Sunday, July 15, 2012

new Tailor for Raya 2012

truly blessed and feeling so grateful to spend the whole Saturday with such useful plans! well..not to say that before this i aint got no be specific weekend plan always done in da middle of the week...its just me like to plan everything in advance! huhu...

Cos of super bz week i had on my weekdays, I actually plan to stay and to sleep through out my weekend! (i always plan that....x pernah pon jadi) ...i always have sumthing to do...ALWAYS ye~ i missed to attend my good fwen's wedding today cos i came out with a sudden plan. Called up Ronal my ever close buddy to teman me to do tailoring for my Baju Raya at Azura Couture. I heard about kak zura long time ago but didn't happen to meet her real life. hmm...and so..i asked ainul to gimme contact so i'll go and do my naju Raya wt her....hehe

Kak zura was so surprised to see me...u know i've lots of pictures wt Ainul last time without my hijab and now hijab on babyy~ huhu. Her own boutique is so fantastic! i mean the set up....the dresses and everything is so FAME! i showed her my kain that i bought in Vietnam for her to do a good and stylo outfit for my Raya. then i started to draw la sesuka ati contoh of my DREAM BAJU RAYA for year 2012.haha...all she said that..she have slightly a good sample as per what i wanted la~ then 2 3 pasang la kluar bagi tunjuk ...and ronal were like asing me to try it think back actually i'm kinda of malas cos nk unbutton my baju and the major thing is to take out my Hijab. but kak zura said i can just try it on and its pretty easy cos i just hv to sarung je cite dia...

So, i took the white modern and stylish baju kurung....very decent and nice and i wore it. kak zura zipped it up for me and she asked me to walk to the mirror at the corner of the boutique! i can feel the kain is so flowy.. u know la kain shifon~ then i end my self in front of the mirror and was so STUNT and SURPRISED to see me in those white flowy outfit! OMG!!! is that really me??? woww...woww....and i looked at kak zura...and she was like....yeah...u look absolutely stunning and gorgeous, my dear!...and i was like..."aww~ kak zura..this is just perfect! its soOooo me" and she smile....and pronouced .." that baju i sewed for my client... tempah for her nikah soon 2 weeks of hari raya" ....lagi la aku x caya sbb i'm actually wearing people baju nikah and it look so perfectly on me...she told me the person is about same size as me..very petite! haha....Ronal, kak zura and her stuffs was stunt ye tgk i'm wearing the baju fit perfectly. lol

knowing the one that i wearing is a baju nikah...and i trus pronounced to kak Zura..."where's my RING???mana mana???" haha.....then kak zura was saying.."nnt bile time linda sampai...i'll design more better for you, my dear" heh! such a drama queen i am~ :p

tadaaa~ this is my new designer for my baju raya collection year 2012
seriously i cant wait to see and go fitting my baju! this amazing Kak Zura just sealed me by her work and her own personality....very humble and funny indeed! u rocks~ 
so girls out there...try la do some tailoring with her....her work is very fine and really nice...especially for ya own big day costume! she made her name quite big in our fashion of MUST CHOSEN designer in our entertainment industry! BravOo...who ever wanna looks good as ya fav celebrtities...or berangan la nk jd artist...starts ya so called fairy tale with Azura Couture aite ;)
its just AMAZING!! 

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