Tuesday, April 3, 2012

sakit itu penghapus dosa2 kecil?

hmm..i dont really remembered who told me last time which if kite jatuh sakit somehow God is merely clear our small sins..well..i hope so:) ever since i came back fro  umrah i've this non-stop coughing. yesterday morning my nose bleed. and last nite coughing non-stop..like really bad till i couldn't sleep. My chest was a lil bit in pain and somehow buat otak aku pusing :(

batuk..batukk..batukk..and at the end i ran to toilet nk keluarkan all my fleming at the end My gOsh!! batuk berdarah???aww nooo...this is no a good sign.....i dont dare to tell my mom in da middle of the nite...i called my other half, he didnt pick up my calls. Then, i survive myself. Maybe my bad to make my bf angry last nite till i felt i've no one to tell this kinda story of me...served u rite, linda cracko! hee...

So, i met my Fav Doctor, Dr. Amy. Woww! she hv her own clinic now somewhere near PJ. yay! near my house..x yah susah2 gi KPJ Damansara. She kind of surprised wt my new personality..ehem~ told her i just got back from Umrah....and stuck with this bleeding2 decease. hehe...she said it was normal to blk from tanah arab i got this flu and soar throat..but in mycase....hmm.....slightly not normal cos i cough and package ngan ketulan darah. told her i cant sleep last nite cos of headache really got me wide awake and a bit koo koo last nite. haha....hope everything is alrite cos she gave me this one drowsyyyy injection to control my chest pain and took my spesmen darah..kot2 mana la tau dia  ckp kena lung infection plak dah kan...aish~ SubahannAllah..mtk di jauhkan la~

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