Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ramdhan comes again~

confirm 2moro is officially a month of Ramadhan..(duhh)..hehe usual the whole family will start our ramadhan by doing Terakwih~ Alhamdulillah...smua seems so excited this very ramadhan...sonok je taw ^_^'
so...we meet again Jubah Hitamku...celak mata from Mekkah and not forgetting perfume HajarulAswat..
OMG!! somehow i truly miss Mekkah la plak..... ;( 

my face look so sakit la without make up....or maybe cos wearing black from top to toe..huhu
well...not that im trying hard to be arabs...but i tend to like myself being kinda mysterious la
nway...i did my terakwih and as usual mama mmg x nk miss Moreh...
and i gotta wait for her depan pagar..(dah la tempat warga lelaki kuar... ^_^)
and dtg la sorank hamba Allah ni sapa i from behind...
"tunggu Suami ke?"...cis..kwn2 my abg rupe nyer....
then one of them saying "linda tunggu fezal la, bro"..haha..funny la those guys~
and i simply replied.."tunggu 'Calon' Suami la' (roll eyes :p)  hehe..
those guys were like..." la nk gittau fezal ni" 
(they all think im still fezal lil tiny sister)
and suddenly mama pon sampai...and of course..mama always be mom to everybody..
ada la 3-5mins those guys talked to mama...and i were like..tick tock tick tock...*sleepy head*

Thats about it for my very 1st Terakwih..huhu
till then peeps~ let get ready for Sahur later...we shall off to bed,thou..
will soon tell my mission on this Ramadhan..;)

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