Thursday, July 11, 2013

Climbing the leader of success

At last, i found a good time on the holy month of Ramadhan. The nite its kinda quite and peaceful to me. Biasa la..i just finished replying all emails to clients and done updating my team as well as my new coming up projects. Life is so terribly busy...ehem*...pernah ke life aku ni x busy kan. hehe..x de keja pon masih mampu nk cari keja kan .LoL.

Middle of June, finally I've launched my own business. Launched by our advisory..Datuk Seri Syed Zainal Abidin. Yes! FINALLY. it took me half year in preparing the paper works...went up and down...hustles here and there..presentation by presentation been done and ALHAMDULILLAH ...finally aku tarik nafas lega sgt. Well, at least i kept my words and did the exact action in making part of my dream comes through. hmm...not yet but ...ok la...i've achieved it partly.

Here a little story that been there in my mind...SubahannAllah... frankly speaking, i feel that this year is the MOST BUSIEST and HECTIC YEAR OF MY LIFE. How to do i actually say it...hmm.. Just imagine.. 2 IMPORTANT AND BIGGEST THING THAT I AIM for all this while comes at the same time.
1. Getting marry..and..
2. Having my own business

GOSH! firstly i felt so grateful and all blessed...but when i think back is just kinda tiring and sometimes i felt like..wanna put a full stop for awhile and .... let it be je...but that's sooooo not me. Only God knows what inside my mind right now...all i know that circulation of people that surround me makes me stronger to face each day.

PRONTO PRIMA is the name. A Creative Brand Communications expert. I'm the one who leads the whole business of Pronto Prima. The join venture between mainstream people (business man) from business background was an honoured given  to me. I extended this amazing opportunity to my close friends who i think deserved another levels up in this competitive market. Most of all, i believes in a team works effort. By doing this kinda business associates, not just me enjoy the experience, knowledge and $$$... its all ABOUT EFFORTS AND NEW PATH FOR ALL OF US~ far the team was MADNESSS...we went through some crazee times back then, but now i've to admit...we are born naturally Crazee and wild with ideas. Best part is..everyone one pon tag along really well. Ya could i ever not Thank God for the path He created for me. Even thou sometimes i felt really down, stressed out, tired, but i always looks beyond the imperfection. And i tend to low down myself....redha~

Well..this are few of my awesome pictures shot during the launching~ My memoirs.....


Bismillah...and let the journey begins~

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ramadhan datang lagi...

I donno how to actually show what i feel right now knowing that Ramadhan month comes again. Ya Allah...syukran al Jaziran for the feeling that running thro my vain rite now. i found peace withing myself. Again....this holy month of Ramadhan somehow flash back the memories i had when i was in Mecca. SubahannAllah...its just a wonderful moment of my life time.
Thank you for making me realised every single day of Your greatness. 2 months i never had a chance to blog cos of a hectic schedules i had...seriously running own business is not easy as it seems. Somehow, i've stated and promised to myself that this Ramadhan is just me and God. The month that i always wish to witness the Lailatul any chance...if wish and we doesn't put some effort i dont think we gonna get it ^_^
oh ya..there is one thing that i really wanna shared...the tots and feeling that i had on my way to terawih wt mama...its just amazing. as usual la i always go terawih wt mama every ramadhan. suddenly my mind snapped was like someome was actually taking over my mind. Remind me that this Ramadhan gonna be something to remember...last Ramadhan that i will be single...Ramadhan that i will walk to the mosque wt mama...Ramadhan that i will do my terawih prayer besides mama...then lil pure baby girl tears went down. *touched* i was like...OMG! is this real....? is this going to happen?? mama...... so looking forward for my next Ramadhan where its gonna be a walk to the mosque wt my dear husband. Ya Allah...wish and prayers for both us to be just fine as husband ans wife..sooon~ hee  . insyAllah .