Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'll be Alright...i know...i will...

It is really a tough week after all. Right from my work loads that i'm currently facing..i mean i'm struggle between few different tasks that need to be complete ASAP plus juggling to face such crap shityz political issues that been going on ever since i step into 'the company'. No! seriously NO....i'm not Mad or even have this lil regret upon what happen.

Why?? I was once strong to myself. I was proud and damaged. There was a sense that i knew what life was and what life was not.. .i absolutely knew everything i wanted and did not want. The illusion in which i lived was grounded in the confusion in which i had experienced. Enuff! and so...its time for me to walk away...Finally i did... but...of course at the moment i decided to, i bring my vision, happiness,  strength, believes and not forgetting worries all along on my future own journey.hee..I'm not putting up with things anymore, i'm loving the person who i actually met along the way and work with (exclude the one who always demotivate others). I smile more, i laugh a lot, and i wear color even lot more. I even love my superb Job!!

I do the things i Love to do and i love the thing im currently do.the next thing i know...that i'm so eagerly wanna tell the most closest person to me who is my family members and love ones..pls me from behind and believes in my vision and dreams. and to others as well yah~ InsyALlah everything comes into a beautiful picture ...again i'm taking chances and of course giving opportunity a consideration. huhu. guess what...i tendered myself from a corporate world and i'm pursuing my own kinda dream. I know....Its CRAZY!! but hell yeah..its fascinating... it would be MORE AMAZING when the closest person being my pillar of strength through my kinda journey. the one i always wish for is Happy living, people~ hiks!

Its all started when i'm confidently got this one Project under Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). Alhamdulillah..those things slowly comes to me after a year chasing for this particular project. Proposal by last..BoOomM!! this campaign called, My3L...Life Long Learning...(check out my previous post yaww~) I actually built up a proposal phase by phase just to show that this kinda campaign/project is soooOoO freaking Valueable to each and every Malaysian,thou.

I got to be the person who manage in terms of Media planning and campaign branding. AWESOME!! i did rite from Ideas development, up to designing wt the help of my juniors, and of course the TVC! woww!! *cant believes* This campaign will start to run on our Medias starting 2moro ...pls look at the print ad on Mingguan Malaysia and Metro Ahad. Those media people who i'd dealing with..there are those strong people behind me and kind people who support me in making my baby project a success~ InsyAllah....

Tadaaaa~ this are all the creative in promoting My3L campaign prior to its BIG LAUNCH~ i'm totally happy beyond knowledge which i gained back in Uni..and now I make it happen in a real industry...SubahannAllah~ its just Awesome!! like totally~....1st steps ....Alhamdulillah for all the beauty and colorful experienced i had and now its time to giving it back to the world..eceyh~ haha...(amenndaaa la...feeling menang oscar keeee?? hiks~) haha

i came out with Icon print Ad concepts using celebrities that owns a soft skills in helping the message of 'Pembelajaran Sepanjang Hayat' to cross over perfectly into everybody's mind. well..i think so...thus, i did the collaboration with Simply Siti to tag along in providing and considering this kinda project is a good platform in enhancing knowledge to all Malaysian~ (thats what i talking about by giving back to the world yawww~) lol! 

In a 1st phase also, besides promoting the Big launch of My3L...we do need to do some awareness teaser Ad which it likely to be as a pull factor to the mass market!..this kinda ad i purposely proposed just to let everyone knows that..."hey..look at this.. government is doing something for your better life. Its all starts with ya own decision!!' and yeah..of course ....this kinda Ad will be give some sort like a new image of 'gohmen' ad after all~ haha 

Here goes the Carnival Promo prior to its BIG LAUNCH! huhu..u can catch it up on TV3, Astro Ria, Prima and Mustika HD and not forgetting RTM 1 and RTM2. ( seems that all major Tv Network its on my plan..lhuhu)

Of course...i make this baby project into a comprehensive Media Exposure which i definitely include social medias and bloggers as well. (this platform is one of a good media channel that we, media people, just have to take it a consideration on planning a successful campaign using online platform) trust me! been doing it ever seen in my study year. lol!

Both blog, Blogserius and AMANZ are the main blog for this campaign. let us see~..huhu

and guess what..i've 800 blogs more in supporting this campaign. *awesome* (ehem* mmg x la nk letak all 800 bloggers on my blog kan...amik skit2 sudah!) haha

So, lets the show begin very soon~ and what am i supposed to do??? OBSERVE and CAPTURE! snappy snapppy photos~  (the portfolio starts....) ^_^' alhamdulillah, rizki lagi bagi aku...~

well..i would really like to end my long ever post ni saying ....

"kita tak mungkin dapat puaskan hati smua pihak kan...
and obviously smua pihak pon x dapat puaskan hati kita ni~ 
at least myself will learn to accept the lackness in me as well as in other people..
cos i believes everybody ada kelemahan sendri....doesn't u see the whole picture yet?? 

Looking towards the future...InsyAllah...i'll be Alright~

eat that! love & Peace. xoxo

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