Sunday, April 22, 2012

its about time.....

people change...feelings fade. lover drift...friends leave. friends become enemies....lovers become stranger. And i will be judged but u know what...Life definetely goes on! Eat that~

Sometimes i just chose to distance myself from people purposely just wanna know myself a lil bit more. in terms of my strength and weaknesses...its really good to hv our own time..take a step behing and look upon ourself in a mirror. appreciate the best moment of ourself simply by talking to ourself. maybe its sounds a lil bit psycho and wierd to do so..but trust me its a natural kind of healing part in oneself. besides going to the gym la....for girls..comfort yaself by going to spa for relaxation...u know celebrate ya own time its soooo damn awesome:)

Here comes an interesting part of my super bz week where rite now i gotta work my ass out a lil extra just to get more sales as our financial year will end this June. i consider myself to be focus for this 2months. but at the same time im working on my own kinda project wt wani, hafiz, ron and my dear Amal. insyallah it will run smoothly.

despite my bzness, i still have time to hv lunch wt my friend. well its 'by the way' kind of things....hee. so,we hadd our thurday lunch @ bangsar as i hv an appointment sumwhere thee rite after lunch. it was a quick catch up and everybody pon in da hurry. i settle da bill and ran off to te wash room after saying bye2 muahh muahhh smua la...

Sunddenly, as i walked to my car, someone approached me from behind by saying.... 'i think i macam kenal u'. The voice sounds so familiar to my ears. and turn around....Nausubillah....ya barakallah~ i'M stunted! Stunted for few seconds to looked at the soooo familiar face rite in front of me and with a lil girl holding his hand~ slowly i looked at that cute lil girl. and i said... 'cute nye'..and he replied...she's Jasmine...i looked at him saying that this lil girl is sooo cute. he pronounced, she's my daughter. DANG! out of sudden automtically my mouth responded..'ya...i can see that. she got ya eyes' (sambil usap2 herr soft hair)...

Thats basically the truth awkward  moment of me...there's no much feelings left inside me. i couldn't really discover what sort of feelings runs through me at that particular moment. How could i ever imagine to see someone that i used to fall in love with disappear out of my sight and life and then suddenly appeared out of sudden~ phewww~ After 2 years of moving on and always keep that spirit running thro me.....i built up my life love life with someone new~   Maybe that is why i feel really 'kosong'..empty feelings when i saw him and his daughter~

Seriously..i'm happy to see him going to another stage of life. I bet he is a good father now~ remember those days we both have those fairy tale promises..when i think back it is clichr and funny,thou. But yeah...mmg btul kata org....kite merancang tuhan menentukan. I actually have a chance to hold and dukung his daughter...she just adorable that i couldnt take my eyes on her. we actually update about things and such but in such hurry...all because i've appt to attend. And i end up the conversation by saying...'i gotta go..insyAllah we will catch up soon'....and he smile...he know me well and know my fav sentences...and he replied short, "that would be forever to catch u back~" ...(hahaha..he knows me well! damn! thats most probably my kinda words to just run away for situation..pfft~)

the end-

Monday, April 16, 2012

my heart speak...

Everybody have a beautiful heart but as we grow up we tend to experience things in life. Regardless the bad or good ones. I remember when i was a lil girl, i always talk to myself and wanted to be an adult. cos i'm always the who follow arwah abah and mama everywhere. See their life at work and attending big functions and such. I feel like i'm all grown up but actually iwas just 5 6 yrs old that time. hehe. that kinda feeling being an adult was all i wanted. But now....when i see the life of my niece, back from school, turn on tv to watch fav cartoon and sleep. As far as i remember i dont think i go thro that kinda phase of life... her life is pretty simple and well planned. Maybe cos i was too ambitious during her age...and now i end up saying to i wish to hv that kinda life again..feeling enjoy and doesn't think much bout life as a whole~

Snapp it!! its all done and good. Reality check~ im big girl now...Responsibility make me wake up every morning with eagerness to face the world. No matter how i plan my life to be...i know there will always be the best answer from God.

I really want to be sincere to the one i love but how? if my sincerity ni can make someone hurt...and i choose to just keep on denial. Where else at some part of time, the denial came to hurt me bit by bit...its sickening~ its really are....

This morning i talked to my sister on what i felt upon my life, career and the current relationship. Its been awhile we didn't have our bonding time..not that i remembered. i think back when i was in Uni, the time she just got married...our life pretty much bz as always as we all grown up in fast phase life...when she started to end her single life thats the time when i started to find some place to let the feelings and tots out. hmm..besides friends that i trust, blogging is the best platform.

Now i guess i'm back actively on blog. I know life is pretty hard and i couldn't find a place to let it out...just about to let it out to my sista, and she said i would help you on the relationship part..she think i need help on that..she just know me well.hee..i know i screwed up couples of it but still i know what im doing and its just so hard for me to explain to her and others....all she said is, every relationship always have hustles..if i can go thro it with patient InsyAllah wonderful things will happen without you noticed it. Tuhan tu Maha kaya and maha mengetahui..and she wants me to always think the beautiful and positives je so it will somehow attract myself towards it~ And so..i cried.........but i will definitely do what ever she said. Maybe its time for me to take that pieces of  her words to put in consideration~ InsyAllah... but still waiting for the best time to come...


Friday, April 13, 2012

my stress out pill~

ok..i've a lil guest with me on my post this time....hehe...he's the one who always shine my gloomy day after facing a hard time at work..usually he'll be around in my house when i got back. if i happen to be back late,hmm..guess i miss to see him...he actually my new born nephew~ hehe..

i dont really like if someone disturb me when i'm in front of my lappy doing my work..but this lil baby really caught my attention. and so...he is on my web cam!! yay!~...ehem...for the 1st time...guess ur lucky baby cios im in such a good mood rite now...else definitely u'll be my LUNCH! hahaha.

nak geget2* dia ni taw...gewammmmmm!!

confession pt 2

heartless? Ntah still searching for an answer somewhere within my heart. im always be the one yg sgt passionate in everything i do...naknak in terms of work. i love what i currenly doing..bertemu and bercakap about media. its all about selling my kinda ideas to my clients. tiap saat aku bersyukur atas jalan yg dikurniakan pada aku ni. cuma....maybe benda yg lama sgt aku tahan dlm hati ni akhirnya mula bersuara....and suara tu sendri at this one point diri aku sendri cant really control it. its like my alter ego take role out of myself....subahannAllah...i gotta put myelf in order blk..stay focus and starts planning back. the battle field out there is biiiggggg and yes.....its waiting for me to get back on my track. a slip of support and understanding is all ever wanted and true blessing from the almighty, and those important people in my kinda life is the one that make me wake up early  and move on every single moment.

aku ni tau jalan ke depan je...klo hati tu dh nekad nk buat sumthing, beyond someone expectation i can show that i can do it and make it done.maybe policy idup aku sendri yg sentiasa ingin mencuba kelaianan...perhaps, yg not melampaui batas la kan~ erti give up dlm idup aku x sampai semudah tu untuk aku putusin till la i can smells a lil sign saying...its enuff.well aku percaya apa yg dikejarin if tanpa usaha and berbekal kan doa dan tawakal maka sia2 la kerja kite tu. Alhamdulillah, sejak dari kecik mama and arwah abah provide me erti kehidupn and at the same time i learn it myself. plg2 aku ingat should be imbang...antaa duniawi and akhirat. seriously i still hold to that kinda believes to make me a  responsibility person. tiap langkah aku nk amik always the sign of two believe kluar and remind me that ape jua keputusan im bout to take it will lead to think beyond this temporary world~

so, if happen i mengadu what's beneath my heart to someone who i think practically understand me pretty well, at the end keputusan itu tetap atas pendirin aku sendri. maybe 2 3 of their words aku jdkan cahaya agar aku mendapatkan jawapan untuk myself. well, sedikit sebanyak ia boleh buat aku berfikir gak la secara straight and bukan ikutkan hati sgt kan.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

saat aku melihat aku..

ok..this post i think gonna be a lil bit funny nd confusing..well, now that everybody know that im officially on hijab for good, alhamdulillah. senang gak la hati to proeed wt life nowdays. yet...jauh di sudut hati im kind of miss to wear certain of my dresses, with colorful earings...and get lose of my long wavy hair....

seriously, i tend yo appreciate myself more,thou. slowly i learn and change to a better me. everytime kluar sure pakai tudung colorful..hehee..and actually make use of my recycle fancy scarf that i used to hang it on my neck all this while..ala2 cam style jepun2 la :) tp di saat aku blk and masuk bilik and open up my hijab, i can say..thats the moment when i actually appreciate the most of myself. u know.....when kite slowly bukak our hijab and untie kan sanggul..there goes my hair slowly unfold...and i look at myself in the mirror...This is me.....this is linda who people used to see...and now i reserve it for someone who i think deserve to see the real me :) hmm..there goes si linda ni...practically going out always berhijab nowdays...insyallah.hee *still learning*

Thursday, April 5, 2012

confession pt 1


I dont how should i begin this...crying? i did....thinking?..i always do.....maybe its time for me to berserah! after all its Him that i believes in. Kalaulah hati aku ni bley berkata2..dah lama dia tengking2 kat aku ni. Tp aku masih paksa ia bersabar. Sampai satu tahap, aku sendri dh tak tau dh nak buat pe. Slama ni aku tegar and cekal kan hati kalau pon diri aku ni di tomah, di perkecilkan and the worst is it came from someone that close to me. Setiap balas kata2 aku smua nyer salah..padahal niat aku tu ikhlas mau membantu and bagi solution terbaik la konon bisa buat dia happy. tp...lain plak jd nyer. slaloo solutions2 aku ni yg menarik but when it comes to him je.. aku rasa benda yg cam colorful turn to black, yg madu tu jd bisa...hmmmm. Ape aku tersilap kata ke? cara aku berbahas dgn dia salah ke? attitude aku melampaui batas? aku tak respect dia? byk sgt la persoalan yang aku nk tau jawapan je yg bley tolong kecuali dia sendri yg bley communicate dgn aku bg aku phm benda ape yg dia maksudkan tu. bagi dia, kalu bercommunicate ngan aku tu platform untuk bergadoh? cam tu sampai bile la i wouldn't learn...and so did him. Tegur menegur yg salah and baik tu kan asam garam dlm persahabatan mahupun relationship.hmm... Puas aku cari jawapan, sampai at one time aku rasa aku patut btulkan diri aku dulu and......i did. Tp dia sendri ckp yang dari dulu lagi communication between me and him x pernah btul. Tuhan je tau cam ne hati aku rasa time dipanah petir. Air mata dah bergenang but kena tahan sbb infront of me standing org yg aku sayang who is my family members...and aku x nak tunjuk dia yg dlm hati aku tengah sedey sgt. kite ada je masa untuk bertemu and make things better. tp saat tu non of us leverage whats lack between us. Bg aku..aku slaloo letakkan diri aku pada tahap selesa and bersyukur je la ape yg ada....kalau kelat suasana tu, aku telan...kalau manis aku tambah lagi manis. Its how i appreciate life as a whole.

Bile aku start pk blk sedalam-dalamnya, aku rasa org yang aku bersama skang ni tak sehappy like before. Ape aku ni datang dalam hidup dia sbb nk menyusahkan dia ke? Klo itu yang dia rasa, astagfirullahazim, aku dgn rela hati boley berundur. walaupon its a lil bit painful, well atleast i dont hold people that isn't satisfied wt me at all..nak2 org tu org yg kite sayang and always think of. Maybe ni jalan aku yang dah tertulis and perkenalan kite sampai tahap ni...wallahuallam~ Jujur aku ckp, kalau aku tu dh concern pasal org tu, every angle of his life i take note. Nampak je aku ni cam ting buat pe nk tunjukkan sgt kan. let it be around ourself and love to keep it exclusively to myself. Biarlah aku ilang kawan when the time aku tau ape aku nak and to be focus wt. Aku sanggup la berahsia demi nk menjaga hati dia but in the end my heart feels hurt. Nak cakap dunia aku berbeza ngan dunia dia x der la sgt...and aku bukan jenis org yg suka membeza2kan arr....aku more tu yg lebih menerima je. maybe tu cara aku sendri belajar mengenai kehidupan. After all, i welcome mistakes in my life cos mistakes somehow will grow us up.

Aku lihat life kwn2 aku senang je...beramah mesra with their other half..feels good with each other and most of all cara dorank bercommunicate. They speak in a same rhythm and lives in same melody. How i wish it to be upon myself. Sometimes i feel it, but slaloo nyer i rasa benda tu sorank2...sbb on the other part dia tak rasa ape aku rasa. meaning aku ni tepuk sebelah tangan ke? Tiap-tiap sujud aku aku berdoa agar dipermudahkan segala hal dalam hidup aku ini...nak2 dipermudahkan la jodoh aku supaya ia kekal ke akhir zaman. Doa and hajat x kan menjadi klo kite sendri x ada usaha..thats what mama told me. basically, its all need a wise person to start roll the ball and 1 follow. If one keep hiding how could the other person follow...end up the other person got stuck in confusion. Ntah la...even thou i sounded like i give up on things but seriously, how could i give up on thing which i started years ago?? i know myself very well, i wont give up easily, in fact i'm the one who always seek for solutions, benda yg x boley pon i'll try to make it boley. But at one point, when i see more likely the 'sign' from God, thats when i give up everything and i believes there will always be a better plan for me. InsyAllah~

phewww~ pray nothing but for me and him to have all bless in our life.....aish~ pada saat aku runsing pon aku masih ada ruang tu pk pasal dia....sian dia....~

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

sakit itu penghapus dosa2 kecil?

hmm..i dont really remembered who told me last time which if kite jatuh sakit somehow God is merely clear our small sins..well..i hope so:) ever since i came back fro  umrah i've this non-stop coughing. yesterday morning my nose bleed. and last nite coughing really bad till i couldn't sleep. My chest was a lil bit in pain and somehow buat otak aku pusing :(

batuk..batukk..batukk..and at the end i ran to toilet nk keluarkan all my fleming at the end My gOsh!! batuk berdarah???aww nooo...this is no a good sign.....i dont dare to tell my mom in da middle of the nite...i called my other half, he didnt pick up my calls. Then, i survive myself. Maybe my bad to make my bf angry last nite till i felt i've no one to tell this kinda story of me...served u rite, linda cracko! hee...

So, i met my Fav Doctor, Dr. Amy. Woww! she hv her own clinic now somewhere near PJ. yay! near my house..x yah susah2 gi KPJ Damansara. She kind of surprised wt my new personality..ehem~ told her i just got back from Umrah....and stuck with this bleeding2 decease. hehe...she said it was normal to blk from tanah arab i got this flu and soar throat..but in mycase....hmm.....slightly not normal cos i cough and package ngan ketulan darah. told her i cant sleep last nite cos of headache really got me wide awake and a bit koo koo last nite. haha....hope everything is alrite cos she gave me this one drowsyyyy injection to control my chest pain and took my spesmen darah..kot2 mana la tau dia  ckp kena lung infection plak dah kan...aish~ SubahannAllah..mtk di jauhkan la~

Monday, April 2, 2012


Umm...i donno whats wrong with me...since got back from Arab, i lost my voice always running nose and coughing. Last nite out of sudden i cough like hell... really had a bad one while i was asleep..i woke up to go to woilet and throw all the Fleming...and there was a blood kluar from my last cough. i got worried. And few minutes ago my nose bleed.......

i went to KPD specialist but My Doctor was on leave today. so, i just went out and meet my client....what ever happen to me, i gotta berserah. God, pls..gimme in a good health cos i've lots of love to give in this world... :(  

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Love and Responsibility *pt4* - The Returns

Jemaah yang lain smua dah gerak ke Madinah peacefully. Bagus la least we dont hold them back cos of our mistakes kan.. Mama even talked to Ustaz to proceed with others and she will take responsibility to end our Umrah journey to Madinah. Just wait for Kak odah to get back or dapat cari dia later after Asar. We been given a room to stay for awhile kat hotel tu and pray for Asar. I was crying through out my prayer and on my last sujud i actually panjangkan doa for me to have believes back and gain my strength plus tegar atas ape yg berlaku and ditetapkan oleh-Nya. Sundenly....mama phone rang. It was fezal who stayed downstairs at the Hotel Lobby while mama and i kat bilik solat Asar. He said Kak Odah dah balik~

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahiwabarak'atu~ and i end my Asar prayer. Mama ran to me and hugged me telling Kak Odah is here..she's coming prayed been materialized~ syukran Al-Jaziran...whee....sumpah! rasa released sgt and tunduk pada Kekuasaan Allah SWT!! seriously....i do....all worried gone and we are really glad kak odah is back safely.

So, lessons learned.We should not take things for granted. We should have a sense of appreciation . Remember, everything is life is temporary. So if things is going good, Alhadulillah and we should enjoy it as it wont last forever. And if things down't goes well, not to worry,thou,. It wont last forever either. Tuhan tu kan Maha Kaya lagi Maha Mengetahui. Tanamkanlah chenta di hati kerana Dia cos at the end its only Him can help us go through it.

Sayanglah org yg kite btul2 care about seadanya even thou they treat us like shitz!Cos in the future we never knows if that kinda person gone 1st than us at least we never feel regrets cos we have make the best out of our time given and life wt them. Been there and i'm still doing it at this kinda lifetime given to me............... Alhamdulillah~


heee....the loving & Ting Tong purdah girl

Love and Responsibility *pt3* - The Conflicts

We actually have to end our Tawaf and hurry to the hotel as the bus to Madinah was waiting for us. We need to do it really fast cos its one of The Rukun Umrah whereby all jemaah after did their final tawaf need to be out from Tanah haram(Mekkah) soon or else our Umrah is Void plus kena Dam plak kan. Nausubillah~ this is totally dugaan...we gotta think wisely in proceed with Rukun Umrah or we sendri kena pk wisely as a Khalifah in this world. I sebut Khalifah cos we are the most perfect invention kurniaan Tuhan with brains ye!~ Astagfirullahazim~ Tuhan je la tau what beneath my feelings towards this kinda situation. Trus ada penyesalan skit cos all this while this old lady always wt me..behind me holding my telekong doing our tawaf together but at the last day could i possibly let her go wt mama kan. arghhhh...*jiwa kacau* :(

Each one of us facing a true conflict whereby we as jemaah pegang with the Rukun. Fezal was at the bus already waiting for us three. Mama actually called him up, saying that Kak Odah went missing. And all he aswered was just want us back at the hotel. Aiyoo....and mama actually followed what he said. Mama told me that we should just go back to the hotel as the bus and others are waiting for us. Nooo mama nooooo...plss....dont leave that old lady all alone. and i cried............................ T_T

Sumpah i dont really understand at that particular moment. No i dont! I know is one of the Umrah nyer Rukun for us to follow and get our Umrah Makbulah!but at the same time as i think positively, Islam x pernah mengajar kite to be Jahil and angkuh to other human being..nak nak to our own relatives. People that close to us kan. I'm stucked between love and Responsibility~ Nausubillah..Buntu aku di buat nyer. Sebab aku ni mmg dilahirkan degil, i always want what i want...and i told mama that i'm going inside back to Baitullah(kaabah) to seek for kak odah. Pls mama pls...let me go in firasat said Kak Odah is now searching for us. She is so naive, all this while i'm always with her and i know how gelabah she will be without us. She not nuts about this kinda place and she's not a kinda person who can communicate with others....i know her mama ever since we got here...pls....pls.....and so i cried my lung out begging mama to let me go in Baitullah once again. and so we both end up crying infront of masjidil Haram....ternyata mama bought my drama~ ;) and tak sangka sbb degil aku la bring goods to others~ ahaks!

On the other hand, Fezal was waiting for me and mama to get back to Hotel. Mama proceed to hotel without me and meet ustaz and fezal. To my surprised, Fezal actually told mama to bring me back to hotel and leave kak Odah there and expected for our tour agent to look for her. OMG!!! what were he thinking?? u wanna let a person that grow u up just like that. Aww come~ Ur not thinking wisely and straight enuff my dear bro...the lady that we were talking about here is Kak Odah. She's so naive,bro! how could u just wanna let somebody yg x kenal dia to look after her. I know we all in such a messed but in every situation u gotta put ya mind 1st then emotions. Smua pon nak dapat Umrah yg pernah kite ketepikan kebajikan kite sebagai Khalifah di dunia ni. To think back, This kinda dugaan is the perfect answer for us all. I gotta think beyond the imperfections. Whereby we take things really lightly about our loves one. Like My bro, ever since we got there, he only did tawaf with Us once on our 1st day...its not about how independent we are over there is how much we care about others, though. Mmg betul kite kat sana buat amalan sendiri2 smua, but if we take a lil care on our surrounding and people who on our right and left, everything will come into a nice piece of amalan and kebajikan~

so, i keep searching all over the place in Masjidil Haram yg Besarrrrr sgt tu and on Baitullah Area packed with people~  till fezal came down to help me at last.........and after usaha dah terlaksana...we gave up and tawakal...berserah je la~ :(

We give up in searching for Kak Odah after crowd getting more during Asar Prayer~

Love and Responsibility *pt2* - Missing

My Dear kak Odah finally owns a smile in Mekkah~                                         

Kak Odah went missing on our Final Tawaf!!!!! how could it possibly is the truth story and nothing but the truth. All this while went we were there in Mekkah, I'm the one who always been with her..everywhere i go she wanna follow me. If i x gi masjid solat pon dia pon x gi..oppss ..kantoi i x gi masjid solat kan...hehe. but what to do, she not been exposed this kinda situation before...with massive crowd from over the world, talking totally different languages. Really chaotics!~ Even though sometimes i felt she being a lil childish, smua la nak ikut i sampai i acually feeling uncomfortable at all time...but yeah to think back..i gotta psycho myself and stay positives at all time..she an old lady and she needs attention as what i needed before when i was a lil kid,thou. Eat That, Linda! so, i treat her good till she became dependable on me~

she went missing on our 2nd last round of tawaf. u know, tawaf should be completed up till 7th round. All of the round she was rite beside Mama and i was quite in front from them both but my eyes are always on them. I noticed Kak Odah wasn't near Mama and i slowdown my walked...i asked mama where was Kak Odah. Mama gave me signal a bit in front of her. But suddenly she made quite a fast turn towards Hajarul Haswad, a stone from heaven which been placed near at the corner before Pintu Kaabah. Mama and I was a lil bit shocked! she wouldn't do such thing without telling us. U know, mama even dont want me to go near Hajarul haswat again cos of pack with people who is so aggressively wanna kiss that stoine.  And now Kak Odah wanna try her luck. I'm like Hellooooo.....why dont you think of your condition la..ur old and lack of energy to force yaself towards all the Big2 arabs Men!! What mama asked me to do is to end my tawaf for another final round and meet her infornt of Pintu Kaabah. I did what i've been told.

After i'm done i waited for mama and kak odah at the place where mama told me to. Sad thing is went i saw mama, she came towards me without Kak odah~ T_T *clueless look*

Love and Responsibility *pt1* - The characters

SubahannAllah! the Most valuable thing in one person is LOVE. And Alhamdulillah i gotta said that me, myself and I are fulled with loves yet to gives. I think hati ini senang sangat tersentuh when it comes to someone who close to me, especially my family, love ones and close friends.Everybody feels that aite? Benda salah sikit je pun, but obviously we tend to take it way tooooo personal. hee...thats a truly human behavior and here i would like to share my kinda story based on my experienced recently back on my Umrah trip....

Basically, I'd been an observer through out the trip. I love travelling so much cos it will somehow open my mind to think beyond the other part of world and geting to know more about human behaviors~ On this trip, not the whole family went. Its just me, My brother, Mama and the old lady that worked with us for more than 30yrs, Kak Odah(she's our Kakak rumah).hehe. I remembered my other siblings pesanan whereby we should take care among each other. And my sista personally came to me and said she was a bit worried about kak Odah. She begging me to put an eyes on that old lady since this is her 1st time going far out of Malaysia. You see guys, cos of the bond between us all with Kak Odah been there for quite sumtimes...she the one who take care of us 5 Beradiks, mandikan, susukan, masakkan for us and seeing us grew up while our parent those days was totally bz with works and finding Money. She actually know us very well cos she is my mom and dad rite hand person in handling their super crazy and hilarious kids...well...who end up jadi manusia gak semua..and successful in whatever we are perusing in.ahaks~

30 Magnificent Years servicing our kinda family and never failed to do it. In fact we are so proud to have her in our family...i mean we actually welcome her as our elderly. That's AWESOME!And for that, Mama invited her to follow us to Umrah. I know deep down inside her she wanna go there someday..we been talking about it for the past few years but masing2 pon bz semacam with study, career and works..and now its about time when everything pon perfectly stable at the moment, nak look after her for 2 weeks ape la sgt kan for us~ eceyh~ huhu

Everything went very well at 1st. we doing it all good in every of our amalan then. We Focused and at the same time learn to accept our new surrounding. somehow we get adapted wt it. But for Kak Odah, its a whole new things seeing lotsa people and such hectic surrounding. Ye tu duduk umah je all this while, bersihkan umah, jaga umah and jaga all the kuntuts.( my sis's children). Rite at the end of our day in Mekkah...jeng jeng cames the drama part of our trip....and Kak Odah was actually the Main Character ..hahaha. On top of everything, I actually got to know more about my brother, Mama and Kak Odah. Segala nyer Tuhan yang Maha Mengetahui and Tuhan nak tunjuk at that particular moment revealed who is truly us indeed. MasyAllah~ i cried like mad...i donno where should i turn to knowing that on this trip I'm always be the voice of minority..u know la, being adik and i'm a girl plak tu...smua nyer dgr ckp my brother.aish~

Before we proceed with our Final Tawaf, Tawaf Wida and saying goodbye to Mekkah