Saturday, September 29, 2012

never ending job~~

After one project literally done here comes another job I gotta develop. This kinda project also the one i've been helping out my MOHE client over the past 1 year far its always be the 'TALKED'...and poor thing less action been taken..While the KPI of the whole brand campaign gotta achieve by year 2015. Ok! guess we left another 2 years to go...more or less la~ pheww..

Developing a campaign and wish it will sustain..hmm.. i think it really need a major serious PLAN where by if i calculate it, more or less it usually needs 1-3 years time... guess what!! the duration been shorten and yet no ACTION taken.  pftt! so again i'd been asked to develop the 'comprehensive Media Campaign' and for it to be propose to client really soon.. aishh~ when they got called up on the budget for next year..that is the time AGAIN i gotta spend time sit down and plan with them.  hope this time would be much more co-operative on both sides, Media & clients.

Tadaaaa~ this is the sneak preview of my up coming project... :) 

As i plan out the campaign phases...SUDDENLY i came across this figure 'YEAR 2013' !!! oh nooo.....I'm AGING....YOU AGING...EVERYBODY AGING~~ I got SMACKED rite on my FACE to think that i've plan lots of stuffs regards to my works...LIKE HELOOoOOoo...what do i really PLAN FOR MYSELF??? 

okok...for once my dear Linda Roos....ur so hyper-psycholy-workaholic girl! Put a lil sensitivity in yaself to look upon on ya personal life...exclude ya work LIFE! pls pls..WORK OFF~ gosh! 2013 figure really RANG MY BLOODY LIFE ALARM~ >_<'  SubahanAllah~  time really flies indeed.....and it flies with RESPONSIBILITY in each second. pheww~ 

adoyaiii~ benda kite nk cite bout my next kinda project...there i go slightly terasa deep inside me.hee...DAMN you NUMBER!! lol. nway u ols..wish me luck on my next project...check it is good in developing oneself to a greatest height indeed ;) 

adioss~ peace, roger and out! xx

Friday, September 28, 2012

Lesson from a dream~

So 2 days ago i had a dream that i was MARRIED which was interesting if any of u know me well. Hiks! Probably because i try to clean up some of my FB photos that somehow i wanna delete it...u know ..what pass is pass. Then i came across pictures that a lot of my fwen tagged me on it. ..many of it is my friend’s wedding photos. Aww~ but it was so glowing^_^ i was wearing a flowery home blouse as i think that i’m looking good in yellow kot..haha,  my favourite style of ‘sluar bacin’ to be better know as HAWT pants..erkk..thats not how i used to wear at home actually :p (practically only i my dream)...and of course wt my choice pink

I had my dream loft, complete wt complete with white cabinet in the kitchen and exposed brick. Hee. I was standing in the kitchen making something with whomever i was married to...(this part happen maybe cos i’m practically in the mood of cooking dishes lately...i mean now that i’ve my own kinda time..all the ‘suri rumah’ stuffs all kawtim) ahaks!~ then i remembered was sitting on a couch, visibly distressed. He just blurted out “ i cheated on u” . The next part was what stuck with me the most, thou. I’ve had this internal “who the heck am i supposed to be”. So, this was like a smack in the face to me. What i did was crouch down on the floor for a minute, closed eyes,covered my face and prayed. Then  i got up, grabbed a bowl to fill with water, a towel, and a cloth and took it over to him. I took his shoes off and wash his feet. He was just sitting there numbly. So, I reminded him that vowed to remain with him and follow his leadership and that lying to him was just as much of a sin. I was sitting on the floor and he still wasn’t speaking, so i put my face on his knees ad prayed to love and forgive as God did. And suddenly....someone knocking on my room door ..”lindaaa, pls alih keta org nak kuar gi keja ni”...tuh, i woke up~(kacau je my adik about to see the plot ;( hmmpk!)

What struck a chord is the fact that i’m finally leaning teeny tiny bits of myself at a time, and i’ve been asking God to help me become who i really am. That dream was MASSIVE . I want to be that women who really know and hold on her vow. I’m still not entirely sure if i’m called to marriage, but even so, that is the kind of peace in me in believing there will always be God in any situation. Thus, that doesn’t mean life doesn’t hurt sometimes,  but believing in God is so much more beautiful than any other suffering endure.

When there is no happiness, there is joy abounding! Forgive cos you were given. Love cos u are loved. At all times, be thankful and praise to Allah SWT for his blessing is more than enuff!~

*happy life* peace.xoxo-

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm Back~~!!

OMG! i've been missing to blog about whats happening in my life over this 2 weeks!!! workload as usual la just crazy...but this time EXTRA GILEEEE kot!! u know..Alhamdulillah my ministry campaign, My3L- Pembelajaran Sepanjang Hayat, is all DONE and PASSED! Now working on the 2nd phase of media Plan. Secara jujur nya...working in media world of course everything is so happening and enjoyful in the eyes of everyone. The fact is, we dealing with some psychological, emotions and psychical in order for people to get what the whole message been spoken to them. Well, this is not my 1st time doing it but...the fact that i'm OFFICIALLY A SELF-EMPLOYED in servicing my kinda client and and proceed on what my  mission is..somehow half way out of sudden 'GIVE UP syndrome' appeared in my head. oH noOo! thats not me...i swear that not my kiinda attitude to give on something hat i love to do and pursue to a greater heights...(still dream on getting my GOAL) haha...

Penat? Tired? restless? no mood? perli? those kinda things arises through the campaign project. Rite from client servicing, to dealing wt media owners, up to doing creative..i got it all KAWTIM we my own self. Thanks to those who really went thro with me and stay strong together. Seriously i LEARNED a lot in the journey of making one project successful. ...terlalu byk tuk diperkatakan.

The worst scenario is that i'm a lil bit bengang wt client (as usual la in servicing line)...client always make changes at the very last minute. And on our part , the middle person for media owner and client..we gotta get the communication fast and delivered pretty well.. MY GOSH!! to get to a rite COMMUNICATION is really freaking hard!!! thank God, i always be the one who almost everytime pon be a middle person for some issues. So, when client send me email saying wanna amend something i gotta forward the email to my designer for 100times!!! siapa yg x sakit hati kan....benda bley je bgtau nk kluar paper esok, datelline dah tamat a day ago still nk tukar itu ini!! aishhh!!! then.....i wanted to forward this kinda amendment email from client to designer but i actually replying to my client back!!!! MADNESS~ FREAKOUT!! *My world is so DARK* why?? i actually said.....something that expressed my inner feeling which 100% full of anger to my designer but actually it went to my own client! WuaaaaaAa~~ serious mata dh berair nk nangis takot client think negative bout my anger statement. lol

at this particular moment i believes one thing... 'HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY'....i came clean with my client said that the media owner is chasing us for materials and i really hope client side would be much more co-operative in making things slightly easier for all us. ^_^' tadaaaa~~ things get even better after that..Alhamdulillah sgt.hehe... and yeah....klo kite rasa kite x salah...we have to just stand up front..Berani kerana Benar ye. huhu.

oh LR lil Notebook, there are so many things i would like to tell to u..and others. this 2 freaking weeks really tot me to know more about life, people and surrounding. I LOVE what i've been a bit of mengomel sana mengomel sini...but after all its ALL FUN TO THE MAX!!! alhamdulillah..more job coming in...(thats the best part) ..ehem* al-maklum...i'm standing on my 2 feet, working my ass out and yes...built up my own COMPANY/EMPAYAR~ hukhuk....insyAllah~ hehe. doain aja ya ....*i love my Job*

tadaaaaa~~ this is the post Ad that soon gonna be on Mingguan Malaysia this 30th Sept 2012. Check it out peopleee~ hehe ^_^' 

peace! xx 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

...The end of sumthing is always be the beginning.. ~

Happy Malaysia Day People :)
The good thing about today, 16th September 2012 not just that its Our Malaysian Day but also its the day when i feel amazing and proud on myself and the people who eventually have lend me their hands, believes and support.Thank you and Alhamdulillah~ *heart* kinda project is on~ 

Senang aje to see everything run smoothly as plan. More to come people and i always remind myself that keep on believing as others did ... InsyAllah~

" There is inner beauty in a woman who believes in herself, who knows she is capable of anything that she puts her mind to. There is a beauty in the strength and determination of a woman who follows her own path, who isn't thrown off by obstacles along the way...
There is beauty in myself whose confidence comes from experiences, I definitely know that I can fall at any time, but always pick myself up and keep moving on once again"~  -Linda Roos

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'll be Alright...i know...i will...

It is really a tough week after all. Right from my work loads that i'm currently facing..i mean i'm struggle between few different tasks that need to be complete ASAP plus juggling to face such crap shityz political issues that been going on ever since i step into 'the company'. No! seriously NO....i'm not Mad or even have this lil regret upon what happen.

Why?? I was once strong to myself. I was proud and damaged. There was a sense that i knew what life was and what life was not.. .i absolutely knew everything i wanted and did not want. The illusion in which i lived was grounded in the confusion in which i had experienced. Enuff! and so...its time for me to walk away...Finally i did... but...of course at the moment i decided to, i bring my vision, happiness,  strength, believes and not forgetting worries all along on my future own journey.hee..I'm not putting up with things anymore, i'm loving the person who i actually met along the way and work with (exclude the one who always demotivate others). I smile more, i laugh a lot, and i wear color even lot more. I even love my superb Job!!

I do the things i Love to do and i love the thing im currently do.the next thing i know...that i'm so eagerly wanna tell the most closest person to me who is my family members and love ones..pls me from behind and believes in my vision and dreams. and to others as well yah~ InsyALlah everything comes into a beautiful picture ...again i'm taking chances and of course giving opportunity a consideration. huhu. guess what...i tendered myself from a corporate world and i'm pursuing my own kinda dream. I know....Its CRAZY!! but hell yeah..its fascinating... it would be MORE AMAZING when the closest person being my pillar of strength through my kinda journey. the one i always wish for is Happy living, people~ hiks!

Its all started when i'm confidently got this one Project under Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). Alhamdulillah..those things slowly comes to me after a year chasing for this particular project. Proposal by last..BoOomM!! this campaign called, My3L...Life Long Learning...(check out my previous post yaww~) I actually built up a proposal phase by phase just to show that this kinda campaign/project is soooOoO freaking Valueable to each and every Malaysian,thou.

I got to be the person who manage in terms of Media planning and campaign branding. AWESOME!! i did rite from Ideas development, up to designing wt the help of my juniors, and of course the TVC! woww!! *cant believes* This campaign will start to run on our Medias starting 2moro ...pls look at the print ad on Mingguan Malaysia and Metro Ahad. Those media people who i'd dealing with..there are those strong people behind me and kind people who support me in making my baby project a success~ InsyAllah....

Tadaaaa~ this are all the creative in promoting My3L campaign prior to its BIG LAUNCH~ i'm totally happy beyond knowledge which i gained back in Uni..and now I make it happen in a real industry...SubahannAllah~ its just Awesome!! like totally~....1st steps ....Alhamdulillah for all the beauty and colorful experienced i had and now its time to giving it back to the world..eceyh~ haha...(amenndaaa la...feeling menang oscar keeee?? hiks~) haha

i came out with Icon print Ad concepts using celebrities that owns a soft skills in helping the message of 'Pembelajaran Sepanjang Hayat' to cross over perfectly into everybody's mind. well..i think so...thus, i did the collaboration with Simply Siti to tag along in providing and considering this kinda project is a good platform in enhancing knowledge to all Malaysian~ (thats what i talking about by giving back to the world yawww~) lol! 

In a 1st phase also, besides promoting the Big launch of My3L...we do need to do some awareness teaser Ad which it likely to be as a pull factor to the mass market!..this kinda ad i purposely proposed just to let everyone knows that..."hey..look at this.. government is doing something for your better life. Its all starts with ya own decision!!' and yeah..of course ....this kinda Ad will be give some sort like a new image of 'gohmen' ad after all~ haha 

Here goes the Carnival Promo prior to its BIG LAUNCH! huhu..u can catch it up on TV3, Astro Ria, Prima and Mustika HD and not forgetting RTM 1 and RTM2. ( seems that all major Tv Network its on my plan..lhuhu)

Of course...i make this baby project into a comprehensive Media Exposure which i definitely include social medias and bloggers as well. (this platform is one of a good media channel that we, media people, just have to take it a consideration on planning a successful campaign using online platform) trust me! been doing it ever seen in my study year. lol!

Both blog, Blogserius and AMANZ are the main blog for this campaign. let us see~..huhu

and guess what..i've 800 blogs more in supporting this campaign. *awesome* (ehem* mmg x la nk letak all 800 bloggers on my blog kan...amik skit2 sudah!) haha

So, lets the show begin very soon~ and what am i supposed to do??? OBSERVE and CAPTURE! snappy snapppy photos~  (the portfolio starts....) ^_^' alhamdulillah, rizki lagi bagi aku...~

well..i would really like to end my long ever post ni saying ....

"kita tak mungkin dapat puaskan hati smua pihak kan...
and obviously smua pihak pon x dapat puaskan hati kita ni~ 
at least myself will learn to accept the lackness in me as well as in other people..
cos i believes everybody ada kelemahan sendri....doesn't u see the whole picture yet?? 

Looking towards the future...InsyAllah...i'll be Alright~

eat that! love & Peace. xoxo

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Precious~

ehem* well....catchy sgt title my post ni....basically is not about Lord of the Ring thingy im gonna write about but its sumthing that i actually been working own since last year. tadaaa.~...the doa, hopes, believes and struggle soon to come into a bug wonderful picture. And me, myself and the important person behind all this will at last relax and enjoy the show~ i mean ok la..relax skit je cos there will be a much more BIGGER WAVE to come when things get perfectly delivered. InsyAllah...



Bismillah nirahman nirahim.....i always begin with. The campaign that i've been work out together with Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) which called  My3L Campaign. I couldn't reveal the juice of the whole campaign yet as the BIG LAUNCH will take place approximately another 2 weeks times. *awesome* Prior to its Big Launch my service come into picture...huhu.

Alhamdulillah...I Love My Job. The whole world about advertising, branding and media somehow its been in my blood. I'm the one who leads this kinda project in terms of its promotional exposure on TV, PRINT, NEW MEDIA , collaborations and On ground activation. So far im so eager and happy to get this kinda project into my portfolio. The media campaign will start with New Media exposure where i purposely selected Blogserius and AMANZ as they have quite a followers that suits the campaign target audience. Ya ampun...cuak nyerr...everything pon nak jalan..and pls u ols...doa yang terbaik for me and others to be strong to deliverthe whole ideas bout My3L campaign.

lets see the teaser/sneak preview of the campaign...huhu

Official Logo~

official icon for this campaign~ huhu..

ok dah2...teaser kena la skit2..if u guys wanna know more..wait till the ad series is out on paper...TV..specifically on TV3. other us can just catch on FB-My3L 
willl post the whole details soon aite :)

Enjoy~ peace~ xx

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Geli nyerrrr Hatiiiiii ...^_^ *LoL*

Assalamualaikum~ Today i actually turn on my PC zaman Jepun after 4 yrs of my Uni years. haha...tot i just wanna digging back again what sorta things i've done way back then which i can use or improvise back in my current or up coming projects. hehe ^_^ skali tutup i found this one folder tittle 
"GELI-GELI HATI" . And in that folder i actually compiled all the Maha lawak, funniest ever jokes...dirty jokes and what ever la related to jokes which i tend to read over and over again when ever my life is upside down..those days..student ..u ols should know..being in creative lively moment started at 10pm and there i went all nite long stand up to do 3D modeling and such...what else to entertain selain dari baca something can make me and the whole house laugh like HELL!! and i even the one who always shared and spread this kinda jokes while everyone was studying~ (al maklum la..klo student dulu2...pagi sure at pc chatting...YM!) 
So here is something i found in my 'Geli-Geli Hati Folder'....

TOPIC: Why Did the Chicken Cross The Road?
What The Experts Had To Say...

Kindergarten teacher:
Because it wanted to get to the other side

It is the nature of chickens to cross roads.

Ronald Reagan:
I forget.

Arthur Andersen (consultant):
Deregulation of the chicken's side of the road
was threatening it dominant market position.
The chicken was faced with significant
challenges create and develop the
competences required for the newly
competitive market. Andersen, in a partnering
relationship with the client,helped the chicken
by rethinking its physical distribution strategy
and implementation processes. Using the
Poultry Integration Model (PIM), Andersen
helped the chicken use its skills,
methodologies, knowledge, capital and
experiences to align the chicken people,
processes and technology in support of its
overall strategy within a Program Management

Richard M. Nixon:
The chicken did not cross the road. I repeat,
the chicken did NOT cross the road.

Computer Programmer:
In order for the chicken to cross the road safely
they would need more than one driver to
access the server farm, if not they will hang in
the middle of the road.

Jerry Seinfeld:
Why does anyone cross a road? I mean, why
doesn't anyone ever think to ask "What the
heck was this chicken doing walking around all
over the place anyway?"

Bill Gates:
I have just released the new Chicken Office
2000, which will not only cross roads, but will
lay eggs, file your important documents, and
balance your checkbook.

dari Tun Dr. M:
You know, I am tired of all this...'apa-nama'
chicken-chicken bisnes...the foreign powers
should stop intervening in our domestic affairs
and just leave our chickens alone.. If they want
to... 'apa nama' cross the road, they should be
allowed to cross the road... Malaysia is a
democratic country; we let our chickens do
whatever they want to do... as long as they
don't threaten the Malay unity and try to topple
the government...and if they plan to do so...
we won't hesitate to use the ISA...

Pak Lah:
Ini semua adalah khabar angin sahaja...jangan
percaya khabar – kabar angin ini semua...
biasalah ini adalah taktik pembangkang untuk
memecah belahkan perpaduan ayam-ayam
semua... jangan percaya... jangan percaya...

Sammy Vellu:
Ayyooyoo... belakang cerita lain kali, kita sude
bikin banyak jembatan, itu ayam musti guna
jembatan untuk lintas itu jalan lagi pun Kalau
itu ayam mahu pigi jalan-jalan, beritau sama
saya juga, saya bolley buat lebbey banyak toll.

Karam Singh Walia:
Seperti yang saudara dapat lihat, kelihatan
ayam-ayam itu sedang melintas jalan. Mereka
bukan sahaja melintas jalan, malah membuang
najis diatas jalan dan ini adalah pencemaran
yang paling hebat di maya ini. Bapa-bapa dan
ibu-ibu ayam haruslah mengambil inisiatif untuk
melatih ayam-ayam agar menahan najis
sewaktu melintas jalan, sekian saya sudahi
dengan.........Ayam di jalan di lintaskan; Ayam
di reban mati tak makan.

Colonel Sanders:
I missed one?

Bill Clinton:
I've had so many chicks, I can't remember...

Wan Kamarudin (NTV7's EDISI SIASAT):
apa kejadahnyer ini semua, KL dah jadik reban
ayam, mak bapak ayam asyik menganga saja.

Zainal Ariffin Ismail (TV3's MISTERI NUSANTARA:
Ada saksi menyatakan yang mereka dapat
melihat ayam-ayam ini melintasi jalan-jalan di
kampung ini pada waktu malam. Ada yang
menyatakan ayam-ayam ini merupakan
penyamaran jin. Dan ada juga mengaitkan ia
berkaitan dengan peristiwa silam di kampung
ini. Apakah sebenarnya maksud tersirat ayam-
ayam ini melintas jalan? Oleh itu saya akhiri,
"Jangan biarkan hidup anda diselubungi

Zainal Alam Kadir:
"Ayam siapa kalau bukan ayam kita..."

Suka hati aku lah...

pls: this is just sharing purposes ...for fun absolutely and pls don't take it personal :) 
Peace. xx

Saturday, September 1, 2012

everyday i learn sumthing....

Bismillah Ar Rahmaan Ar Raheem..

Assalamualaikum blog lover readers~ still on My Raya, any open house that i can just crash in?? haha...(well, used to be a party crasher back on my those "jahiliyah' study years) haha~ Actually i've several open house invitations that i have to attend..not must attend ye~ Eventually if i were to think back, i cant make my time for what i did is pick the most important among those invites. hehe...and of course i gotta dahulu kan my only Mama yg out of nowhere knocking my room door this morning and telling me that I'm gonna teman her to his Friend's house who is Datin Halema, her ustazah for her Quran group. There i go...without any..'uhh~...ala.....why me??'.....and all i did was.. "ok mama, will follow u~'

Once i've been to Ustazah's house for some of her cucu's function last time, and all i remembered she had a corner with high antique cupboard full with BOOKS!!! (last time slaloo keluarga pandai2 ni) haha..i love books..i love reading..the feeling of going to Ustazah's house is not bout nak makan those raya food..the excitement just like i was going to a library! was FUN~

"Seeking knowledge is mandatory to every Muslim" - Prophet Muhammad saw

From the quote above, words come to mind in this book~

Why my eyes first spotted this kinda book where there are several others rite in front of my eyes?? My instinct said it i open the book i know definitely mama  who is sitting at the other corner bz chitchating with her friends and all, wouldn't mind me to read this book. But to think back aku ni dtg beraya x kan la nk spend time reading ..wah..anti-social is not me btw..but i'm stuck with the insights that at the glance i know it is a good book to read about. 

Nak baca sampai abis x dapat la i'm reading it sambil makan kuih raya je and few of kerepek2 and put a bit of borak2 with some other girls who eventually i donno who they are..haha. I flipped over to the chapter that caught my eyes. (it has 16 chapters all together...seriously im not a robot to read it between 1 hour time) haha

i turn to this 2 chapters that somehow bombarded me with a lil tears and gratitude...

Chapter 14, MARRIAGE. It implies the blessings and love that Allah SWT has bestowed upon women. Here, the book gives me a brief narrative about men treated women during zaman jahiliyah dulu-dulu. Suhannallah~ If all of the the women nowdays knew how hard it was living and survive dalam era before Islam. MaysAllah, all of them would pray crying to Allah SWT thanking him for raising our status as women status this high and giving us rights..and i must say even the non-muslim, you would be thankful for Islam. huhu.. ok to add on on marriage..i come across this meaningful quote..

"The most hated of permissible things to Allah SWT is DIVORCE" - Sunan Ibn Majah

Chapter 16, where it talks about the correct islamic dress and Husband's rights. Basically, this book brings and talks about great deal of Islamic worship. It doesn't really just define the correct islamic dress but explains why such condition should be reached when having Hijab on. Indeed, its all about how we actually blend with our social surrounding and environment. i guess so~ 

Also in this chapter, the husband's right is DISCUSSED, it's a very fascinating issue but all i can say is that we as Muslim Women should strive to be a righteous woman, and we can't be one, if we are disobedient to our husbands. Just like one of the quotes that i tend to captured on my bb..haha

" A women is an accountable individual just as a man is. She is obliged to seek knowledge of her duties so that she may perform them properly" - Ibn A;-Jawzi

so, to my Dearest Sisters andbrothers in Islam...May Allah SWT keep us all in one faith, Islam and increase our knowledge plus strengthen our iman~

p/s: nakkkkk bacaaa buku ni..i want this boook i want it i want it!!!! ^_^girls pls has a magnificent insights :) whee.  

peace :) xx