Saturday, May 30, 2009

Its the end of us...- 26/11/08-30/05/09

Its a sad thing after 6 months been through 2gether as couple. All the ups and downs we faced. And i realised and so did he that we do love each other but there are so many emptiness in oneself. We couldn't even figure out own our own. At last, we seat down and talk what best for both of us. I'm kind of disappointed bout what had happen cos all this while i tried my best to give the best out of my self. But i didn't see from his side. Maybe its true..God send him into my life for little while. I took it as faith. After all this what we call life. He text me last nite saying...

dear Linda..
I'm sorry for acting so cold lately. Its not that i got issues with you or wat.NOPE. not at all. U've been so nice to me all this while. how r u nway? i hope u're doing fine and great as always. let me be frank with you n to be honest lately each day i feellike i'm loosing you..its like i'm walking away. I dont know why....but the feeling is not as straong as last time. Maybe u're right..i've changed but i'm not sure wats wrong. I've been trying to get myself into dat feeling towards u like last time..but still i couldn't find. Its like looking for an answer that the question doesn't even exist. Maybe u're rite ..we r wasting time here..i'm sorry, u can hate me if u want to..i got nothing againts u..gid nite linda. Wish u nothing but the best n take care. This is my good bye..linda roos.

what a lonnnnnngg SMS he send me. Everything reveal at last. what i strongly hold all this while cracked and dropped. So, i did replied his sms that makes him wanna meet me up 2day. We had a good chat and discussion on what happen between us..i just wanna clarify those that been stucked in my head like long time ago. I wasn't sure is he the one i wanna end my life with or should i just keep on waiting for him to change to a kind of guy which i can look up for? i donno...cos all i know i did my part as a responsible and good gf for him. respectful, honest and committed ..all been done... yeah..maybe its true what people told me...if he wants and really into me he'll accept me as who i am...not changing me to someone else. I noticed that like loong time ago at the early stage of out relationship that we wasn't doing so well..cos always miss communications along the way... So, we decided to end this with a good understanding chat between us.Just two of us....meeting up at the same place we used to have dinner 2gether..the spot that our 1st love sparked but now...remain as memories...

Thanks for giving me a room to be loved in your sincere heart..sorry if something that i did hurt u and sorry not being a GF like what u expected. I had tried to serve u the best as i could...Wishing the best for myself and so for u My Moo Moo, Shac.
The Last Special note i gave him....
Dear Shac,

First of all, i would like to say sorry for what i’ve done with or without your acknowledgements. And thanks to for being part of my life for just a little while. I’m not very sure what the problem was as much as you didn’t really know the answers is. Well, true love hears what is not spoken, and understand what is not explained, for love doesn’t work in the mouth nor the mind, but in the heart.

Sometimes i even asked myself, what did i do to deserve all this? To think that i have everything else, I get what I want and give the best out of myself. Then i realized it was YOU, i can’t stay longer with you and too bad our love was meant to be for a while. I can’t blame you for not learning to love me more as much i can’t blame myself to just stay and giving more hope to you. I’ll keep searching for the right answers of my own as well whether to just take it a time off or just walk out from each other life and stay as friend or even start all over again.??..falling in love wasn’t so easy for me as much as falling out of love despite that I see things in every aspect which i consider it’s a best way for everyone in relationship.

Just wanna let you know that what happen between me and you was for real. It was real...The kiss, miss and love came from my sincere heart. I still and always remember the good times that we had and all the obstacles in relationship we been through together. As i said to you, if we happen come across each other life in the future that means we are meant for each other but if we are not let us take that as an experience in our life journey.

Things that i will miss about you are your Egoness, your Ignorance, the fighting, your miss communication with me, the anger look u gave me every time i did something stupid and most important ones is everything that lack in you...cos i love every single piece of you considering the bad and the good ones.

Good Luck for your future undertaking. I will pray and hope everything gonna be good for both of us. Take care my Moo Moo..T_T. You are such a great boyfriend to me. Keep in touch.



Linda Roos