Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A sweet escape~

A week ago at this hour i was enjoying my time alone at Hot Spring Felda, Sungkai PErak  . A quick gateway back to truly nature and the most greens was what i really wanted after a tiring and mentally abused with work loads. ahaks! ALhamdulillah...i've my own time in appreciate every moment of me and nature...eceyh! i donno la why but when my head is FULL with o many things to handle and to think about...guess what...i just need to go out from the city or a place that i always stuck in..take 2 3 days out alone..going to a new place...meeting new people and yeah...its just PERFECT for my eyes..my mind and my soul!

All been set  earlier on and i've no worries to drive there. lagi pon myself love a long distance driving cos while driving there are a lot of things i can literally think in more deep about that particular problems. huhu...ckp cam byk sgt masalah in me kan. lol.  Basically i did a lot of things out of my time alone...sampai people kat perkampungan felda tu tanya la ..'awak tak bosan ke sesorang?' (sambil tgk me with their pity face cam ala2 aku ni x der kwn langsung la kan) ahaha... i've 1 solid answer that make up a thousand reasons...haha. To be truth, my life x kira la work life ke ape..its all about meeting people. I donno la about others who is happen in the same line of working, but i do appreciate moment of myself (knowing that i aint got my own family to build yet, yes traveling alone is always be in my 'THINGS TO DO BEFORE I'M MARRY' hehe... 

So, ape je aku buat selama 3 hari 2 malam?? well, i got all schedules perfectly..i did my own morning Run, cycling, explore kampung felda by cycling, gi pekan beli makanan kampung,,to be specific makan NASI KUKUS KAMPUNG ye. awesome! oh yes...if gi Hot Spring and tak gi its main attraction mmg RUGI la....they have KOLAM AIR PANAS (ori) and AIR SEJUK from the mount! but i spend most of my time reading sambil rendam dlm kolam air panas... i tot i wanna try the private jakuzzi but hell no cos i'm going there alone and the private jakuzzi is way to scary sbb the place is kat ceruk villa yang mmg x de org lansung during weekdays..huhu. so tgk je la my mind and soul dah di fresh kan dengan keindahan desa. Eceyh~ lol
i pass by all the greens a long the way to this kinda peaceful place! ahaks~ *awesome*

Buat kacau kat kampung org~ ....*evil moment*

Basikal yang berbakti to myself for 3days....huhu. Segala pelusuk la i actually explore~

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