Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is my current focusing project. The KL ROCK FESTIVAL 2010. This BIG events gonna happen on 28-30th May 2010. Its gonna be a HUGE EVER MUSIC EVENT of the year..i guess. I can sense it! I happen to know the organizer through a friend of mine. He contacted me few weeks ago and did send me the whole concept proposal of this event. I run through the proposal i find it its such an interesting event. After all, i'm a person with a music and melodic soul. And this is soooOoo my called=)

As i went through and been briefed by Shamsul, Producer KLRF, he cracked his and his team out of them self to bring such a great line ups of ROCKSTARS from all over the world just to make the best entertainment ever to cater for our local ROCK FANS as well as the tourists who happen to enjoy our country with lots of unique and colorful celebrations. According to him, this is not gonna be a one off event but this is a 1st Rock Fest and there will be another round in following years to come. slowly i can see the industry will become even more bigger. But what about the people in our own music industry? will they be the same in supporting it or they still closed minded bout the whole idea that these young talented team try to deliver?? would they? the answer is the result to the event it self..we wait and see....=) And rite now..i'm so eager to make my very own proposal to proposed to them what the BEST MEDIA PRIMA can offer them as their MEDIA PARTNER! The dateline to be shown the whole thing to them is ONE FREAKING WEEK FROM NOW! huhu....

kita mulakan dgn Bismillahirahmanirahim dulu ye.....................hehe. Amin!

This is the lineups as for now..(found it on9 while i'm doing my lil research)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another day..another love for me....

Have i ever been in love? i mean fallin in love so seriously with someone? Yes i did! Its Horrible i can say. It makes me so vulnerable. It opens my chest and open up my heart to welcome and it means for someone to get inside. On top of that it also open a huge opportunity to that very someone to mess me up. I build up all these defenses, build up a whole uit of armor, so that nothing can hurt me than the one stupid person just know how to push the right button over again and makes my heart melt bit by bit...So i gave him a piece of me..He did something dumb one fine day that sponteneously kissed me without me knowing how to re-acted...and left me all confused and the next thing i knew my life isn't my own life anymore. Loves take hostages. It gets inside me and the next following things i knew it eats me out and leaves me crying in the darkness. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's in a soul-hurt, a real gets inside me and rips me apart and i feel the pain...Therefore, please stop hurting me again..before i stop believing and stop loving...

One told me that Love is like energy. It can never be created or destroyed. It is just always there. I happen to realize that fact and myself have to learn that as soon as i'm stopped loving and hoping for his love in the way that i actually open another room for someone else in my heart. Now all i've to do is find out where that love went. The next thing i'll know that the love will go to whoever the next person had captured my heart and will cherish my days with something more colorful than previous life i had. That next person could be one of my friend, or someone i might not even think that i will llike him more than a friend..its just a thing that i've to find out myself, accepting and be glad who ever that i'm seeing right now....

My chinese New Year Holiday!

Seriously i tot my CNY holidays gonna be bored...u mom and brother went to sis bz with her new house. My other brother..well what can i say..his getting marrried really hard to catch him @ home. So left me and my maid. But guess wasn't boring at all.....In woke up early up my lappy and Carmen Buzz me asked me to follow her to waterfalls! Then i remembered i had a planned with Meg to go fishing which supposed to happen the day b4...then i rang him to confirm whether its on or not...and to my surprise the plan is on!! i told carmen i she kind of excited to join me..I'm more than happy thou! But then i asked her to meet early...go out for lunch b4 meet Meg at his home. She agreed to meet me at my house,park her car and jumped into my car. We went for lunch 2gether to eat sushi @ One Utama! hoyehhh!..and of course klo dah jumpe minah ni...sure x lari dr gossip2 TERKINI!!!!huahuaha....

And then..yesss we are ready to go FISHING!! wheeee.......

Punya la suke we both dpt gi memancing!

Me, Carmen, Meg and His friend(Tawakal)..yup just 4 of us gi memancing. Ntah mana ntah si Meg ni bwk we all masuk Kampung kat Sungai Buluh...tau tau..sampai kat a place called Tasik biru @ Kundang ! Its really a HUGE POND....but we end up going lil bit futher up to a small pond near to Kundang Golf Club! and obviusly i felt in love with the scenery...well..nak jatuh chenta ngan scenery pon hengat gak la..we have mission to accomplish! Lets fishing...and guess what 1st time ni nak try pasang umpan i did asked tawakal for some 'cacing' which he baught on the way to fishing port..He gave me cacing ngan berani ni masok kan cacing tu kat umpan..blum masok lg aku dah jeritttttttttttttt....x smua plak pandang kan! yg lain stok usha panas...sbb maybe buat bising buat ikan yg br nak mkn umpan dorank tu trus x jd mkn..and dorank end up x dpt ikan...oppSs....sorry ye...cacing tu bergerak and really GELI siallllllll! trus aku soh tawakal tu masok kan tuk aku!hehe...wa x brani arr....brani pada mula nyer...bile dah pegang tu..aiyoooo...tuhan je la tau how i felt!haha...then mula la pemancingan aku!! huhu....ader 2 kali blg jorang and then..tadaaaaaaaaa...dpt anak IKAN TALAPHIA!! hehe....bkn trus nak lepas kan ikan tu dr upan..bley hold amik picture lagi tu. Ada lah dlm 4 posed yg berlainan..haha..and si Carmen pon sama gak! Its gonna be a PROVED to everybody that we girls pon bley memancing la weii....huhu.

NI le ikan aku dpt..but a bit takot nak kluar kan ikan from upan;)
2nd time pon still dpt ikan talaphia....3rd time pon sama...but lain size la. Masok kali ke-4...Meg yg pancing! still dpt ikan yg sama..dia nyer x puas ati..siap tukar upan dr cacing ke some healthy upan for the fish..but it smells bau tahi kuda pon ader weii...blueekkss! cite dia cam ni..mamat ni yo yo le buat upan yg konon nak dpt ikan besor le....ok le..tunggu punya tunggu..mmg x der langsung le ikan melekat kat umpan dia.hahahaha..well good try meg..but pls pls...try harder k!hehe

Well...i can say that such a PRODUCTIVE holiday i had so far!! yay!! have lots of fun and i'm really glad=)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Travel log 1[b]: BALI- Paradise Vacation

Ni smua Fresh lg..semangat tul masing Berangan jd Mermaid katanyer...

Our 1st activity at Bali was went for WATER SPORT!There are lots of packages for Water Sports but we managed to get a good deal..after like an hour bargain the price that they offer us.Bley blah minah yg in charge tu agak kerek la....but seriously u messed we a wrong person la...and we all siap menganjing minah ni. Si Shara ngan sombunk nyer bargain price package yg dia offer kat we all..she went something like this...

Fitting Diving Suit:)

Shara: We nak 3 sports for 500k rupiah!
Dewi (nama minah incharge): mana bisa embak...klo di kira2..emank nya diving udah 700k rupiah.
Shara+ Me+Leen: Hoiii...Gile Apeee??!
Dewi: iya..benar sih!
Shara: ahh..x der..x nak we all x nak la main...
Dewi: ok..yg benar nyer..brapa yg embak mahu?
Kami Bertiga: 500k untuk 3 sport
Dewi: nggak...aku pasti bunkrup! klo bos tau pasti di buang keja...
Kami beriga: ngak lah....plss Dewi..pls...Dewii (merayu2)....then what we did..Dewiiii..engkau lah
idupku...aku cinta pd mu sampai mati...(haha...trus masok lagu dewa weii) LoL.
there we went had a great deal..500k Rupiah dor 2 games with camera supplied during DIVING!we really happy to the la smua 1st time ni nka gi dive..accept for leen and pian...sepanjang bargain2 tu teka la sape je yg DIAM??? harus la si PIAN kannnnn

We played water sport at the clear water of Nusa Dua Beach. We also experienced the thrill of their most porpular marine activities which is the Fly Fish..(x der kat malaysia ok). Sad thing is we all dont have any pictures of we playing this awesome thng! ;( but well...its all good and still fresh in my mind,thou...if u guys ckp we all tipu its ok..we proud that we expereinced it! hahahah...

This how we look after we played the water sports! a VERY SATISFIED MOMENT!!

Next we had a photo sesion somewhere at Nusa Dua town..well..actually a place that we found it interesting on our way to kecak2 dance place. We asked Agus to stop just to captures some pictures on balinese monumen...nak npk kan la element bali konon. But we end up bergambar sakan...bkn we all..ngan pak supir kita pon turut serta..aku tgk si Agus ni..dlm hari cam ckp le..aikk...sape tourist skang ni kan....bley thn gak la bergaya-gaya kan! We ok je...asal org tu agak ting tong..we all layan kakn aje.hahahaha...
Then we heading to Kecak2 and Fire dance(stage drama) which based on Ramayana. an acient Indian epic. It's does not use gamelan or any instrumental at all, many half-naked men form a circle singing out loud "cak,cak,cak..kecak' (oowhh...thats how the name of the dance came about..cehh) unision at open stage of Batubulan. It was a great and interesting performanced that portray their believes and their unique culture...kinda scary pon ader gak! nak2 rhe time when we all watch was raining cats and dogs...the surrounding a lil bit gloomy but the fire light up everything! Surround was really nice..and after performance me and leen sempat le took pictures with dance i learn few steps skit..Ada ati tu nak jd part of the. Dreammm On girl! hahaha

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Travel log 1[a]: BALI- Paradise Vacation


7pm senget2 we arrived at Denpasar, Bali Airport! 4 of us was the last passenger went out from the plane. Take our on sweet time. Kluar je plane smua change into 'kelam kelibut' mood lead by our main character, Shara! perhh..macam nak roboh la airport Bali tu bila si shara ni jejak je kat bumi Bali.haha. Yang si Leen or better known as 'Ratu Camera', i can say every inch or few steps definetely she will posing and SNAP SNAP! and for me...of course join the club skali la. Pian i can say...he kind of like a Voice of Minority nyer character..what he did was layan kan je we 3 'kelam kelibut' ni and doesn't say much...the worst thing yg serious sampai skang aku x paham is..HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE expression at all. serious wa tak tau bile dia marah,sedey,gumbira or even stress.....pening gak la tgk dia. Tp x pe..thats his character..UNIQUE sgt kan kan..(im trying to be positive here).haha.... I'm more like an observer in every situation. Thats is so my character..and at the same time the one who always with her crazie ideas..bila dah combine ngan shara and leen..x cam caca marba plak kan. Lucky to have one charater like Pian just to natural kan keadaan. hahaha...

Our 1st posed @ Bali..Barongan Statue

As we step down the escalator towards the arrival counter, we saw Barongan (Bali Icon statue). 3 of us, Me, Shara, and Leen ran towards the sculpture gave the camera to pian and we strike a posed! tadaaaaaa....ader la dlm 30 posing ntah ape2 we all snap, suddenly shara was saying...'wei gile, pak supir tunggu lama kat luar tu'! Ok...she was reffering to us....'wei gile'...i'm like helloooo...who's the one yg sibuk nak bergambar-gambar sakan ngan patong barong tu kan. 2 3 posed x pe klo bley cam nak siap berkenalan lah ngan patung tu. haha. Nape x bwk je blk kan?? lol. Then we all gi le ke counter...but at the same time si Leen nak ke Kamar Kecil i went to the wash room with Leen while shara and pian Q up. Everything went well and we finally out to the BALI PARADISE WORLD!!!! yehaaaaaaaaaa....woot woot* From far we can see our Pak Supir carry a card board written ' WONDER PETS'...and that 'wonder pets' referring to us.haha...Shara who's the one came out with that NAME to be shown on Pak supir card board!! seriously..wa tgk tu dr jauh dah glak sakan dah....what an welcome opening for all of us. Org slaloo dpt welcome drink but we been threat with our own freaking jokes! its pretty funny kot.........mangkuk la si shara ni! oh ya..our pak supir name is Pak di bilang gak usah ber'pak2'..di panggil nyer aja 'AGUS'! Time Agus dok introduce nyer shara ni bising la nak soh amik pic sambil Agus show the card board...she wanna capture the moment when Agus actually waited for us with the wonder pets sign..The funny part was when shara asked Agus to raised up the card board for us to take picture of it but all Agus did is..'kamu nunggu disini aja ya..mobil nya di ambil dulu'...then shara keep bugging him 'angkat la board td tu'..and Agus ngan muka Jujur dia tunggu ya tunggu ya( sambil angguk2)...dia pon kelam kelibut gak ke cam kita ni! Bagus le tu.....sekapal la kita nanti. then he went to take his SUZUKI MPV:) itu le kenderaan we all kat sana...class tak? It was a good package...good vehicle condition together with a very friendly and resourceful driver. Thats what all we needed! BravOoo...VroOmmmm!

(Above) Me and leen about to enjoy our food! look delicious;)

We all smua went to hotel to check in before we went out for our 1st dinner @ Bali. We had our dinner somewhere round Kuta..serious i forget the name of the restaurant but what we wanted to eat was Nasi Sunda. It something similar as Ayam Penyet but obviously the Nasi Sunda much more 'enak banget'! Agus brought us to a fantastic place to dine. We dine at the gazebo round that lil restaurant and it is so cozy and chilling. I had Nasi Sunda(Daging) + Es Gumbira..same goes to others. While Agus ngah sibuk le cari Sim card indo for me and Leen...actually we both paksa dia cari cos we need to called our parents just to inform we safely arrived! And part of that sure le nak update org2 yg terdekat also ^_^ lol.

This is the place we had our dinner...been well entertained and we enjoyed it so much!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Travel log 1: BALI- Paradise Vacation

Where should i begin..hmm..After a long waits finally is the day i'm getting ready for my Bali Vacation with friends. Character dlm 1st travel log 2010 was Me, Shara, Leen, Pian, Batman, and Noya. Watak yg cancel last minute was Sikin (sian dia x dpt cuti dr boss dia..rugi tul tix).

Shara & Me Leen & Me

As for me, shara and pian made a deal nak jumpe kat KL Sentral then we go together by Air Asia Bus to LCCT. But i asked my mom to send me straight to LCCT. Shara was the one convience me that taking a bus is more convinience. So we agreed to take bus instead. We set a time to meet @ 12.00 senget2 la..biasa la kan janji melayu. So, on friday tu i'm not working. Pack my stuffs..2 piece is a MUST! and tadaaaaaaa...i'm so semangat ni nak ke BALI. Padahal i did went with my family b4. well..i can sense its gonna be totally different if going with F.R.I.E.N.D.S!huhu. So, there i was at KL Sentral nak jumpe shara since dia dah sampai dulu. Slaloo nyer minah ni le lembab..(sejak bile la plak character dia ni dah di upgrade). pian x sampai lg. So shara estimate time for Pian to get at KL Sentral by 12.30..gave him a chance for 30mins. The times its up..and we left him ngan slambanyer ajer. Cos si mangkok pian ni x reti nak angkat fon si shara. Punyalah geram..ati dia dah terbakar2 katanyer..i can see the burning rite through her eyes. So, i did iyer kan ajer la nak tinggalkan si pian;) well..i dont wanna repeat the same mistake again....tertinggal flight. And its not gonna happen again with ok..cite si Leen plak..she informed me that she'll meet us straight kat LCCT. And i'm absolutely ok with it..since i know her pretty well..she's kind of like a 'paris hilton'. haha. We wait for Pian to arrive and there we go check in and stuffs. And so the story of our journey begin....
In the flightwe managed to sitted all 3 girls 2gether. Just pian sitted one row infront of us. And guess what he got the whole row for him self. I was really tired tot of sleeping through out the journey but end up talking and laughing..and for sure ader je nak menganjing and mengayam-ayamkan org.LoL. Knowing me and my fwens its a normal thing pon. And shara, a cilik girl that doesn't even know how to shut her mouth up, ader je benda nak di ckp and gossip about. Suddently this peramugari bg la arrival and depature card that we all have to fill in our details and stuffs. I'm kind of in my rajin mood nak tulis even thou we like miles away(think is like another 2 hours to go kot)...still...i wanted to complete it earlier. I was buzzing Shara non-stop for PEN..haha. Dia punya tension bg pen and so fill kan dia nyer borang skali..then Leen pon samatrus je letak form dia tu on my table! I'm like...ishhh....well..someone have to be mummy here if my fwens smua stok mengada and keanak-anakkan! fair enuff i tulis la smua details..1st for Shara. Till suddently i have this lil devil in me starts to do something crazie...So detail shara smua i filled in the same as in the pastport..the thing when it comes to 'occupation' dengan sengaja nyer aku tulis occupation tuk Shara was...'Mengira Bulu Kambing'! then aku usha la dua ekor yg sibuk bergossip sebelah aku leen dah cam paham la plak aku ni..and she knows that i've planned something. So, Leen usha la kat form si shara tu.....and Leen laugh llike hell!!!!!!hahahahahaha...LoL8x . Sorry Shara, u just got 1 from me..and there will be more to come;)So..yang leen nyer plak..aku buat occupation for her is 'Doktor haiwan'
Then aku terasa nak ke toilet la plak...i think i've been to the washroom quite long that makes this 2 phychos have made a crazie prank to prank me up! well..nearly there girls...but not 100% i've been pranked!huahua...they both set a plan involve some guy in the plane. Good looking guy instead. Oh pls...prank me using cute looking guy aint no my style at all,thou. So, they both made uup stories saying that the guy came to shara while i'm in the toilet..but they all feel really bad cos laugh at that guy after hear his voice..mamat tu dikatakan SENGAU. He hitted on shara saying something like this..'eh..awk ni thomel la' (buat ngan suara sengau)! obviously i laugh like hell....and what they wanted me to do was try to apologize on behalf of them..and it supposed to be done when we had landed in Bali. But their plan went wrong when i actully talk to that guy on the plane....hahahaha...when i talk to that guy and i asked him da same question twice just to hear his SENGAUNESS...but after a while i realiazed that he doesnt even sounded sengau at all..this must be part of their plan to kena kan i! hahahhahahaa....bengong la kwn2 aku la buat aku syg sgt kat dorank ni..well..good try nway. But pls pls pls....try harder k=)

To be continue........

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ice Cream day =) whee i would like to share some interesting things. I donno bout u guys out there how interested r u in ICE CREAM! but i am..i always find that ice cream will always lighten up my day no matter how stress am i..the best choice is grab a ice cream. And my choice of ice would be eithe Baskin Robbins or lecka lecka. i just came back from eating ice cream at baskin robbin, bangsasr! It actually an accidental plan...on top of that..its 31st January! Oh yes!! 31 Robbin came out with its brilliant marketting strategy to make a promotion on their super yummyyyy ice creeam on every 31st of the month !! how cool is that for someone that really cant get enuff of ice cream...(its meant for me) haha.

Baskin Robbin 31% off for ever 31st of the month!! hurry for ice cream there or be square! They have handpacket PINT, QUART, and HALF GALLON! u can choose what ever Flovor and enjoy it till ur fulled! oh yes....dont forget to enjoy your sensational ice cream with your loved will makes it taste even more sweet and nicer!! serious...cos i did that! hahaha...c u round baskin every 31st of the month;)