Sunday, May 6, 2012

my kinda song~

its been awhile i didn't hv time to lyn utube..maybe cos of there are soooooo many pending works and proposals that stuck in my head. even weekend pon my mind mmg dah tune into all the pending job. as u know..when we stuck in front of lappy...byk sgt la keja jln kan..haha. every now and then i always on utube. Thats practically my fav search engine..more than google i guess. i am...enjoying watching new vlip from Jason Mraz and Christina Perri till i clicked on this song title 'Distance". It is a great song i hv to say..the lyric and sounds of her voice makes the song really comes alive..i donno about u guys..but somehow i can feel the song inside me~ nak2 dgn org yg i fall in love with is living someway far from me. stakat ni x de ape yg kurang maybe cos i think both as come to an matured understanding..u know we are talking about the whole loads, family and such~

well..too many to think in details, alhamdulillah we keep each other updates every moment pon i think it more than enuff~ yg pelik nya...ada la some of my fwens yg x close pon to me saying that i'm quite strong to face it...ek ele....tu smua ayat nk gugat my believes tu~ u know what...i'd done more than this back then. its just me who always keep things sesimple selagi boley...byk lagi rasa nyer benda nk focus kan and i bet so did my other half.. hee..hopefully.ChaiyoK! LoL

so enjoy la dgr byk kali this song....its just SUPERB!!!and its just ME. hehe

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