Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Something worth to share~ read and eat it..huahauhau

What leads to success?? that question always pop-up on my mind when i gotta face such a big job..i mean dealing with a real industry..but hell yeah..i'm loving it, thou. after put up a deep thought about dealing with so called 'on da way' to successful life ..1st thing 1st came to my mind.. we need PASSION. i  always see my mom as my idol..oh yeah...she loveeessss working and working..i happen to asked her one day, "where do u get so much energy at this age?" i mean all my fwen's mom rite now at her age smua jaga cucu and tanam pokok2 bunga cam tu la...while her actively giat cergas in some sana sini lagi tu...hmm..and she answered short... I LOVE WHAT I'M DOING~ then i relate back with RICHARD ST.JOHN presentation on TED which i actually download the TED app on my Samsung tabby~ Such a insightful app which can always helps me in finding a positive path  and energy in my daily life. well, it works for me thou...

so, remember DO your WORK FOR LOVE...not MONEY...eventually money is important...yes i know..but if we do it for love money will comes to you easily :)

i can say if we have passion to success in what ever with pursue we gotta to WORK HARD..a lil bit of work smart we gotta consider else we will end up WORKAHOLIC and the next thing we know our friends are all happily married with kids and grandchildren while we still working our ass out and probably dying with only our cat witness the funeral. how sad it would be..haha..tu pon if ada la cat kan :p

So, this is what been told by RUPERT, the more we work hard, we should PLay even harder ;)
i actually hold to that believes..well..i can say pretty much my life so far goes the way i want it~Alhamdulillah..and pls dont complain! lol

Next is we really have to be good in what we are chup! we gotta be really DAMN GOOD..meaning in every angle of things that we are into we know the bits and pieces about it. This is somehow will teach us to be in control in everything..Magic wouldn't work for us to be DAMN GOOD at certain things..its all about practice..practice..and practice..keep on doing it its a healthy living terms of success..huhu

so..that means not even a chance given to those who wanna manupulate us! *evil laugh* hahaha

for me, i really need to focus in what i'm doing. Yet, i never refuse to welcome any other opportunities that comes along the way. But still, i wont make my main focus lost else where..if we aren't focus we will make our success time line even longer~ 


Here is the best part, i always PUSH myself to the limit beyond my own expected energy levels and knowledge.  this is my personal experience, people came to me asking me if i know how to deal with this certain job, with out any deep thinking, i probably say 'Of course i know'!! seriously...back at home kelam kabut la mencari the answer to it..make a research or what so ever till i manage to do the job and deliver it perfectly.huhu..thats so me:) so..keep pushing yaself yaww~

to those doesn't have quite a good self-esteem pls...think success and u need to push away shyness and self-doubt. Last time i always had self-doubts. thinking that i wasn't good enuff, wasn't smart enuff...and there i go..i didn't even make it! thats why i always keep pushing myself to not say NO without even try

but if i try and it didn't happen to strike it and obviously i'm getting weak to push myself back i always seek for is...MAMA~ Yes my mother Push me back into a rite track~ hehe

the next best thing to do is SERVE..if i cant serve myself i gotta learn to serve others with something valuable..cos what i believes is when we gives good values its create a lot better world for us and those will be pay to us with money..*kechinggg* without we know it~


Last but not least and its a NO. ONE key element to success actually..hehe, i always keep up my persistent in what i'm into.. meaning i gotta deal persistently with my FAILURE and CRAP...
C-  Criticism
R- Rejection
A- Assholes
P- Pressure

Ceyy~ i think i'm born to be a Marketer~ lol

-Credit to TED - Ideas Worth Sharing

p/s: share the positive vibes to others and eventually it will shine upon your life :) xoxo

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