Sunday, November 20, 2011

the meet up

yesterday was a good day despite that i got to see and join my close fwen's birthday celebration. its been awhile for me to speading time with my close fwens. all the updates seems to be lost half way through my super bz life. when i see all of them yesterday, i know deep in my heart they all still play a big role in my life. faces that went thro ups and down together back in my uni life......seriously is was sooooooooo good seeing them,laughing iver sumthing that wasn't funny and yes.....welcome and gotta know new people.

Despite my warm and happy feeling, there sumthing bothering me...i know when it comes to this kind of gathering or celebration with my fwen's family its gonna be such hustle...this is and her brother happen to fall in love with each other....gosh! It supposed to be easy and fun but.....yesh i truly understand ....when it comes about family things will get slightly sensetive and touching. i'm truly aware about it...

so there goes me handling the situation all alone...well knowing myself pretty well, after all the life experience i went through i'll take it as another challenge in me. Ya Allah, seriously how i wish the person who i'm falling in love with can be beside me and face this situation every bit of my praying, i always include this lil pray for me and him to be in such a good way and will trust each other when others dont...

there goes the 1st meet up, unofficially, wt his doubt i can say its just another small introduction to the family. well, seems like the siblings know me but not the parents.What bother me is the intoducing part not done by my man...hmm..this is so not rite. but is too short to think bout whats others thinking bout one selves.

what happen i take it as warning sign towards me...oh no.. this is not a BULLSHIT kinda sign okay!~ this is what my life which i supposed to deal in the future...ahaks!~ insyAllah...i believes God in the middle clearing our path ^_^'

Thursday, November 17, 2011

mybaby frosty on high fever


here goes the story of my baby frosty.....guess what he have been my rainbow sunshine for the past 1 year plus. woww....let me repeat back...1 YEAR PLUS! Isn't that awesome..that means me and my love ones have been for about a year B-) well actually my life so far been so blessed with beautiful things and wonderful people surround me...frosty is one of them.

what would u feel when someone that really close to u felt sick? The one u always play with...story to tell how unsatisified about people and works...a place to just express your inner emotions and pretty much as a subject matter for your own photography satisaction, in another words that creature is soooooo bloody CUTE which can make your anger turn to peace, hot water u can just drink it at once just like drinking a cold water, hatreats change into love, negative turns to positive....and...that FROSTY is my 1YEAR PLUS WHITE PERSIAN CAT....

yes!After a year he been agressive and super dooper active under the care of Roos's family,today i sadly announce that he been admitted to St. Angel, Pucong