Thursday, July 30, 2009

ViVa La Linda:)

As i open my eyes today, I noticed that today is sOooo gonna be a great day for me. The sun shinning kind of different espeacially early morning. As I pulled up my blinds and i can feel the gentle heat of the sun greeting me on this happy day of mine. I have a familiar feeling about today. The same feeling I have always had when ever i surrounded by my love ones and it brings excitement in the atmosphere. Then i was my FREAKING BIRTHDAY yaw!! haha. So, VIVA LA LINDA..LoL. Happy 24th Birthday Linda Roos:)

I got so many birthday greetings via SMS, phone calls and not to be forgotten FACEBOOK! How beautiful a day can be When kindness touches it! Thank You...thank you...for the warm wishes. God Bless me and also to you guys. As for celebration, I always feel that once you get more and more elder(i dont wanna use the word 'older')hehe, celebration seems to be very important and meaningful as every time I celebrate it, my heart is full with gratitude. I celebrate my life on the earth has been a year longer (how mercyful my God to me) and also take it as a new start for a new chapter, new vision in life.

p/s: thanks to my lovely interns, Ina for buying me Breakfast as my pressie and to my dearest Crazy guys, DiDi and Ai and not to be forgetting my superb Biatch, Dura for came by and had lunch with me 2day;) I'm soOoo Looking forward for the weekend!!! ..........;)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oo La La (Final)

Last nite was really awesome. I planned to go and watch Oo La La Final since its been ared on TV9 for the past 10 weeks. Well, I've to get involve with this as i'm part of TV9 Business Developement Group. This Oo La La thingy is just like Mentor TV3 but we have our very own direction. The concept is more or less ae the same.

Seriously i dont know whose in and whose out. Only the 3 finaist will remain on y mind. They all was SUPER TALENTED! i was soooo impressed with their performance last nite. Vert confident and enjoyful. It remind me ack those days where i used to be on stage performing with my crew for various of local artists. Well, time past by really fast....and i admitted that the life i had been through is so Freaking Colorful!! Many phases of joyfulness plus a lil bit of sadness here and there. Gosh! i miss to be on da center stage again..cos once i remembered my teacher said, the best place on earth is the PERFORMING STAGE cos YOU can be anybody you want and everyone will see you as you are..Obviously they will enjoy and smile over you. Aftr all, i'm th one who always love to create a smile in every faces that happen to be part of my life=)

Nway, here is the Video by Amira(finalist) and her very own guest artist, Ezlin. i can't take much cos i've been choosen to be the one assist on stage...actally me and Wany:) guess what we been dressed up in a same out fi and we look like a Sisters,thu...sounds funny but its CUTE!!hhaha.check this out...more pictures will be upload soon;)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What i want in my Freaking Life!!

Well well..its like another 8 days i'll b offiicially 24 years old. I set a goal in me what i want in my life. 1st of all i want a car of my own...and eventually it came out about a year ago right after i start my very 1st career at KPMG:)

This is my super duper cutY MiVi SE Pearl white. Baught it with my own money and pay it by my own ok!.fuh...i can say that i become more adult each day :) hehe

So...what i would like to have now....not really now next mission are....Buy a House!!!! Property Investment...thats what i'm looking for rite now...its not 2 late aite at the age of 23 just started to actually think to get involve with property investment..hmm..... I would say my dream house would be at Bali, Indonesia...but not to think soooo freaking far! I'll stick to...SINARAN TTDI.heee.... i always passed by SINARAN TTDI on my way to work..even thou its slightly out of my way to office but i make my self pass that House.huhu..its actually still under costruction/developing.hehe. Here it is....

Then..this is soooOo gonna be my Dream car!! BMW X6!!! Do yo guys think i can have it one day?? i know what u guys actually been thinking over there...heLL NO! i'm not gonna marry a RICH DUDE just to have all this....i'm a person who always go for my own money and obviously it pays all my HARD WORK! no matter what...its such a satisfaction if u actually acheive what u want in life ;) and yeah....its good to dream for something we desire about right? ON LINDA^_^...hehehee

And last but not least...of course...i always wish for an eternity love:)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another nite couldn't sleep

Gosh..lately i couldn't sleep...maybecos something stuck in my freaking head. i donno what..most probably work stuffs i guess......hmm..ntah la.maybe i'm missing my mom...she's been way to Dubai this morning..but feel like a week i didn't see her. Well linda...Wake up!!! ur not a lil girl anymore...damn! i hate that....used to be depanding on Mom ad siblings...sorry u guys..i'm jus being Linda who always making lots of troubles.hehe

damn!! 2moro i've a big meeting with client..and i think i'm gonna speak my own mind..cra crap crap*.. its 3 in da morning!!!! and i've to wakeup like...7.30am..oh noooo!!! i need 5 hours..atleast!!! k..better Shut down my self!!! i MUST SLEEP!! SLEEP linda SLEEP!!!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

yehaaa....finally have my own time!

It was such a bz day 4 me lately. Ever since i changed my job, i've no TIME to actually restructure back my room.Even thou i've been dreaning almost everytime that i will touch up here and there soon..but never seems to do it. haha. Today happen i ain't got anything to do..left home alone. My sibling went out to help my mom @ Masjid cos my mom is having something like port luck with 'masjid2' people..yeah..sorta like ay family day i supposed. I have my own reson why i'm not joining..not that i dont wanna get involve nor not into the faily2 thingy kind of stuff bu yeah...i've make aplan to make over my ROOM!! wheee...hehe .

Seriusly, i'm not good at 'BERTUKANG' ok. Couple of times my cute lil nail skit lagi kena ketuk by HAMMER! haha... GOSH! seriously this is SooooOo guy's work! but yeah..i got it all done BY MYSELF! YAY!=)


All da pictures done as u can see is done by me...the photography, the painting on canvas...thats the things i will do on my pass time. The time when i'm free and i just wanna spend a day by myself with out any intruption;)

This is what i called my DRUGS BED! seriusly...when i lay down on it feels like the world is all MINE.i dont even wanna get up ad thats when my mom starts to call me to come down and have dinner or something 2gether. haha...I've alwys love being surrounded by teddies...Much more likely is when the teddy came from someone special;) hee... And please i'm not a sme sort like a kiddo..its just somethig girls llike to have i guess=) isn't it?'s it like? what to u think da choice of my room color...set up...and overall?? how's it? i knowits still a lil but untidy...but..thats the best i can go for 2day=) lots of things to be update,thou...huhu