Sunday, October 28, 2012

This is My Story on 27 Oct ~

A year ago i was so excited in getting through the date of 27 October. WHY??Ooouu....thats kinda of hurry to tell it out the story at the beginning...come on~ i love thrill..lets get down into it. huhu.. just let me run thro the whole classic and awesome drama that happen a year ago then i will jump into the real and updated one at this particular date. hee...

27 Oct is the date of by BF born in~ Yes he is a Scorpio Man^_^ Dark, moody at times, real and...infinitely sexy to my eyes. *.*~ while myself much more into the bubbly type and love making surprise to people...ehem! like surprising the Scorpio Man?? aww! come on... for me there's no distriction not to do so.. haha. So, i planned a good surprise for him...and that was the 1st time we actually celebrating it together...and hell yeah..we also in da middle to know each other more closer..i terms of emotion and stuffs. LoL.I planned with his housemate where from out of nowhere i did't event talk that much with him when ever me and boyfie hang round together. oh ya...NOT TALK AT ALL...but this time i really need his help ...cos he is my main character for the whole surprise drama. haha

My plan was to go to his rent house .. sneak in inside while he and his housemate go out. But how am i supposed to go in there without a key?? ^_^...(harapan berkecai tp mmg i'm the one who plan and always try to make it matter what!)huhu...*gosh* i sounded so demanding.. ;p forward da plan went perfectly smooth...well planned all together.. i can said..and i gotta say much thanks to his housemate who did pretty amazing job! bravo! i mean we both boyfie for seriously SURPRISED!!lol...

One lesson learned....and been stressed out...HE DOESN'T like SURPRISES at ALL! gosh!!!how could i ever forget that moment...His Stunted to see me in his rent house with all the food and cakes all ready for there was special birthday song been tuned on at the moment he entered his house~ lol... ( i know deep inside me...he gonna be mad at me cos i tend to go over his expectation ^_^) oopppssiee...its just me~ Love to surprise and make people feel that he/she living in such a wonderful world...ok!cut the crap~:p He were so surprised and thankful to made him felt amazed...for a second.ahaks! *STRIKE*  and a min after he pronounced....'next time, tak yah surprise2 dah..i x biasa benda2 ni smua'...aww~~ >_<'

 this was taken a year go~~ aww!

And guess what i did this year...OBVIOUSLY NO SURPRISES la fact asked him...what did u want for ya birthday? huhu...keep it simple and direct je..(so not me..but i get used to it soon or later  ...The one that i know lately he much more into CATS...ngioww~ SO, i got the point! BINGO....u want kitty ke ^_^ *sambil buat muke hello kitty* haha...

He gave me the picture the one he finds on really the mudah ok...cos pretty easy to get cats online...i tried after he encouraged me to...and at last aku yg pagi,petang siang malam dok layan lol..

Tadaaaaa~~ this is his Al-kuntut present Robyn Chan.. ^_^ ngioww~
doesn't this lil tiny kitty looks so Lovely..yes! its a SHE yaww~ *wink*

i got this lil Robyn 2 weeks before his i got to keep this kitty for 2 weeks...BEST nyerrr!!! kwn la ngan abg zorro kun~ lol...
look at lovely those kitty and my super gundut zorro...they get together pretty well,thou~  missing the kuntuts Robyn la plak... *tibe2* ^_^..benda dah selamat kat tgn abg Mal la kan~~

My Mission to so called surprised tak kesampaian...but i got him pretty much impressed kot with this.....on the nite of his saje la lewat kan 5mins after 12am~~ 

Happy Birthday Abg Mal..ayang....~ Love u and my pray will always be with you for ya success. Moga di panjangkan umur and murahkan Rezeki.aminnn~ ^_^ 
surpriseeeeeeee~ lol. mungkin x surprise sgt...but ..ehem* effort tu ada la kan... (budget nk berangan2 dlm bilik try and error tied up my so called turban..end up got this tiny lil idea...*catchy* might be small to someone..but i guess if it to someone special its such HUGEE effort! ^_^..heee)


Sunday, October 21, 2012

what i think about "Expectation"~

Expectation plays a large role in achievement. If a person or organization has a goal, they have the expectation to reach this goal. In doing so they have the ability not only of reaching the goal but to exceed it. It can also be a lot of fun.
Expectation sort of goes hand in hand with the power of positive thinking and guided imagery in terms of achievement or successful outcomes. If I don't believe in what I am doing, or have a strong sense that I am on the right track or path, why in the world would I be involved in something that I feel isn't going to work out? If I have done my homework and all signs point toward success, then I must be highly invested in what I am doing with a more than positive sense and an expectation that it will work out. 

Toward my achievement in anything I do, I always surround myself with people who buy into my vision, or dream, or project, whatever it is so that the energy is high, the desire to succeed is high, the effort to make it work is there, and there is a total buy in. There will always be obstacle and unforeseen problems that occur, but how I deal with will determine the outcome. Sometimes you have to shift gears or switch directions but worst comes to worst i have to go with the flow. Life is organic, flexibility counts for a lot. Probably, I will not meet our objective sometimes? Of course. But every challenge or disappointment is an opportunity for something new.

I always expect a satisfying job content, good working environment, nice colleagues, attractive pay and perks, some amount of authority and independence, avenues to grow even higher up are common contentions.

"What the most I actually expect are satisfying job content, good working environment, nice colleagues, attractive pay and perks, some amount of authority and independence, avenues to grow higher up are the common contentions. " (ok!! people get it Linda...jgn nk repeat byk kali la kan....) lol~

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hospitalized again???

(ini adalah adegan doeng si linda ting t0ng)

hey hey~~ u know can tell a thounsand words. So, guys dont la been fool by those pictures. Not me who been hospitalize..but actually my mom. Those picture was taken while my mom went for an X-Ray and happen that i'm the one who look after her that day..alone plak tu...kinda bored and mind flew back to 4 yrs ago where i was hospitalized for almost 1month....haa...x puas lg ke linda oiiii~~ lol

To be mom been admitted once again as doctor detected a stone in her hempedu kot...somewhre near ulu hati. She been complaining have a serious gastric few days before she been told that she gotta go thro another surgery. Woooo....How SERIUS?? jeng jeng is the story..i fast forward a lil mom went thro a minor operation 2 yrs ago rite after Hari Raya chup! its during raya time..3rd day of our Raya dah kena admit just to buang the stone..and now after 2 yrs..tadaaa....the stone is BACK!! stonecold betul la batu nii!! time around doctor advised to just take out her HEMPEDU...cos hempedu la tempat jd nyer the stone. ok...i dont really take biology and i dont know what gonna happen if one doesn't have HEMPEDU...kuang3x~

ok rite 11.30pm my mama just out from the OPERATION THEATER!~and the nurse said mama will sadar balik as usual after 6 hours cam tu....Ya Allah~ there is no one i could mohon to for my mom to be well back again and get active as she always did. Moga2 mama cepat sembuh..and our prays are all for u  my dearest mama. We have lotsa plans to materialize...~

Thanks for all the warm wishes to my mom...friends, clients a nd followers on FB, Twitter and Instagram~ ahaks..thanks..u guys roxs!!Doa kalian smua amat dihargai kami seisi keluarga :)

peace! xx


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moment of Notorious Joy~ ;)

Today is my youngest brother convocation~  and today jugak la i can see from my mom eyes released of happiness. Alhamdullillah...all 5 of her children now dah pon selesai di menara gading..ahaks! I went down with my mom just to accompany her and witness my adik receiving his degree scroll. ye la...time i was back in my Uni years..even thou satu Uni, i seldom catch up with my bro. sometimes he buzzed me for help with his assignment ..yeah as i remembered la...we help each other.. he help being my model for my kinda assignments and so did Senang sbb we know what each other doing...time flies really fast, i dont even remember my time receiving the sad~ that  moment i was literally high on medication..u know i end up my study years not as appropriate as everybody just MADNESS ill but apa-apa pon i'm truly blessed to see smua anak2 mama dah berjaya and alhamdulillah everybody are all employed..erk....except for me...SELF employed for now la~

Despite that my brother nyer convo, i took advantage to meet all my lecturers that used to teach , spend time and work together with me those days. aww~ seriusly i missed those days...(cuba gak nk ingat ape2 memory yg ada dlm pale hotak aku ni) haha.. Back in my Uni days...i can say im quite close to most of the lecturers...cos i'm always be the one who have so many reasons not attending classes ^_^' ...once i remembered ..siap soh lecturer cover for me while i'm away for cheerleading competition to UK, London! and i gotta buy her a handbag from mark&Spencer.

I came across this one old guy..he looks familiar to me..and he keep on usha-ing me atas bwh. From his look i know that he knew me but he couldn't exactly recall my name. then i ran to my brother, asking him who is that guy sitting by the pillar...then trus my bro sound.." that's NORMAN..dia lecturer gatal tu" !! ceyhh!! No wonderr~~ now i remembered..he was my audio lecturer. and he actually made an announcement last time which practically memalu kan aku ni...i mean could i forgot about that. The time when i was performing for battle of the band and he was one of the judges. He said so proudly.."i'm her FAV cheerleader fan'!WTH! i'm on BOTB not cheer comp...~ so guess what...i just 'buat bodo' with him while others.. i'm so happily catch up with. huhu.

This one of my fav lecturer..En. Ramlan..hmmm....he's soooo creative and he's the one i always hang out with those days. Bercerita tentang CITA-CITA and hangan2  while at that particular time i'm in the middle of  preparing my major submission.(actually mtk his bantuan gaks) haha.. from far he eyeing me and called me..."i know u....." and i was like..."yeah..en. Ramlan...Saya la Linda..." and he spelled out the "roos' together with me. Yup..Linda Roos, thats me;) and so..the catching up session begin...he asked for my name card and num smua but i dont bring any :( the last thing i know..he will check me on MMU-FCM alumni ~ good luck in finding me there :p haha

Rite after My lil bro receiving his scroll!! CONGRATS!!!
this is the man who taught me see and give me the sense of appreciation in m being behind the camera person. Thanks you Che MAt, photography lecturer! all the words and wisdom is still fresh on my mind. I see great things thro my eyes of soul in capturing moments/. 

bkn main meriah lagi adik aku ni.....puas la tu dpt picture yang dia la nk kluarkan invoice hasil keja aku ni~ ahaks!

my ex-TV9 colleague who happen to be at MMU CONVO2012 cos his brother also together in the same course as my bro. what a small world~

My CBN Junior and MMU junior taking the same course as me- MEDIA INNOVATION. *awesome*..guess what she's a friend of my lil bro and yeah she is the one who helping me with my3L graphic on Print Media! Bravo!!!

Moment : Mama & Fairoos...ok..this is kinda cliche cos it looks like ala2 wedding portrait. teeettttttt~ haha

CONGRATS to ALL JUNIORS!!! and GOOD LUCK for ya future undertaking ;)

*peace: xoxo

A sweet escape~

A week ago at this hour i was enjoying my time alone at Hot Spring Felda, Sungkai PErak  . A quick gateway back to truly nature and the most greens was what i really wanted after a tiring and mentally abused with work loads. ahaks! ALhamdulillah...i've my own time in appreciate every moment of me and nature...eceyh! i donno la why but when my head is FULL with o many things to handle and to think about...guess what...i just need to go out from the city or a place that i always stuck in..take 2 3 days out alone..going to a new place...meeting new people and yeah...its just PERFECT for my mind and my soul!

All been set  earlier on and i've no worries to drive there. lagi pon myself love a long distance driving cos while driving there are a lot of things i can literally think in more deep about that particular problems. huhu...ckp cam byk sgt masalah in me kan. lol.  Basically i did a lot of things out of my time alone...sampai people kat perkampungan felda tu tanya la ..'awak tak bosan ke sesorang?' (sambil tgk me with their pity face cam ala2 aku ni x der kwn langsung la kan) ahaha... i've 1 solid answer that make up a thousand reasons...haha. To be truth, my life x kira la work life ke ape..its all about meeting people. I donno la about others who is happen in the same line of working, but i do appreciate moment of myself (knowing that i aint got my own family to build yet, yes traveling alone is always be in my 'THINGS TO DO BEFORE I'M MARRY' hehe... 

So, ape je aku buat selama 3 hari 2 malam?? well, i got all schedules perfectly..i did my own morning Run, cycling, explore kampung felda by cycling, gi pekan beli makanan kampung,,to be specific makan NASI KUKUS KAMPUNG ye. awesome! oh yes...if gi Hot Spring and tak gi its main attraction mmg RUGI la....they have KOLAM AIR PANAS (ori) and AIR SEJUK from the mount! but i spend most of my time reading sambil rendam dlm kolam air panas... i tot i wanna try the private jakuzzi but hell no cos i'm going there alone and the private jakuzzi is way to scary sbb the place is kat ceruk villa yang mmg x de org lansung during weekdays..huhu. so tgk je la my mind and soul dah di fresh kan dengan keindahan desa. Eceyh~ lol
i pass by all the greens a long the way to this kinda peaceful place! ahaks~ *awesome*

Buat kacau kat kampung org~ ....*evil moment*

Basikal yang berbakti to myself for 3days....huhu. Segala pelusuk la i actually explore~