Saturday, July 30, 2011

the proud 26th lionist! RoaaRR!~

I honestly didn’t think much about my birthday this year, really. I was just trying to direct my positive energy into demanding birthday celebration with my family instead. I must say that’s a pretty tall order, the fact that I was never had a chance to celebrate my birthdays with close friends and bf at the same time before, but because either i was single or i just faced a broken heart again and again which it always happen rite before my birthday..hmm...I just had to “suck that up”!

I just turned 26. The creative Lionist me, is really not big on birthdays. In fact, I went for a short gateway with Mom before just to get rid with my personal problems, where i guess its just hard for people to know and for me to figure it out. I believed my mom knows what I've been facing lately, so I asked her for me to tag along wt her on her business trip to Pakistan.

During that time, I kept away talking much with people...not to my friends or my lovely bf. I think i just need to spend my time alone..rethink bout what i've missed and how to over come strange feelings which i'm having in me lately..Alhamdulillah, 3 days away from my country and found a lil peace in me. And that lil peace have change me to more wiser 26 years old Linda. I did texting my dearest ever friend,Dura, as i'm looking forward to attend Ica babyshower. At the same time, she mentioned would like to celebrate my birthday as well and bear Von Bonyage! I find it pretty cool and glad to come back home wt something awaits me.

Back from Pakistan/India dura told me to bring My lovely bf to the dinner in celebrating my birthday.hmm....even thou its really hard for me as i know the reaction of my bf, glad that i did it and smoothly hide that such feeling i had without anyone can sense it... I was stunned. It was such a well-organised, least-expected birthday surprise! (Although what i'm looking at is meet up wt my fwens that i grew up together with..oh! it was truly fun!!!)

I was and still happy when ever i think of all that i've been thro wt all of them...

Thank you dura, shaqila, ica, and all! I’m so lucky to have great friends like you all. Not forgetting my dearest Amal...thx for being there. :) God bless u all with successful stories;)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Another 19 days to go to my 26th birthday!!! pheww! what a year......

Other things which would be nice: a Thomas Sabo Charm bracelet; a rhinestone bra from la senza(shimmering ta-tas, ahoy!); my all time favorite gadget Ipad2; a night in with fairy lights & kisses; lots of cute colourful knickers; Regan from MAC Flatiron to be my personal make-up artist; good black ink pens; a beautiful apartment somewhere far from the city and over view of beautiful ocean; a fabulous birthday party with my friends or a romantic dine wt my lovely munchkin; peace on earth! Wink wink ;)

P.S. Here’s my wishlist from last last last year!


Linda Roos