Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cooking Time

When the time mama and kak odah are back to their Home town so left me, and three of my brothers. How time flies really fast...nothing change the bond between us. Remember those days when non of our elderly at home, Abg ayul as the eldest brother yg suka masuk dapur rather than my sista kan..he's da one who always cook for all of us. Now, smua dah besar and pepandai la beli makan sendri.

But i took a lil step behind, and see things in different way. Masing2 smua ada kan umah but non of us actually eat sumthing. Then, i know i'm the only girl left in this house since my sista got married kan, living with those boys sometimes my life i think rasa cam boys...but at times i feel overly protected. *boring* huhu.. so, i know that i'm not 10 anymore, its time to show to them..ehem*sambil buat muke so proud* i made an announcement.."SIAPA LAPARR???"ceh! sad thing is x der org pon respond....and then i make a move masuk je dapur and starts my cooking...masak mee goreng basah je.

tadaaa~ ni dia ape yg ada dlm peti sejuk main masukkan aje...huhu~ X-)

time nk amik bigger mangguk nk hidangkan kat si sang teruna smua tu, my eldest brother come and took a look at me in the kitchen...."haaaa...sure mama marah dapur mama berkecah"... and i goes buat muke abis innocent la ^_^' ....and i pronounce.."Linda masak mee goreng je..u guys lapar just makan je la...i cooked a lot ni"..and so i hidang....

Well, tau masak kena lah tau kemas kan....settle je kemas the dapur i went out to my living room wanna hv my mee goreng la..skali tgk..fuhhhhhhhh~ almost licin tu di kerjakan 2 of my brothers makan..sian my younger brother melepas nak makan air tgn linda ni. hahaha...Abg ayul actually tambah 2 kali ..sian derank...i even put what left over to Fezal nyer pingan and i dont eat that much even thou lapar.

Now i know...y mama sumtimes masak tp x makan. Cos when i saw them eating the food that i cook i felt so blessed and happy. Sampai rasa lapar tu ilang. Pity them, lapar tp x nak bgtau. Stakat masak je kot...i can do it~ lol...glad they both eat well and no COMMENT at all but siap tambah lagi. i just keep quite je..u know..lyn kan je ego2 sang teruna 

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