Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just a thought of what happen on Love, Marriage and happily ever after~

What is to become of the institution of marriage? One goal is to have love, unfettered by the cold bonds of law. but another goal is to have family units into which the young can snuggle and from which they will take values, hopefully of the kind that will strengthen both the family and the state.

 It is really funny to think back I once adore the sincerity and tenderness of both this one loving couple. I witness his and her maturity of relationship till they tied a not 2 years ago. And between that 2 years of their happy marriage life, develop envy heart towards them. I mean the girl must be really lucky to actually hold the WIFE status at the young age of 26 yrs old. Well, once I was wish to settle down by that kinda age..but we as human just can rely on plans and of course the good planner for oneself is always be the Almighty~

The part I don’t really understand is how could a marriage come to an end if both at 1st agreed to get married and stay forever for the rest of their life? How could it possibly be? SubahannAllah~ when I think back all the beautiful memories it’s all done and past. How could a heart that been structured slowly towards a happy marriage life somehow collapse half way? Who gonna answer this? The person who actually face it or the people that close to them?hmmm….reality nyer, many people said that marriage is like another risk in life~ if we know how to handle things and deal with whatever come across in our life, insyAllah, with Gods will we entitle to owns the ‘happy ever after’ terms. Perhaps, it is more than happy ever after in normal Disney movies.

I’ve been thinking lately on the person that close to me, he actually facing some adults problem I can say. U know to compare me with him even thou we like 1 year different, but in reality he has jump to another stage of life. Which is MARRIAGE. I remembered on his wedding day, we once grabbed my hand and talked to me secretly saying..”my time has come..and I hope u’ll be the next one. Soon, perhaps”. How could I forget that moment…he who I used to quarrel from our childhood yrs, fight through some stupid things and envy each other in certain ways and now he officially a husband to someone. We actually matured with times.  And now…….along the way towards the happy vow made 2 yrs ago, it seems that jodoh telah tertulis buat mereka berdua~ Betul kata orang, Jodoh dan Takdir sesorang tu telah tertulis. Kalau Tuhan cakap jadi, maka it will happen. And destiny menentukan how strong we face it.

How well the husband trying to fix things out but if the wife literally stated that she is stuck with ‘the walkaway wife syndrome’ seriously I can say it is just waste of the Husband time. Cos if one party is putting so much effort while the other party just wanna give up and let go, everything will slowly collapse and comes to an end. Although divorce offers the illusion of happiness to people of all ages, races and personality types, there is one group that particularly liable to the sounds of divorce siren. It’s always be the WOMEN! Whats going on here?? Why are so many women throwing in the towel?

Woman are the one who are doing a daily temperature check. You know what I mean..even thou I didn’t happen to experience marriage life yet, but I adapt and learn from my elderly and surrounding. They always question themselves which I think guys sometimes couldn't tolerate with it.  Question normally always run thro married woman is “Are we spending enough time together?” and if the answer to that kinda question is “yes”, life goes on~ Often, instead of recognizing their wives needs, men simply feel as though they are being nagged and withdraw, emotionally and sometimes physically.  

Well, this is only my assumption on the person that I’ve yet trying to be close to, who is my sis in law. I think most probably bring her to an ultimate decision of being divorce was probably she keeps complaining about what ever matters her so much. How could the beauty of marriage life coming to her if the aura that circulated her is negatives. Of course, once the negative vibe running thro yaself and soon it will take over the positiveness of oneself… the answer will always be “GIVE UP”! and perhaps with the statement saying “ I went thro everything, divorce had got to be better conclusion of all this remedies”!! ~ huh!

SubahannAllah…doesn’t u know or learn basic things about Islam..(ni la nk jd ustazah ni..) heee…penceraian tu bkn kah sesuatu yg dibenci Allah.Mana x nyer…mendirikan sebuah Masjid tu kan indah, and now as simple and easy u demolish it. Tak smua org dpt peluang nk mendirikan MAsjid semudah tu, I don’t understand y is it so hard tuk ada a piece of rasa bersyukur~ yang zahir nyer terang2 we as women knows that by getting married, seorang suami tu adalah tiket bagi seorang isteri ke syurga. Tak ke indah…and seriously, InsyALlah if I’ve a chance to hv a husband rite now, the more focus I will do is to be obey and with full respect towards him to lead me to slowly bersiap sedia dunia lain and at the same time enjoy the beauty what we hold in this world. For me, I’ve seen…I’ve learned so many things in my life by my own experiences and if I were to tell everyone perhaps my kinda stories doesn’t have any values to others instead is always be a golden values to one selves.

I’m convinced if more women knew the truth about divorce, they might not be so quick to dismiss their husband’s offers to become better people and partners. They might actually stick around long enough to find out that their husbands really mean what they say about changing~ 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

a day being princess of Sahara

firstly, i would personally wanna say thank you to GetGorgeous boutique for sponsoring my outfit for SJ Securities Launch at Holiday Villa,Subang Jaya. ok wait a min....why da hell i got sponsored? actually the emcee for the launch:) yeah....probably people will question..what actually im doing and so on? Some of my previous post which i think much more picture me as a career woman who so semAngat into media marketin.DANG! Like leaving my life to te

its all started wt my bestie, ting tong girl who similary have a lil koo koo in the head just like...who else if is not my beautifool celebrity aishah.
me,ainul and our make up artist~

yeah...this girl who i know her since my uni days...and we actually still doing our kinda 'thang' we are not depandable towards one another...but is jus us love to explore new things and share it. i can say we make a good tag team regardless in some bimbo jobs, entertainment or even corporate. not forgeting politics as well.huhu....( we both pernah jd emcee for Pidato Pemuda UMNO last year~ and it was good + a lil bit hilarious..LoL! yet we had so much fun)

We both been thinking to seek for more emcee job as our pass time~ u know..the payment is good for us to shop nway. lol. the thing with both of us...we do things at the very last minute..script start buat da nite before the actual event..but we still x de rasa cuak~ kekwat sgt! ala2 pro la konon...but ...event nk start lg 5mins...if we look at each other seriously....dua2 npk cuak and keep on reminding each other..jgn nk glabah sgt...if u glabah i

Event ran pretty smooth..ainul gave her best shot in her own outstanding performance as she been requested to sing at the event! *AWESOME* and im PROUD~ very the talented kwn aku sorank ni....huhu. i'm a lil bit quite than before cos u know...dh wearing Hijab keperibadian automatic kena kasi tukar skit..setiap tindak tanduk harus di perhatikan spaya imej baru aku ni x lah di salah sangka....well i even tot by wearing hijab i couldn't do such emceeing job~ i screwed it BIG time yaw...people know i can handle things and they welcome me more:) Alhamdulillah...

nway...yg penting smua looks SoooOooo Pwetty..i mean the girls~ ^_^' God Bless ya'll~

Monday, May 21, 2012

try and error..turban style :p

This morning i woke up as energetic as usual~ knowing that its a Monday and its a 1st start of the week. So, i didn't plan what wear but i definitely have an eager to wear my hijab , Turban style??shall we. hehe.. before i went to sleep last nite i was downloading my research video from youtube and i accidentally clicked on this one Urban style of wearing it. Ahaks~

And lagi...try try la balut kepala tu sbb last time that i remembered i bought a 'Yuna' tudung where it has 2 3 functions gak la...siap dia ajar pakai style turban but last time not my kinda fashion to wear that. i donno how do i actually look but this is it.....tadaaaaa~ hahahaha

hehe...ieuuu..npk weird la suppose to be like...erkk..YUNA~

nah...jauh panggang dari api klo nak nampak cam Yuna kan..haha
dlm byk2 org nyer feedback there always 1 feedback yg totally lain...and it came from my bf plak

eh eh...sama ke ngan erica bado ni? ciss~ dari idung pon dh sah2 nampak lain..haha

And today i met my ministry client and everybody like.." style...kena la ngan u" haha...padahal main balut2 je tu.huhu. well, seriously its not about style yaw...its about me who dah abis idea actually but still wanna look good for the meeting. Guess what..Alhamdulillah~ i sealed the deal and to add on...dpt another project to be develop up with MOHE. yay...looking forward for it yaw..but kena lepas kan hari Belia.*cant wait*

my day end up x der moooooood gileeeeee cos i got a phone call from office. trus down ok!~ but we gotta move forward and face it. damn!! i've been surviving all this while..standing on my two cold feet praying everything is gonna be just fine...barakAllah~ teserlah la....what ever happen me gotta stay strong as normal~ huhu..insyAllah...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Something worth to share~ read and eat it..huahauhau

What leads to success?? that question always pop-up on my mind when i gotta face such a big job..i mean dealing with a real industry..but hell yeah..i'm loving it, thou. after put up a deep thought about dealing with so called 'on da way' to successful life ..1st thing 1st came to my mind.. we need PASSION. i  always see my mom as my idol..oh yeah...she loveeessss working and working..i happen to asked her one day, "where do u get so much energy at this age?" i mean all my fwen's mom rite now at her age smua jaga cucu and tanam pokok2 bunga cam tu la...while her actively giat cergas in some sana sini lagi tu...hmm..and she answered short... I LOVE WHAT I'M DOING~ then i relate back with RICHARD ST.JOHN presentation on TED which i actually download the TED app on my Samsung tabby~ Such a insightful app which can always helps me in finding a positive path  and energy in my daily life. well, it works for me thou...

so, remember DO your WORK FOR LOVE...not MONEY...eventually money is important...yes i know..but if we do it for love money will comes to you easily :)

i can say if we have passion to success in what ever with pursue we gotta to WORK HARD..a lil bit of work smart we gotta consider else we will end up WORKAHOLIC and the next thing we know our friends are all happily married with kids and grandchildren while we still working our ass out and probably dying with only our cat witness the funeral. how sad it would be..haha..tu pon if ada la cat kan :p

So, this is what been told by RUPERT, the more we work hard, we should PLay even harder ;)
i actually hold to that believes..well..i can say pretty much my life so far goes the way i want it~Alhamdulillah..and pls dont complain! lol

Next is we really have to be good in what we are chup! we gotta be really DAMN GOOD..meaning in every angle of things that we are into we know the bits and pieces about it. This is somehow will teach us to be in control in everything..Magic wouldn't work for us to be DAMN GOOD at certain things..its all about practice..practice..and practice..keep on doing it its a healthy living terms of success..huhu

so..that means not even a chance given to those who wanna manupulate us! *evil laugh* hahaha

for me, i really need to focus in what i'm doing. Yet, i never refuse to welcome any other opportunities that comes along the way. But still, i wont make my main focus lost else where..if we aren't focus we will make our success time line even longer~ 


Here is the best part, i always PUSH myself to the limit beyond my own expected energy levels and knowledge.  this is my personal experience, people came to me asking me if i know how to deal with this certain job, with out any deep thinking, i probably say 'Of course i know'!! seriously...back at home kelam kabut la mencari the answer to it..make a research or what so ever till i manage to do the job and deliver it perfectly.huhu..thats so me:) so..keep pushing yaself yaww~

to those doesn't have quite a good self-esteem pls...think success and u need to push away shyness and self-doubt. Last time i always had self-doubts. thinking that i wasn't good enuff, wasn't smart enuff...and there i go..i didn't even make it! thats why i always keep pushing myself to not say NO without even try

but if i try and it didn't happen to strike it and obviously i'm getting weak to push myself back i always seek for is...MAMA~ Yes my mother Push me back into a rite track~ hehe

the next best thing to do is SERVE..if i cant serve myself i gotta learn to serve others with something valuable..cos what i believes is when we gives good values its create a lot better world for us and those will be pay to us with money..*kechinggg* without we know it~


Last but not least and its a NO. ONE key element to success actually..hehe, i always keep up my persistent in what i'm into.. meaning i gotta deal persistently with my FAILURE and CRAP...
C-  Criticism
R- Rejection
A- Assholes
P- Pressure

Ceyy~ i think i'm born to be a Marketer~ lol

-Credit to TED - Ideas Worth Sharing

p/s: share the positive vibes to others and eventually it will shine upon your life :) xoxo

Monday, May 14, 2012

kambing oOooo kambing

last nite was superb ..its was a celebration nite for our dearest MAMA!!~ and thanks for my only adik who finally treated us the whole family with his 1st la..our youngest member in the family just enter a career wolrd. huhu.

We supposed to hv a karaoke dinner at Redbox Sunway...guess what we end up in arab's restaurant. Cos my my sista kinda worried about her new born baby~ hhuhu.. the celebration was simple but really nice.everybody turn out on the special occasion..I think Mama was so blessed with the simple celebration:) Alhamdulillah~ her beautiful happy face shown it all.

Happy Mother's Day Mama. xoxo

this is wierd...really weirrrd

Golf GTI or peugeut 308?? thats what been running thro my bf's mind. And ni la nak racun dia angkat je la Golf tu..hehe...i just feeeeeelllll soooo bloody weird if he actually choose peuguet! Thats because 2 of my Exs using Peuguet Car and obviously i know its condition! after awhile been with that car, mula la start comment tu ini..and its a same comment from both of them...... Suddenly, my current bf were telling me that he kind of confused what to choose for his new brand car...its either Golf GTI or Peuguet 309?? i'm likeeee plssss plsss....go for GOLF GTI or some other car but not peuguet ^_^' sigh!

donno la how to face this crap but its just me.....that couldn;t. but after all its his decision to make so...and what ever make him happy..i'll try my best to feel the same way toooo =) thats about it! peace-

Friday, May 11, 2012

Its time for us, the Gen-Y to think!

I am an asian Muslim girl. We dont do stoning in our peaceful country. I wish for people just dont judge one culture and use it to criticize the whole religion and everyone who believes the religion.
It's the Arab culture of doing so. From my country, women do not enslave themselves to men. We marry the one we love, respect one another. Not like what you see the Arabs do. Yes i can say that we are in the same religion but talking about religion is so subjective where by Islam have certain2 Mahzab and believes which oneself follow. 

This movie, The Stoning of Soraya M. , based on true story, somehow taught me to be more thankful to be born in such a peaceful country. Me , Myself and I actually been brought up in such loving and caring environment. Of course there will be a lil hustles here and there but thats part of nature and growing up. Where to justice stands for iranians women? When i watched this movie, i feel ashamed to see other Muslim actually doing such things to another Muslim. SubahannALlah~ what in a world this uncivilized people thinking? MasyALlah....look at US and some other developed countries, they are all lives in peaceful surrounding and trying their best to moving forward become more wealthiness. Yet, Muslims still fighting among each other.aish~.... i felt pity,sad and sorrow about them....
To think back, its almost the same which happen in my country..what i mean...political issues~ For example, i know that i been raised up in such a harmony community and nation but as i grow up i tend to figure out that most people lack of the meaning of APPRECIATION in their life. Look at me, my family, Siblings and others...Alhamdulillah, we pretty much went through an ordinary lives. We got want we want; education and job. Government has serves their rites to the nation but what do they get in returns??? Is this below email how we express out appreciation to the government? i leave it to you to think~

Shame to the MAX on their behaviors!! aish~ poor thang....

tua2 pon nk memberontak ke??? doesn't u feel shame to make yaself as elderly to the yougsters? pls dont confused us with ya behaviors? Kami Generasi yg inginkan kedaimaian and development~

So, let us think wisely before we react!! the election is just around the corner yaw~ think twice if u dont wanna be like Middle East Country where peace is beyond their knowledge! huh! 
I was in the middle searching for 'Women without Men' movie. the i accidentally found this movie as it produced and directed by the same amazing women, Shirin Neshat. She won the director for 2009 at film festival for best movie- "women without Men'. I've yet to watch this movie but from the trailer, i can say the cinematography and the storyline of the movie really captivate me as a women. the story is all bout 4 very different women from different angle of life, trying to get their personal freedom and independent against the backdrop of political war in Iran. She actually capture the movie in an arty democracy way. Its interesting and captivating. Seriously, me, myself and i are so eager to watch and to make a research on this creative film making by Shirin. Just Amazing~ 
Check it outttt~

Thursday, May 10, 2012


kids sometimes can be really a good released to ourselves as we faces such a chaotic day. i mean they really do....well, even thou i've no kids yet, but to see my sister's kids really make my day~ u know, people tend to say that kids is annoying..i 2nd that. But like hellooooo...we been there once upon a time. i've been the mosttt hilarious and annoying kid back then...mama couldn't even deal with it. The one who can control me is always my late dad. lol..

Here is sumthing i would like to share and to be remembered by those kids when they get bigger. Seriously, the eldest is really out of control, crying like madness when she got back from school..and My mom was too headache to handle my sis's kids..guess not her time anymore...probably she's more on the monitoring and so..yang kena sure la ME!

Actually, i'm innocently got back home during lunch just to have my lunch at home...on time la plak blk with the eldest sista~ and i was carrying her lil brother. She saw it and tend to get all jealous! and she started her own fav routine...&^^#%" wuaaaaAAaaAaaaa.....*crying the loudest as she could* (gosh! the attention seeker is back!!!). I turn my head towards her...gave a sharp look at her and open my eyes a lil big WIDE (saje nk takut kan dia)....guess what...she cried even louder! damn! x makan saman nyer bdk kicik....i think she knows her Aunty well~

i come to the point to just  layan kan je bdk2 ni lets get them on my webby...told the sista to sing to her adik on my webby and so...she! at last dpt pon settle kan bdk2 kuntuts ni..aiiishhh~ moral of the story...makin marah makin menjadi plak bdk2 ni...we gotta transform ourselves to be like a what they want us to be..but gotta be really strict and better be in a short time~ there goes my lunch.. i can say kenyang makan they both.burrpppppp~ !! lol

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

critical month..and i gotta persue it~

Perfect song for my kinda feeling rite now..

SubahannAllah~ i'm stuck with this song since last weekend. This is the 1st song i tune in on my samsung tab every morning. i donno y but somehow it speak about my kinda heart. Life a lil bit rough few days..i mean the work loads is just madness.  maybe its pressure me much on the dateline of our financial year this coming June. A lot of pending proposal in my plate...and office politic is just killing me day to day. Astagfirullahazim.. i cant say much, every where we go pon still we gotta face on things like politic issues going on in an organization rite~ i doubt i will escape from that if im still working under people. 

I think i gotta focus more on my works rather then the interruptions or shall i say the small2 bits and pieces of piolitics and gossiping that going around in the office. Yesterday was the most pressure day ever till i cant control the emotion that running thro me. I tot i can handle it..u know being human we just need someone to talk to. someone that can deal with others situation and a place to share. All this while i've been keeoing it all to myself...Bestfriend? Friends? i think at this kinda age they all also have their kinda prob to handle and i dont tend to at more for them. I donno how it actually works for my stuation. My BOSS?? yeah...i used to talked to him bout job and such..but yeah..after sometimes i felt worst dealing with the whole heartless....heartless to office environment, dealing with people who doesn't stand for us as a team.....i'm sick! worst case is i even dont have chances to share with someone who i think i make him as important as my life rite now. Seriously i'm not a person who tells problem to anyone else unless if she/he ask me. at thats the time i open up my mouth to talk. . Well, its just me...really hard to find someone that can hear and understand someone situation.

How i wish people take me as serious as i wanted. People tend to see me a bit playful but the one who actually know me well, know where my serious button located. Kebengangan tahap dewa smalam made me  went to gym. I know that the only place i can get out from my without any further thinking, i made my way to Subang Truefitness instead of PJ. Just becouse i dont want to come across any of my colleagues who happen to go at the PJ branch. So, as i put my leg on the track-mile i rannn rannnnnnn rannnnnnnnnnnn fastttttt til at one moment i noticed someone is standing beside my track-mile. Dari ekor mata i tot he bout to start work out as buat donno la..

suddenly dia tegur...u lari laju sgt ni. i turn my head and slowdown my run. and he started asking me..'u train under G kan? dia kat PJ branch today' and i straight away answer, 'yes, I know. i saje ke sini. tenang skit jauh dari org i x kenal' ...and so, he replied..' u look so tensed. need any helps on today work out'...and i accidentally replied,' i think i cam nk tumbuk org or dinding skang ni' (sumpah i not referring to him)...and muke dia trus berubah~opppss...i didnt meant to. well...tu la..i couldn;t control the emotions that running thro me...benda dh lama sgt sabar cam tu la~ and he still nk gak bercakap ngan aku ni..'sorry la u, i tau u ngah tension..since u rasa cam nk tumbuk org kan..why dont u try punching bag..perhaps it can reduce the pressure in u'....huhu...and i'm smiling..."thanks....i would love to'

and soo...i jadi Captain America (try to imagine him in Avengers) haha....SWEET!~ well..its a worth the things to do if we are under pressure with our surrounding. And yes, in order for me to get use to the whole things ngan tangan berbalut bagai smua..i talked manly with me. HOw to handle pressure and such...he actually saw me couple of times when i've trained under G and  bla bla....seems like a nice guy... well atleast i've a space to just share to someone at that particular time. No wonder people said...time is just meaningless if we dont used it wisely...and make sure we actually share it on the surface je cos we should know that very someone deeply baru ley start cite kan...=)


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

path in finding a rainbow?

hmmm day starts pretty late 2day. Me and boyfie supposed to attend this one dentist appointment but we turn up late. >_<' ...and the doctor went off. DANG! we are pretty late i guess...bout 40mins late. well, poor thang...lesson learned! think we gotta plan for next time...depending on my other half. for me, as i make my time, i definitely will commit to it. huhu..

So, i went to Ministry of HIgher Education. as my meeting start at 1030am. Guess what?? i left my IC that attached together with my licence at the front desk! gosh!! tu la susah nya x cukp tempat dh kot kat my brain ni  nk ingat benda so i accidentally used my kepala lutut. haha..nampak nyer kena la gi Putrajaya fraking lazy to drive and i always wish that how cool if i were to have my own driver~ fine day.......aminnnn.hehe

and so i find to a very good ending of a day...i got a phone call from Kalman saying that alya was searching for my number. ok chup!! Who's the hell is Alya again>> haha...its my looooonnnggg lost mmu's fwen. and i went like..oowhhh,,...whats up? Kalman told me that she's inviting me to this port of AL-Qadeem. I heard it before from year ago....and find out that severals of my fwens or colleagues actually went to the classes. Talking bout ceramah2 agama ni is really my kinda thing to listen to regardless how bz i am with my everyday's super bz schedules. I will always make time to this kinda things.

U know..somehow i always look at things in different angles...When people are stress out with their work loads and job, most probably they go to gym or lepak with fwens. I did that before and still doing it but u know the best medicine to kill ya stress of moody mood is to find the clear path. So, the question is..HOW and WHERE actually we can find it. Try to look beyond your knowledge and yaself..what u lack inside....for me i always think i've lots of things that i lack inside myself...that is why i always welcome new insights. Therefore, i made my way to just attend this one talk at Al-Qadeem. Its an association which i think some kind person initiative in giving people a good depth about Islam and Sunnah.

Its a one and half hour insightful talk..and it was SUPERB! besides pack with info that we dont even know it also comes with humor elements. Thats even make the audience interested to hear~ ntah la...nothing to comment much but this is my 1st time pegi, and i felt so welcome je. Rasa aura cam ala2 time nk gi Umrah few months back. dalam hati aku slaloo impressed dengan org2 yang bley bg smua manfaat ni pd mereka yg aku la ni~ npk je huha huha..but seriously i do appreciate this lil element of might be such a small portion in our life but as i said...try to look beyond ya will give you MUCH VALUE than u ever need it. SubahannAllah...barakAllah~ its just a nice and peaceful moment to hear sumthing good for ya ears after a long stress day hearing such chaotic life; people bitching about other people, people scolding other people and so may negatives talk! uhH! pls..i got enuff of that yaw~...let me, myself and i make peace upon my ears...i just wanna let it hear sumthing good to be given and tanam inside my lonely heart ni...eceyh~ sudah! lonely plak kan katanyer......hehehe. well, pokok pangkal nyer, we gotta open our heart to welcome those majlis2 ilmu in oneself, and klo diberi hidayat insyAllah, Tuhan will open our heart and eyes to see sumthing different from everybody else...i did and i hope your time will come soon~ InsyAllah~

This is a video of how well the GREATNESS of ALLH SWT~ interesting and nice...hee.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cooking Time

When the time mama and kak odah are back to their Home town so left me, and three of my brothers. How time flies really fast...nothing change the bond between us. Remember those days when non of our elderly at home, Abg ayul as the eldest brother yg suka masuk dapur rather than my sista kan..he's da one who always cook for all of us. Now, smua dah besar and pepandai la beli makan sendri.

But i took a lil step behind, and see things in different way. Masing2 smua ada kan umah but non of us actually eat sumthing. Then, i know i'm the only girl left in this house since my sista got married kan, living with those boys sometimes my life i think rasa cam boys...but at times i feel overly protected. *boring* huhu.. so, i know that i'm not 10 anymore, its time to show to them..ehem*sambil buat muke so proud* i made an announcement.."SIAPA LAPARR???"ceh! sad thing is x der org pon respond....and then i make a move masuk je dapur and starts my cooking...masak mee goreng basah je.

tadaaa~ ni dia ape yg ada dlm peti sejuk main masukkan aje...huhu~ X-)

time nk amik bigger mangguk nk hidangkan kat si sang teruna smua tu, my eldest brother come and took a look at me in the kitchen...."haaaa...sure mama marah dapur mama berkecah"... and i goes buat muke abis innocent la ^_^' ....and i pronounce.."Linda masak mee goreng je..u guys lapar just makan je la...i cooked a lot ni"..and so i hidang....

Well, tau masak kena lah tau kemas kan....settle je kemas the dapur i went out to my living room wanna hv my mee goreng la..skali tgk..fuhhhhhhhh~ almost licin tu di kerjakan 2 of my brothers makan..sian my younger brother melepas nak makan air tgn linda ni. hahaha...Abg ayul actually tambah 2 kali ..sian derank...i even put what left over to Fezal nyer pingan and i dont eat that much even thou lapar.

Now i know...y mama sumtimes masak tp x makan. Cos when i saw them eating the food that i cook i felt so blessed and happy. Sampai rasa lapar tu ilang. Pity them, lapar tp x nak bgtau. Stakat masak je kot...i can do it~ lol...glad they both eat well and no COMMENT at all but siap tambah lagi. i just keep quite je..u know..lyn kan je ego2 sang teruna 

i think i give it a 7 out of 10

Seriously super hero movie is my last resort if i were to chose a movie to watch..not my kinda genre anyway. AVENGERS had somehow open my mind in accepting that...super heroes arent that horrible and '18SG' after all..u know girls when watching a bit ganas nyer movie..they will go like.. it all the sickness sounds la basically cos we GIRLS watch movie with eyes and EMOTIONS,thou..haha.

but what i figure out in this whole AVENGERS movie was SUPER FUNNY!! i laugh a lot but sometimes cam rasa ngantuk pon ada..*yawning*. In this movie it has few of my Fav handsome tough heroes...should i name it..hmm..captain america, captain america, captain america, i keep on repeating the same hero?? haha..maybe he's the one catches my eyes the most...but seriusly..i kind of like the character of Iron man. I feel if i were to be a super hero..i'll be something like him. Smart but a lil bit koo koo in the head. ahaks~

Robert Downey Jr

Robert is the most suitable cast for Iron Man!! In fact he is the one of the best actors of this generation!! He's FUNNY and the one who actually brings up the whole movie to an interesting humorous stage. Not bad to capture viewers like me who is not really into Super Heroes movie,thou. And pls..i dont really go for good looking ones or even who have the most sexy and Hawt body...i mean...i do..but less interest about it. The cast character kill me the most i guess...haha~ it was for those who actually didnt watch it yet..grab the DVD and watch it with ya guy or girls should be really fun. and yes...if u plan to watch it among girls only...pls pls pls...always do the rewind button and play it again. lol! the movie is just tooooo AWESOME to just watch thro it without any .....STOP..REWIND AND PLAY..haha..and

have fun u ols and hv a great spending time with this hilarious super heroes movie~  

my kinda song~

its been awhile i didn't hv time to lyn utube..maybe cos of there are soooooo many pending works and proposals that stuck in my head. even weekend pon my mind mmg dah tune into all the pending job. as u know..when we stuck in front of lappy...byk sgt la keja jln kan..haha. every now and then i always on utube. Thats practically my fav search engine..more than google i guess. i am...enjoying watching new vlip from Jason Mraz and Christina Perri till i clicked on this song title 'Distance". It is a great song i hv to say..the lyric and sounds of her voice makes the song really comes alive..i donno about u guys..but somehow i can feel the song inside me~ nak2 dgn org yg i fall in love with is living someway far from me. stakat ni x de ape yg kurang maybe cos i think both as come to an matured understanding..u know we are talking about the whole loads, family and such~

well..too many to think in details, alhamdulillah we keep each other updates every moment pon i think it more than enuff~ yg pelik nya...ada la some of my fwens yg x close pon to me saying that i'm quite strong to face it...ek ele....tu smua ayat nk gugat my believes tu~ u know what...i'd done more than this back then. its just me who always keep things sesimple selagi boley...byk lagi rasa nyer benda nk focus kan and i bet so did my other half.. hee..hopefully.ChaiyoK! LoL

so enjoy la dgr byk kali this song....its just SUPERB!!!and its just ME. hehe

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Madness Saturday~

Fix You cover song by Riana & Derik

U know how it feels when u actually stuck at home alone during weekend. serious it just MADNESS boring! well, basically 3 of the young gentlemen from this house is out dont no where about while my maid went back to her home town and mama want me to be at home..look after the house and she said she will coming back home.

so, i use my time wisely, watching all downloaded with my tab and so on. Till i heard my mom car engine coming into our porch. To me, i think that i can just take a time out of home for awhile just to go out and breath the air la konon...skali mama blk2 dh kena itu ini...aishhh~

Seriously, i'm not 10 anymore..perhaps i can look after 10 yrs old kid rite now! guess today not my kinda day...a bit of majok with her cos she always wanted what she wants at the time i believes i'm not able too. The fact she dont want me to go out just for awhile tu yg seriously buat myself a bit majok. aish~ told her that i'm out cos need some fresh air..just nk jejln kejap je pon..and she knows that i love driving alone just to see the world for atleast few minutes. Tp lain plak dia ari ni....and suddenly she accidentally slipped her words....'mama age 26 dh jaga your sista'..and i went la...uhh! not what?? what does she mean by that?...i rather stay silent~ in fact she trigger me to answer it...but well...hush2 linda~ nah..ur not getting my feedback cos x de menda pon nk tired,thou~ 

so..left me alone again at home di temanin my so kuncin manjaaa sekor ni. and to him i tell what i feel inside...but kind of cam nk gile la gak..sbb x dpt any feedback klo kite berckp ngan kucing tu...yg best my cat just buat muke blurr..argghhh!! lg rasa cam nk gegettttt je tangan tembam and perut montel dia tu~ 

Mama felt bad i guess, the time i woke up round 6ish in the evening...mama dah prepare tea and sausage for me. she left it infront of my la..kata merajok x nka turun2 mkn and not even bother to bgn pon from katil.wahhh....terasa diriku begitu berharga...but be true i eat it all alone. i couldn't imagine i leave alone in a big house in the future...all i always dream is living in such a BIG HOUSE with few of my own beautiful kids and a lovely husband...and perhaps cats pon ader skali. hehe... cam ne la if i were to be successful living in a big house alone?? daMN!! nausubillah~ rela aku ni amik anak angkat or get few of my close fwens to stay with me..huhu. more fun and happy life i guess kan kan...huhu

nice archi? rumah pasang siap pon mahal ke?^_^'

My Dream Villa or should i say my weekend House*wish*.
I love the subterranean design, and the big glass, but again, everyhting's all white! 
White is, at best, WHITE is ME!
Since i'm a lil kid, i used to hold on my pollypockets all da time everywhere i go...
i love to decorate it wt nice and simple environment. 
and not forgetting, i'm actually make one of the room for myself to express my arts
sketching and coloring is my kinda world back then
worst case was, i actually dream to have an husband who is into Fine Art.
he draw me..he draw us.haha..
Thats about it on my fairy tale life back then...and now..
oh noo..i'm still working my ass out to achieve what i really want in life...
pretty much im getting there yaw~ looks horrible aite?..but guess what skeleton is looking Gojaz! ahaks!
And i've my love ones who always there to support me..i hope so~ hehe

GOSH!!! its Freaking MAY.....!!

I've been bz this particular time, when boredom strike out of sudden, mind is out of ideas and stuck with lots of pending proposals on my side. What do i suppose to do?? hmm... 1st let me describe my life in few days back...R E W I N D>>>>>>>>>> BooM! it was great! i got to lunch with Minister of Higher Education and me, myself and i was appointed to lead this kinda project called AUKU!! Its all sealed perfectly for me to work with my team and come out with a super dooperrr good prezzo,yaw~

too bad....i'm still thinking on the BIG IDEAS! ,...erkk.....its somewhere in my mind that just that a lil bit too hard to catch it. i think dah cam main kejar2 dlm my mind ni..*kejarMimpi* I went to Malacca last weekend and it was AWESOME! having my own time alone in hotel room and think creatively to execute client campaign.  walllAh~  Alhamdulillah..we did a good presentation last Monday to the whole media editors and now its time for me to make it IMPLEMENTATION to a real MARKET!

Campaign is targeted among all Uni students and also lecturers mainly la...cos u know now days student tend to get a lil bit too aggressive over politics and riots and sewaktu dengan nyer la. Not to say that, they cant join those politics agenda..but..come on fellow students, you were given chances to be a student so the main objective u should focus is ya bloody study and exams. But ada gak among them who actually fight the law and just do what ever they want and sanggup la membelakangkan their parents needs and dreams kan..

I had a good discussion over this issue of AUKU with Media and ministry. Yang aku x paham was ada gak wartawan sorank ni saje je nk menghangat kan keadaan pasal kes Bersih yg melibatkan pelajar. like helooww....its all back to law..yg dia sibuk nk menafikan law yg dah sedia ada tu kenapa?? Well, at that particular moment i gotta stared and listen to his bullshitness and i roll my eyes when he noticed that i didnt AGREED at any of his statement. But i remain silent..guess a lil bit to hard to fight with someone who think using his bloody 'kepala luntut' instead of his so called brilliant mind~ Ah! *kissYaOwnFreakinAss* ..opppss~ i tend to get a lil more sensetive nowdays when it come to politics issues~ hehe...maybe cos i know what do and dont about it...i mena about the whole things happen..erkk....wish i've my 5 yrs old mind who thinks about play land..barbie and dolls...and yeah..WATER COLORS! haha.

Time Bersih pon aku konon nyer larikan diri la out of the city where everybody pon seems to talk about it and it looks like there are still talking~ tp yg kelakarnya..tot lari ke Melacca i will hv a peaceful mind to do my work..i mean i did actually but guess what kat melaka pon ADA GROUP BERSIH arrr~~hahaha...siap aku dlm keta and golongan kuningan ni serbu aku ...dah la aku sorank dalam keta kat lalu plak belakang lorong hotel. Time tu plak golongan  kuningan ni tak tau dtg dari pana reramai serbu jln aku lalu tu..wuahhhh!!! takottt!! dgn pantas myself is looking for sumthing yellowish so i can actually act like i'm one of them..hahah..psycho x psycho la~ but God knows what i really feel at that moment. Color Kuning x jumpe so aku terpaksa la buat Muke konon comey sambil buat "PEACE' no war

                                                     ni dia muke org x bersalah..*innocent*

So you all out there, who actually think wanna join riots ke ape ke..paham dulu what the true agenda behind all this. For me, bersyukurlah we lives in such a peaceful country even thou dalam diri ni sometimes ada je rasa unfairness but i'm truly blessed with all that i have..good family,nice fwens and VERY the peaceful country. if nak berkire every bit and pieces seriously sampai bile2 pon kite rasa x [uas hati..sbb tu la MANUSIA...benda depan mata x bersyukur if ada yg rosak or ilang in oneself baru la nk menyesal kan..huhu~ let us think about ourself 1st then it will lead us to become more responsible citizen..insyAllah. hee~ All da best to me and to u ols aite...Salam Bersih.hehe