Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Precious~

ehem* well....catchy sgt title my post ni....basically is not about Lord of the Ring thingy im gonna write about but its sumthing that i actually been working own since last year. tadaaa.~...the doa, hopes, believes and struggle soon to come into a bug wonderful picture. And me, myself and the important person behind all this will at last relax and enjoy the show~ i mean ok la..relax skit je cos there will be a much more BIGGER WAVE to come when things get perfectly delivered. InsyAllah...



Bismillah nirahman nirahim.....i always begin with. The campaign that i've been work out together with Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) which called  My3L Campaign. I couldn't reveal the juice of the whole campaign yet as the BIG LAUNCH will take place approximately another 2 weeks times. *awesome* Prior to its Big Launch my service come into picture...huhu.

Alhamdulillah...I Love My Job. The whole world about advertising, branding and media somehow its been in my blood. I'm the one who leads this kinda project in terms of its promotional exposure on TV, PRINT, NEW MEDIA , collaborations and On ground activation. So far im so eager and happy to get this kinda project into my portfolio. The media campaign will start with New Media exposure where i purposely selected Blogserius and AMANZ as they have quite a followers that suits the campaign target audience. Ya ampun...cuak nyerr...everything pon nak jalan..and pls u ols...doa yang terbaik for me and others to be strong to deliverthe whole ideas bout My3L campaign.

lets see the teaser/sneak preview of the campaign...huhu

Official Logo~

official icon for this campaign~ huhu..

ok dah2...teaser kena la skit2..if u guys wanna know more..wait till the ad series is out on paper...TV..specifically on TV3. other us can just catch on FB-My3L 
willl post the whole details soon aite :)

Enjoy~ peace~ xx

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