BAZAAR packed with people 24/7... tourists and local are just mad about material business! and we end up at this particular small shop which mama make friends with owner. Came this one lady ...a Malaysian lady tetibe dari arah belakang aku yang duduk kepenatan ikut mama deal2 kain2 ni trus cam tegur apek vietnam ni tanya mana kain cotton yg bagus~ then while apek tu cari patern yg cantek2 mama started to talk to the this time in my heart i said sumthing like..."now let us see Mama nyer drama" haha...Mama asked the lady where did she stay in Malaysia...and the lady answered at Tmn Tun. and mama pon borak2 la cam biasa till the lady actually asked mama (sambil pegang kain cottonapek tu bagi kat dia).. " do you think this is the nice cotton? cos i saw you beli byk kain and i think u npk cam the one who always came here" ( serious that kinda question really trigger mama as Mama kan owner in getting all those fine cotton from overseas and sell it in her boutique) So, here goes my Mama nyer answer..... " cari cotton ke. this one not really fine cos cotton yg fine for kids ke org dewasa always comes from Dubai or pakistan. VERY FINE. i tell you what....back in Malaysia there's one boutique..kat amcorp mall, pj..dah dekat sgt tu ngan Tmn Tun tempat u tinggal..i found it so fine la the cotton. Kain2 dalam paper bag my daughter pegang tu actually from that boutique (hand over the kain to the lady) and we dtg sini for tailoring je. Sini nyer cotton kurang skit..Vietnam more into shifon and linen~" tuh dia....with her face yang so friendly and CONFIDENT je ckp wt that lady where actually she refer and promote her own boutique. (serius time tu aku dh tahan glak muke tetap maintain and coba x nak pandang lansung muke mama cos takot kantoi) Guess what..blk Malaysia mama told me that her staff ckp this lady Shopping Banyak gileeee..i think bout 10 pieces of kain cotton at my mama's boutique. hahaha~  wahh! the power of really direct promotion which she done it very subtle way . *Impressive* oh ya..that is My Mama~ lol

So girls yang suke pakai cotton try la go and have a look at Eyana House of Cotton else gi je kat amcorm mall level 3 near to Mc Donald...nak discount just mention  a friend of Linda Roos..haha! sure my mom staff will give special rate...(ye la..cos i'm gonna pay the discount part :p ) lol. Happy shopping~ :)

mood keja lari-lari anak~

Assalamualaikum~  hee...I've been bz for the whole load just crazy, thou. Not that im complaining ...i know tak baik ckp cam tu..even not mengomel pon ..sbb tu smua rezki ye~ huhu. To be honest i'm toooooo committed in what im doing..nak2 deal about media world since im in media for the past 4 far i've enjoy it so MUCH! u know la kan...entertainment and communication life been in me for quite long and yet i'm still keep on exploring every angles. Cos for me there is lot for me to discover...its like finding the infinity answer,thou. well..thats what we call the THRILL and the excited part kan after all~

Even thou im working in *tuuuttttt* is a media owner for the whole Out Of Home Media but i'm still engage with some other platform like Media Prima( my ex-company), astro and Ad Agency. is world is small. i turn left and rite i always hit the same person. ahaks~ klo hit 2 3 kali tu..mmg sah2 la sengaja kan...hehe..but yeah...that just to show how small the media world is.

Monday usually i came to attend "sales meeting" to update on things with clients and so on..bla bla bla...i used to love to attend back when i know who im reporting to..but after some management prob occur i tend to look at this meeting such a lousy one~ oopsss! (trust me it is) and i always make excuses to escape it by going to my 2nd office (putrajaya..ministry areas) huhu...slalo klau buat excuses cam tu lama2 sure dh x ley pakai i attended last meeting...and here goes my SURPRISE....

GOT TERMINATED?? do i feel regret on receiving this kinda letter which came not from my direct boss..cos my direct boss just tender his resignation letter a week ago? should i feel regret? a question that i'm still trying my best to figure out whats the best answer to it. hehe~ (rasa cam work at circus pon ader..) The best part didnt came from Human Resourse (HR)...i think it came from HUMOR RESOURSE! which somehow i tend to laugh like hell in getting this letter! hahahahaha....ok la..dont wanna elaborate more bout this lil prob that arise early of this week...while i'm so blessed with so many wonderful project that been sealed along the week. huhu...

My Key Client: Ministry if higher Education(MOHE). I got a phone called from MOHE after i received the letter of mu termination telling me the project i've been proposed its ON! Alhamdulillah~ see..told ya.. tuhan tu MahaKaya & Adil & Saksama. If sumthing bad happen to us..usually sure got HIKMAH leih baik out of everything yg happen tu. huhu. X yah lew kite risau...we should redha and keep on believing..(im a believer by the way) hiks~ ^_^'

style pe concept ad i did..pls say yes..huhu ;p and pls support this ministry initiative i make a research it is all about educate people from young till senior citizen to gwt involve on skills work exposure..try la google on Pembelajaran Sepanjang Hayat, PSH check out!~ hee

This below video been played last Thursday on MOHE Media Nite Iftar together with the program soft launch.Woahhh~ seyes im so proud!! i even proud to make my Boyfriend acompany me to the function to witness the whole kinda media job..and my project that i've been working with MOHE all this while. Tadaaaa~ really hope he got the whole picture..i'm like till the extend biarla org lain x brapa paham what im doing but i always pray that my Guy know and support me in everything i do. huhu.*budget hollywood sweet movie la* haha! 

tadaaaa~ this is sooo no 'Gohmen' style of  tv promo...check it out~ it will be on TV soon :) ahaks!

heee~ i'm all PINK yaww! waiting for my sweet bf to fetch me up for the soft launch! Sweetttt~ muahhh! 

Conclusion nyer do u ols rasa i care much bout getting that TERMINATION LETTER? huhu...i believes dunia rezeki ni luas and i always percaya Tuhan tu Maha segala Maha..God will always there for the one who always remember Him regardless in  our susah and senang kan~ hehe. Seriously i kind of terkilan skit la cos of internal politic, my value that i give to these company not shine up to this kinda boss(malah aku dipijak2...typical sales boss cam tu la)~ for me, i dont really put problems in front and definitely wouldn't run away from it..but to move forward this is how i deal with it. Not to say i give up, guess i'll accepted it for my own pride and value. Eceyh~ haha.  

On my way to the hotel for the launch...we end up took this cute and creative shot! ahaha...*sempat lagi* 

Monday, August 6, 2012

i love my FRIENDS~ all the miss gone. its been quite sumtimes i couldnt make my time for my 2nd family and a place where we all built our happy and lively memories. Ya all truly blessed di anugerahkan such a good friends indeed. syukur kerna  at last i made my time to attend our port luck iftar at Mr. Didi'S.

As usual, im the one came late....i mean very berryyy late. kalau nk ikutkan at 1st told DD that i probably couldn't join them as i've some urgency on my ministry project. then i personally called him telling i might be coming for moreh. plan buke i came for moreh.haha

the time i got there everybody was concerntrating on badminton olympic...LCW vs Lindan...btul2 time suspen where by it only left another few minutes to end. but yeah..Malaysia 2nd place..ok least malaysia ke final. congrats arr~ and so the catching up session began....

serioussssss i miss those faces and really happy sgt2 ye got a chance to meet think back... where am i all this while? nk ckp kawin..blum lg...and serius x npk pon nk kawin...truly i was pretty bz wt job. plg2 if ajak lepak all i said is....InsyAllah~ tu confirm2 its like 20% they would probably see my face. And today...sampai they all were saying ...beting among them.."linda sure x muncul nyer la".... ta daaaaa~ i'm there! Huhu

sorry guys....u should know....that im really missing catching up wt u ols....klo bley smua pon aku nk by one dtg to update my kinda story....well, lately...i mean i actually distant myself from this group of mine.....even on social networking i keep myself all silent. wish they know what im facing rite now.....some of them does...alhamdulillah...i still hv that kinda fwens who actually concern and updates about each other.

All of them blk awal...but i stay up till 12 mid nite sumthing.....kemas2 rumag si bujang ni kan..basuh pinggan mangguk bagai smua.huhu..and capturing the life ive been missing all this while...plan our agenda on upcoming fwens hippie plan...ya so looking forward for it. InsyAllah if x de pape i would really wanna join them....well..sebelum smua kawin let us go for 1 trip that will bring out the good times in the future kan...*awesome* and sebelum myself offically stuck wt commitment....better enjoy as it is kan kan...~

i think i will sleep heavenly. serious by looking at those smiles....enjoyful faces....the prob in me smua ilang. cam ada rasa  im getting my kinda life back. Alhamdulillah sgt2~ :> syukran al-jazirann sgt!!

Those fwens who really means a lot to me~ 

hmm...i missing each and everyone of them. Commitment and responsoibility make us a bit distance nowdays...but just would like to express my feeling and really want u guys know that...those memories , laughter, fighting and happiness would never ever fade in my far la~ hehe...If i were to go back to my pass i would be choosing a life with my fwens where prob seems sooooo far away and all we did is enjoy the world as it is....i mean ada la problem with fwens dulu2 but its just there and then...the friendship is so strong buat mistakes kena nganjeng depan2 pon serious x der hurt feeling if we actually just being ourselves and we do accept the flaws in each other. cayalah~ 

InsyAllah...this November we will meet again in a big one of our close fwen is getting marry...its not the end for all of us..its actually a new beginning~ 

miss ya all so much! xoxo 

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I would like to share something that really rang my life alarm and things that touches my heart indeed~ As we grow up we face lots of things, problems and not forgetting gotta deal with chaotic life. Of course at the same time enjoy the whole happening activities which literally gives us a good time.

well..something trigger me today after i got practically a 2 same news that make me somehow look back on what ever lack in me and for me to welcome my future. (REALITY CHECK) basically i've been bz all this while making good perks out of my life...just to catch my own mission in finding a happiness in life. Its not about Money actually..its about making different in my life, family and surrounding. but actually i guess i tend to over look whats most important in our life. Ya Allah...seriously...the news really trigger my alarm once again.

I promised my colleague going for ifthar together as a celebration for her who actually resign from the company and moving for a better career growth. Alhamdulillah~ but seriously aku ingat kan today is thursday skali one of my client text me wishing me "happy friday" !! i called him back just to let him know that he pick a wrong day to text me but actually i'm the one who confused with my own date and days! *tingtong*like duhhhhhh~ So, before iftar i called Fatihah, the get together session is still on...and i make my time to meet her and hubby (even thou im late)..syukuran~ i just love the feeling when ever i did promises and i do it :) truly loving the time and the smile on my colleague face to see me for iftar...(al maklum la...i'm the one who hardly to catch in the time usually abis at clients meeting and ministry)

Lots of stories we actually catch up...from management psycho problems to office politics to heart to heart conversation...everything packed in one nite! *awesome* serious berat gak la otak dgr cam2 benda...but yeahh..buang yg keruh...kite amik yg jernih je la kan~ then she actually mentioned about our junior who happen lost her father last friday...and happen that the junior is kinda close to me..helping me with some of my documents last time. Seriously aku tergamam...dgr cite my junior demam panas after dgr her dad past away...and last i heard dia nk resign as well...OMG!! where am i all this while?? My junior always text me while im away from office to updates me with my things in the wonder i never got her msg lately..Astagfirullahalzim~  she been away for a week without me say any takziah to her and family... That one thing i  figure out in less about people that somehow near to me ..this is cos of my bzness...terlampau focus sgt on WORK LOADS! huh! i miss this lil value in me..and im truly disappointed to myself... :(

Next thing when im back home, as i enter my house..i saw my mom was sitting alone in our living room sambil baca the Quran with interesting insight the one she gave me....with her face so up tight...and i wonder...i actually went to her and asked her..."asal mama serius sgt ni....?" well..usually she will greet me with her lawak of the day.....but now she kept all silent and reading it as if x prasan langsung aku masuk umah...*pelik* then she looked at me....and said.." byk ke keja nk kena deal...?" oh know...i guess she is not in her kinda mood...but she looked sad in my eyes...and i asked  is there sumthing wrong? she looked at me and said that Aunty Ju (her best fwen ) just past away this my surprised!! i'm shocked...Innalillah~ and mama start to speak......

" Aunty Ju was my best fwen....she was the one i close with....same thinking...funny and senang mama ngan dia. She was there to hear my stories when Arwah Abah linda dah x der. She always called me tanya khabar...and x pernah lupe tu jemput in every of her family occasions. The best part is..we are in a same age. Hari ini dia dh duduk sorank2 dalam kubur....mama dh x pk ape dah...klo Tuhan bg peluang sethn dua ni tuk mama..mama dh bersyukur~ (sumpah part ni air mata akku dh bergenang)...ajal x kire masa skang ni...mama  harap Linda will get someone yg btul2 bley bg linda bahagia kat dunia dan akhirat...nak gak mama tgk llinda naik Pelamin klo di ber kesempatan...(and this part air mata aku dh pon melabuhkan tirai nyer.... T_T) and kalau bley......"
 i cut it when i feel like my mom really making me sad in that situation. Oh God! gimme strength! in her eyes i always see she worried upon myself...who gonna take care of me and so on.....but actually i'm all good...InsyAllah i will manage it as it is....i mean i dont really mess aroound wt people life....told her that one fine day InsyAllah...there is a man for me.....the time will come...

In my heart..on my 27th birthday few days back..for the 1st time in my life..i actually have a deepest wish for me to have seorang SUAMI yg SOLEH and be happy and love unconditionally. Wish for me to have a good time with flove ones, amily and fwens..... u can have the whole money in the world but if you cant have time with ya family and love ones i guess that is the most lost u would ever regret. sebab benda yg lepas its so priceless...we couldn't pay for it to come back and make things rite...Subahannallah Maha Suci Allah....Kaya kan lah aku dgn ruang masa untuk pengisian yang baik pada org2 yang aku, teman2 dan juga kenalan. Lahirkan la aku dgn rasa sentiasa memaafkan sesama sendri because we never know the next person to us yg kite kluar sama tu esok maybe hari terakhir buat dia di dunia ni kan.. :(

...TIME is just PRICELSS~  Use it wisely as a good Khalifah di dunia ni ye....i say it as general as it is la...this is just reminder to me and u ols. Takziah to both yang telah pergi meninggal keluarga masing2 dan alhamdulillah kedua2 meninggal pada hari jumaat, penghulu segala hari..well i remembered arwah abah pernah ckp org2 terpilih je meninggal hari jumaat and bulan puasa. InsyAllah mereka mendapat tempat disisi Allah SWT. Al-fatihah.. peace! :) xoxo

Friday, August 3, 2012

Bringing the sunlight ~

Oh hello people...this is my so call announcement..i mean for the 1st time ni nk buat announcement.hee.. i might starting my new sideline job as an editor to a new line magazine.. i mean i got proposed to handle this one column in inspire readers..wahh gitu kan~ So who ever love reading my super dooper ting tong post just for entertainment support me as i need your positive believes that i can do this..huhu! atmleast giving out and sprate the positives vibe to my own comunity and nations...(asal cam rasa aku ni semangat anak bangsa je ni...) lol. x pe asalkan "JANJI DITEPATI" Hehe~ InsyAllah...berkat doa and ya believes i wont let u down/eceyh~ i will talk more about the new magazine in town soon!~ nantikan..... 

p/s: i love my job :)

what an Opening month~

Am i funny? or crazy? i think i've a bit koo koo in da head,thou...i was practically down couple of days before..u know life caught up with work stress plus relationship is just Huh!! cant believe it~ *roll eyes*
used to call up my bunch of fwens to hang out...but to think back...makin besar kawan makin kurang jeee~ i mean the trusted fwen..smua cam dh jumpe pasangan idup masing je aku tgk..and happily ever after.huhu
to add on to my crazy life...seyes my life jadi haru biru lagi cos my freaking BB gi holiday plak ke singapore...well ..not really holiday la...dia pi buat transplant.haha..( send for service at BB HQ) and so..left me alone here feeling so empty and redha!~ :(
there are pro and cons la having BB and not having pretty simple..back to those days...focus in my real life time and of course real human behavior to deal wt. *awesome*...of course no BB less drama kan...
and so...i stuck with 2 old handfon...Sony ericson Z601i Pink color and my adik nyer samsung no series(a small analog fon)....but i chose to use the samsung rather then using my Sony Ericson the one i got as present those days ^_^'

so here comes the funny part of my day.....todAY i gotta send some parcel la cos i actually sell off some of my pre-love stuffs. went to pejabat pos ngan blur2 la..selama 15 thn duduk kat PJ ni...pejabat pos yang sekakang kera ngan rumah pon x pernah pegi. ape ntah lagi pos surat...huhu. this time around kena pos gak sbb minah yg beli my stuffs ni duduk kat seremban..else i'm da one can just drive to send the items. dah lew blur2 nk ke counter and ask what to do...the next funny thing was when  i beratur at the counter suddenly i heard somebody phone ringing...
cliiickkkk....cliiickkk....cliiiickk... (its sooo irritating...u know la mono tone nyer ring tone kan)
and i was la....cepat la org depan ni cam nk lelama plak pos my heart i was saying...."phone sape plak memekak pepagi depan lembab semacam plak" AISHH......sabar je la kan...(sambil kawalan ketat muke tak kuasa sgt kan) lol

I look rite and left....and the phone keep on ringing lagi....then someone from my left looked at me..and buat muke "whats up bro!" looked at him...he smiling at me and said "cam byk je nk pos barang"...ok now what..trying to be fiendly dlm keadaan aku ngah rimas sbb kena beratur and somebody fon x berangkat ni~ mmg tak laa...~

and i smiled je back to him. and then he said..."i think ya fon is ringing"....baru je nk bukak mulut nk menidakkan statement mamat ni..laju je otak aku pk....ya ampunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!! its my adik nyer samsung fon i borrowed... damN!! i tot im still using my BB with cristina peri ringtone on it!! nk tak nak....i gotta out from the line and kluar pejabat pos tu and jawab fon!
*i swear to God..thats the mosttt MALU MOMENT*

As i walked in back into the pejabat ppos...all eyes on me...all i did was... excuse me...(sambil buat muke budget "hello kitty" aku yg kunun cute arr.. trying my best to masuk line blk...) ada gak mata2 yg x berkenan cara aku..but this abg yg tegur me save my kinda place. hehe..womans got to do what she got to do~ PEACE!
:) hahaha

(guess i shall buy my own gift for my birthday...samasung s3 or iphone 4s??)