Friday, November 13, 2009

The carefreequeen=)

Heyoooo peopleee.....well..this is it! Finally i get a platform to enter a competition where i can submit my very own Video Clip:) This vedio was done 3 yrs ago...and Never Ever been published on youtube or any media based....As a team, all members agreed not to published or to spread around but yeah..guess its about time we should enter competition. I know its kind of lousy video...but atleast we tried to came out with such a conceptual music video...better than the original video;) ....i think so la...haha

So, here i'm sooooOOo soOooo please if u guys out there think that our video deserve to win, do vote by clicking the below image...and i know u can see the navigation called 'UNDILAH SAYA'..hurry!! just one click and BoOommm....God Bless you FOREVER!:) heee...

and good luck fopr others...u guys been so great and confident bout yourself...thats why we are in this competition..:)


  1. i've watched your video. very2 nice. when we can noe the winner?

  2. yea haha. saw your clip in the ad. i was like 'woah' :)

    tonnes of luck for you~ :)

  3. hehe..thanks girls:) the result will be out end of this month i guess...cos the votes its open up till 30th Nov. so hurry...and remember that..i'll love youuu..Much thanks:)