Sunday, July 8, 2012

Akad dan tanggungjawab...

I think most of the people especially girls cant wait to get marry. That's gonna be the super ultimate moment of every girls dream...i do say so cos i'm a girl and i cant event wait for mt time to come~ hehe... Big and amazing celebration, a family gathering, nice couple theme and custom..say it all the positiveness of the celebration! Everyone is dying for one!

Well...this is my opinion after resolves round with weddings and such for quite a year. U know..i was a wedding photographer before..u can check out my link   and look at those pretty amazing pictures that i took and make all girls and guys like.."wuahHHh.....lets get marry,thou. " huh~ pls.....not that easy...

Yesterday was my closest fwen nikah and wedding reception. And guess what..i'm the one who really wanna get involve with her set up and such...and they also did used my experience in making such a wonderful wedding celebration. least i saw the FACE of SATISFACTION on them...and that kinda faces really released all my penat lelah and of course feeling great!

Akad Nikah was the  moment aku ni tak pernah la x menangis~ maybe i take every words of nikah kuthbah tu suatu perkara yg serious..(of la kan kena serious) and take it as a HUGE RESPONSIBILITY~ padan la ustaz2 ke tok kadi yg bacakan kutbah tu slaloo yg high in humor ..sbb x nak bg the whole majlis tense...i know at this particular moment laki sure the one yg plg nervous cos its the moment where officially pass a father's girl responsibility to him! mak aii.....serious berat tu! Well, i believes one man who said to be a husband to one woman is the man who can catty out the truth responsibility~ and yes he is ready in every senses....u know...guy is always be the Man, a leader, a and of course supporter. I experienced once before at this majlis akad nikah....the guy sampai berpeluh2 la nak akad nikah...and when he started to take the akad ..he fumbles~ i mean he did fumbles twice....and there goes the guests respond.....(start gelak2 and bercakap itu ini...aishh) Ustaz gak yg tenangkan dia..bagi dia minum air...and at that time i was the photographer...i was 22 i guess...i look at the person and said to him..."everything is gonna be alrite..." and pray for everything di permudahkan~ tp  mmg serius nampak lelaki tu cuak...hihi. akhirnya selamat juga akad :)

ok that is the boy part...mmg la u ols ckp boys nyer part paling susah. Well..actually sama je...come on la. Akad Nikah ni cam CONTRACT MATI tau tak....aku ni nangis la dlm ati( mata dah start berair) bile tok kadi baca satu2 and pelan2 kutbah nikah tu..cos i always see in different angle of life. well, to be truth, i always take whats lack in me from others...siapa kite klo nk di bandingkan dgn org lain?? for girls, who actually married and going to pon..Contract Mati yg kite take from akad tu is the most wonderful and painful contract. But yeah...take a step behind and think in that contract mmg la x de tulis ape pasangan kite suke or tak smua...its a contract to know more and more about our other half. Klo la perangai ni skit punya cantek before kawin...and masa dah kawin it change..Ya Allah...that is the MAIN POINT i would like to highlight...U DONT LA CANCEL  kan what u akad before but u should figure out the is just like a GAME! u choose to be in this path u gotta deal with it...u gotta know ya responsibility and believes.

ok..i cant say much on this cos i'm just a girl yg x experience to be in marriage world yet..but alhamdulillah pemahamam aku tentang marriage world is really wide. You know, i come from a big family which are so family oriented.  We believes that a good and well respectful human come from a good family attachment. Myself i can say x de la pandai sgt bout ilmu agama ni...but Alhamdulillah, aku di besarkan dlm keadaan serba cukup...cukup makan... cukup pakai... cukup ilmu...(cukup bergaya sejak dua menjak ni la..hahaa)..and segalanya cukup. And i always enjoy life as it is... walau x setinggi mana pon ilmu mom and dad always make sure our basic is strong enuff. Yg penting PEMAHAMAN Ilmu tu sendri kena ada dalam diri...and it somehow relate in real life. btul la dlm Islam...syarat kawin tu sendri ada tertulis pasal mencari calon kena tgk pd asal usul family dia...well its to ensure diri kita and si laki tu serasi la kan~ ada setengah org mmg la sembahyang x tinggal smua....which is good cos that are the 5 basic things we as Muslim have to do it each day. Tapi jgn pernah  anggap perkara2 lain dalam Islam ni remeh.... Tinggikan and luaskanlah pemahaman agama tu dalam semua perkara....i'm saying this cos when ever i look at people i always reflect back to myself..and to be truth.....byk lagi yg i'm lack in :( ~ hehee...but everyday pon is  a day for me to learn and learn....and i wont stop........ :)

apa2 pon...i would llike to say congrats to my BEAUTIFUL MARRIED BESTIE!!Alhamdulillah sempurna sudah ya wedding and you are now officially a WIFE~ :) such blessed and grateful feeling seeing you amazingly creating ya path into marriage life. Nothing more i would like to say cos i believes you going to be such a loving and great wife to ya husband. Play the cards well my dear Shazwani Rahman :)

Lil notes from the bottom of my heart~ What goes around certainly comes back around. The stars will definitely shine on every marriage life. A splendid time is guaranteed for those who enjoy and appreciate life as it is. For my girl, Wani, i believes in anticipation, ya eyes brighten and ya step develops a lil spring. U can just coast thro the rest of the day as long as you know you have something really great to look forward in marriage life and family future.  God bless the both of you, Wani & Hafiz - 070711. InsyAllah~

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