Sunday, July 1, 2012

bye2 June Juni~ :)

I closed my June with tremendously presentation to Malacca state of government and tourism. Alhamdulillah~ i did it...ALONE as for now...well, i believes soon i'll be having my own team in putting those bit and pieces of ideas into a big interesting master piece and let us make a different in out advertising line..i'm expecting it for it to happen among all the government sectors...( it is been my deeepest ever wish ever since i'm handling the government sectors..) ..
ada la gak cam nk separuh mati to open up their mind and eyes into a real and current trend of campaign advertising..oh ya! i'm still doing it...

tu dia~ this kinda cherios bebenar la sgt kan proposal ni took me 1 week in putting my ideas into black white....i mean colorful master piece.huhu~ when i open the clients were like..wuAhAAaa~ and i was saying to them..
" releks la...blum mula lagi..the excited part kejappp lg to be reveal k" is my thing to make an 1st impression....and alhamdulillah i kinda grab their attention towards my 1 hour presentation..and then..kuih2 smua kuar and we do the kinda Q&A 
(but aku enjoy bedal kuih2 kat melaka ni....Sodapp woo~)

standard la my 1st experience travel and present alone i can say it pretty amazing and interesting. 
I like when i kinda of automatically react like I'm deadly an Innocent girl~ BooYahh!
i'm telling all of them that it was my 1st time jejak Melaka...alone. 
then cam2 la suggest itu ini...(padahal my bf work in Melaka..bley je turun naik sini) ;)
and yeah..i terslipped in the meeting saying my fav dish is Asam Pedas'..
to my surprised they did offer me to stay till noon and have the bestttt asam pedas in town!!
**** Drooooliiiiiinnnnngggggg****
(part ni la the most i excited doing deal outstation ni..we gotta eat their best local food)

But guess what?? i didn't happen to eat pon asam pedas kat melaka tu :( 
but i got to meet my most asam..masham and hot boyfriend insteeed..haha..
Yes! i did surprised him at his kinda office. well the one got surprised!
mana tak nyer...i never been to his office ever since he moved to Melaka to
but at last i did! Ya ols gotta see what i actually see through out my way to to his office...
This is what exactly i see...sanggup la benti tepi jalan and nikmati the best refreshing nature surrounding for 15mins *amazed* o_O..totally!
and according to his adik i gotta trus jeeeee and ikut je jln npk ladang kelapa sawit and such..kampung2 then i'll see the side that he been working on.
and so..i trusss...and truss...till....

tadaaa....i end up in Ladang Kelapa sawit. *sesat la woii*
sebaik ada pak cik baru abis keja ladang and was about to balik rumah i guess...
he asked me to follow him from behind. He looks pretty convincing and i just ok je la~
and there i was...parked in front of his picture to share how surprise to see his office in site compound! pheww~ he look pretty amazing with his works and stuffs ;)
**%#@%** S. U. R. P. R. I. S. E **^$@#**
 :P :D ^_^ 

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