Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead...i feel u... ♥

I never thought that I would feel your hollow. I’m writing this because I need to let it all out. Life isn’t that perfect after all..we might have plan our life with  colourful rainbow without taking any less on the uncertainty. Last Sunday finally the whole family set on a round table for dinner in celebrating my sista’s prohibition last for 3 months.  It was a sudden dinner treats from her and surprisingly each and every one of us was very excited bout it. Its been a while and so... its a YES to everybody Except for one~  

And that nite i can sense a massive aura of happiness among us. The unite had bring us to a level of maturity among ourselves. I was notified somehow there was a speechless aura running through a man who always tied up with his anger and egoism. I come to a big question mark in me on his drastic changes..??!  all this while i believes he been kept all the secrets to himself. Where is the value of family bond?? He doesn’t realize it. But now, i can say he changing drastically for better. Alhamdulillah~ secretly i glance at him for couple of times without him noticed it. His eyes filled with miss, sadness and loneliness but sometimes i felt like he tried to hide it all.

My only married brother, my love and my pride is all confused. He has no idea how to confront this and i guess he’s trying his best to be strong. For my brother I only have lovely memories of him and his wife, who will go everywhere together despite on their crazy days at work or chilling with both families. Yes, them somehow haad made me believes in a true love and make me realized that whatever we hold rite now wouldn’t last if one of us does show it in sincere way. This is not an ending for them, I bet they both just going back to be part of the whole love universe for in having their own best mutual understanding as a truthful married couple.

To my lovely brother, be strong. Everything that happen to you rite now is sign for you and your wife to look beyond those happy moment together and cherish it in some ways in accept both as purely fresh new beginning. Me, Mama and others will pray for the best for you both cos once one enter our family, forever they will remain as FAMILY.- xoxo-

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