Sunday, July 5, 2009

yehaaa....finally have my own time!

It was such a bz day 4 me lately. Ever since i changed my job, i've no TIME to actually restructure back my room.Even thou i've been dreaning almost everytime that i will touch up here and there soon..but never seems to do it. haha. Today happen i ain't got anything to do..left home alone. My sibling went out to help my mom @ Masjid cos my mom is having something like port luck with 'masjid2' people..yeah..sorta like ay family day i supposed. I have my own reson why i'm not joining..not that i dont wanna get involve nor not into the faily2 thingy kind of stuff bu yeah...i've make aplan to make over my ROOM!! wheee...hehe .

Seriusly, i'm not good at 'BERTUKANG' ok. Couple of times my cute lil nail skit lagi kena ketuk by HAMMER! haha... GOSH! seriously this is SooooOo guy's work! but yeah..i got it all done BY MYSELF! YAY!=)


All da pictures done as u can see is done by me...the photography, the painting on canvas...thats the things i will do on my pass time. The time when i'm free and i just wanna spend a day by myself with out any intruption;)

This is what i called my DRUGS BED! seriusly...when i lay down on it feels like the world is all MINE.i dont even wanna get up ad thats when my mom starts to call me to come down and have dinner or something 2gether. haha...I've alwys love being surrounded by teddies...Much more likely is when the teddy came from someone special;) hee... And please i'm not a sme sort like a kiddo..its just somethig girls llike to have i guess=) isn't it?'s it like? what to u think da choice of my room color...set up...and overall?? how's it? i knowits still a lil but untidy...but..thats the best i can go for 2day=) lots of things to be update,thou...huhu


  1. uwoh. nice wall.

    busy yeh?

    ke buat-buat busy? :P

  2. hey linda..
    nice! good work.. :)