Monday, February 20, 2012


SEALED! alhamdulillah....the deal that i'd made was the 1st deal between Redberry Media and government sector I donno how i managed to get the deal signed but all i know being in sales & Marketing is something i good at. 4 years of working experience under media industries really thought me well. So for people out there who really into media sales & is not like any sale industries where you can just sell with a minimum understanding on certain product. Guess what, i gotta spend my time everyday..EVERYDAY in dealing wt people. Cos i believes the more we talk the more we can slowly get some insightful tots. And that particular insights can be use as our own 'bullet' in sales battle field.

Because time is pack wt bz schedules i tend to 110% focus on works.. i can say i pretty bz 'menanam benih' and now slowly the seed been develop.Just wait for the seed to produce more beautiful and wonderful things to my life. Mean while, i gotta deal wt office politics yang forever pon i dont understand why and how that particular issues arrise...cos i dont give a Shitz on whats happening in the office as my tiime is always about my life, my achievement and my f*cking career growth..(event thou i couldn't see that ..but there is always a believes in me somewhere....hmmm...somewhere beyond my expectation perhaps) hee..

Alhamdulillah for the blessing from MAMA especially...oh Lovely bf yg penuh sabar with my perangai yg always kelam kaibut when it comes about works even thou that particular time i actually spending time wt him. hummp! i'm sorry...but u know that i love u more that my work..cos u make things happen for me in someways~ heehe. And i sooOOooo Glad that what i wish came thro...i mean what i wrote back then on New Year 2010..i really wanna treat mom and siblings to somewhere we all enjoy and its like family bonding time.
Guess what, i make it even cooler by arrange my time doing my works and at the same time enjoying wt family...WTF! for sure u'll be thinking i'm crazy....well at least i squeeze my time to be perfectly utilized. I brough my Abg from TV3 as a crew to cover for Festival Layang-layang sedunia at pasir Gudang and at the same time bring my adik and mama down to follow me just to give them a glimpse of experience as what i did last time for Redberry Media. I always stand with this kind quote ' A GOOD TEACHER IS OUR OWN EXPERIENCE' ...gee...i seperate it among others as well. pendek kata, mmg i just love to do amal jariah..x syok la i experienced it all alone kan..might as well i bg way to my mama and siblings. Then, its up to them how they gonna take the value into their own life :) 2 days at Pasir gudang festival layang2 and 1 day at Singapore UNIVERSAL STUDIO!!!!!! wheee....hmm...i'm tired now...but had so much fun when everytime i thnk bout it. lol

To my 1st post for this year...i've to say I LOVE MY JOB AND THE PEOPLE THAT TRUST AND GAVE ME OPPORTUNITY TO SHOW THE POTENTIAL VALUE IN ME. Trimas. My mission now been updated........counting days......:)


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