Monday, February 28, 2011

L.A.Z.Y D.A.Y................. ^_^'

I miss the time where I stayed at home alone.And looking out from my house.Especially during thunder storm rain, where no computer, tv and even radio is on....Just me lying restlessly on my bed...

Only left my neighbour tiny barks against the angry, loud thunderstorm....

I used to love to dance under the rain, even now I do, but I never get my ass in trouble to dance under thunderstorm rain....

Therefore, today is a special day... I sat in front of my main door, looking out to the rain, listening to the thunder roars, smell the sweet rain drops... Whooppppsss, I forgot I totally lost my mind today. Out of focus in certain areas... i've always woke up wt so much things on my mind that i'd plan the nite before but as for today, the planned went somewhere else..and obviously the mood is everywhere. It was not completely well, but at least I'm make used my day with thinking and realizing things which stuck in my head for quite sometimes....

I didn't go to work today, in fact, I cancelled all my meeting and push it to tomorrow. I know i got to seal the deal and hit on my target for this week but something hold me back..thus, i'm enjoying my rest and relax at home, watching ASTRO-HBO accompany by my lil sophie, lying lazily on my favourite sofa and once a while check on my twitter and facebook....not forgetting replying texts to my lovely and handsome boyfriend... ^_^'

So far so good....and I just love my lazy day!!!!!! Looking forward to an aggressive and productive tomorrow...InsyAllah... :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

OTS: "Take A Bow" - A Rihanna Cover

Love the way he sing................ so sweeetttttt =)

my weekend fun and joy.........

what could i ask for more on the weekend after a look week of stress and business of works? of course..chillax with my close friends. Rite now at this particular of time, there are 5 people who i consider a good friend of mine. This 5 girls had giving me hopes, believes and a true friendship. And all this 5 girls have their own different characters and how i met them. To cut it short, they are my weekend family...

Shara♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡
Knowing her was amazing..God create our path to meet someone differently.This is the most happening friend in my entire life. She is small in real life but you should see her when she open up her mouth..sounds like she is the biggest amongst us 5. She somehow the most closer girl to be in my friendship world. We always find things are funny even thou its not. we speak a same language, easy going with people that we just happen to meet and we both love to create havoc in the middle of nowhere...and not forgetting every single things that she wants to do she'll find me for her company! Glad to be her friend...

Dura♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡
This is my favorite girl. been knowing her ever since in my primary years..that would be 17yrs ago. What i can say, this girl had went thro hustle life, happening moment and crazy time with me. So may things happen in our life in considerate the good and the bad things. She oens my dirty lil secret and i own hers. Oh...dont get me wrong here...what i mean 'our dirty secret' would be some stupid things we both did over past years..haha. Its funny and fun whenever i tried to recalled back. She is just like my sister, mother ,a shoulder to cry on and lend me an ears to hear my sad and sun stories.

Leen♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡
My sweet ever girlfriend but somehow can be perfectly gel in with me cos of we have the same koo kooo in da head! haha....probably she more than mine;) The kind of friend always concern about others, really helpful whenever one of us seems down or not in da mood. A soft person with a big heart full with love and awesome friendship values. Her heart is pretty as much as her face does. I'm really grateful to have this sweet and lovely lady as my friend. She used to be a dancer wt me back in my college years. And we shared lot of wonderful memories 2gether:)

Sikin♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡
Knowing her from shara, and do click in certain ways. She is a soft hearted and very funny in person. Very understanding sometimes can be 'outr friendship' calculator...only us know what does it means ;) haha...sometimes i find her her naive. the part we extremely be in touch with each other was when we both took chances to actually do the bungee jumping. we tot of wanna do it alone but at the end she begging me to jump with her...aww!~ so we did it together.....the things that will remain as a great moment for both of us!~

Wani & Shaz♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡
They both use to be my colleagues back in media prima..we become closer each day. And now they are officially my friends who i look up for to meet and updates about ourself.. They both a just great in their own ways..

So, this are the kinda fwens i have rite now...we messed up things together, having fun, express our sadness,enjoy great things and share funny story in our daily life...I'm thank God each day to make me know them in person and actually welcome them to be my friends. This is kind of friendship i always count and rely on no matter what.....

Morning Depression...........

I dont like to wake up every morning wt so much things in my head. It troubles me now and then. The feeling of worries and wonder whats gonna happen always there in my mind. How could i move forward cos what i did in the past really scared me off...i stuck as if there is no brighter future for me. But still...deep down in my hearts there is a lil believes in myself which somehow a key for me to over come the circumstances and stay strongly focus in what i'm doing!

Every morning, as i open up my eyes, i pray to God that today gonna be a great day for me...better than yesterday. Hoping there will not be too much of worries in me. I dont really talk much too people on whats the trouble i'm facing rite now. People would always see me happy and fun, but the truth is...........God knows...... :( Pls kill the feeling of being regretted and such... make my route to happiness and success become wider and easy. Amen.

Friday, February 25, 2011

my love drugs

I never know how we actually started but one thing for sure i know he held me close, he touched my skin, he brought more joy than i'll ever know. My soul was breach on a daily basis by his love. The sound of his voice made my heart swing on the stars. His eyes were truly the window to my souls contentment, evolving every way possible. The life I have with him is golden and no man can ever take away the love we shared. Giving is a selfless act, one that doesn't happen often, but he made it a thing of beauty as well as a regularity. Envisioning our love like a large amount of scents and tastes, from hot sauce to alfredo and rose's to gladiola's. A sensuous kiss to a passing glance, the mood was always perfect because you always make me feel loved. You make me feel laughter in a way that only babies can feel pure. That is why you always think that every single things surround me are funny. But the truth is I feel really fun being with you. Thank you for the smell, "original sweet peas". Thank you for my favorite spot, "on your left shoulder". And most importantly, thank you for "sweet time together", the "arguments & attention", the beautiful melodies and sleeping in the car whiles you were driving.
♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡♥͡.̮♥͡
I love so much about you that it is hard to pick just a couple of things out. I love the way you laugh. I love the way you smile. I even love it when you make me mad and don't know why. I love how when you upset me, you try so hard to make it better. I am so in love with you that I don't go one minute without thinking of you and wishing that I'm always with you! I can't stand to be without you for one second. You have truly turned me into myself. Before you, nobody allowed me to be me. I got to be someone else to win their heart. You have allowed me to open up my heart and trust again. You have allowed me to smile and be happy again. And for that I love you. These are the happiest times of my life because of you. I thank you and I will forever cherish our memories we built together and I know there are many more to come.
♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡♥͡.̮♥͡

A place of my inner expression

A while back Linda Roos asked her readers why they blog, what they get out of it and what their favourite things about blogging are. I told her I’d write a post about it. So Linda, this is it!

I have been blogging for 3 years now. When I started I thought to myself that I’d probably run out of things to say. I haven’t. As my friend said when I asked him about his blogging, “I’ve found I’m just as opinionated as the next person!”. Well, I have plenty of opinions about a lot of things, but I tend to steer clear of the controversial ones like politics and religion. Although I have been known to venture an opinion on other bloggers’ posts! My main thing though is to share. I am interested in a whole lot of things, and like to share them. This way I get to do it in a fun, creative way without (hopefully!) boring anyone. And they can just stop reading if I’m going on and on about something, and boring them to tears. Unlike people in my “real” life, who have to at least pretend that they find me fascinating, even if they don’t!

I’ve been through several really tough years health-wise. Caught a virus on my brain and it was so bad at one stage, that I could barely function. There were a couple of years, I have very little memory of. My world became very small. In those years my brain turned to mush. Not literally, but it might as well have for all the good it did me! I lost a good deal of confidence in myself and I lost my “sense of myself”. Things are going somewhat better now (thanks to the help of a great doctor, and the support of family and friends), although I still struggle with short term memory lost and depression at certain extend.

I originally started blogging to have a place to tell my “stories”. As that was suggested by my personal doctor. Which is what I call my sharing of fascinating books, podcasts, films or ideas that I’ve come across. I thought it would be good a place to come to, when my friends, and people out there had time to read. And they could also avoid if they wanted to! I really didn’t expect a whole lot of other people (who were not related to me) to be interested in what I had to say. It is just something in me that really full with ideas to share with everyone and at the end of it wishing that people would get inspired. Well, sometimes it is also a place to express what i feel to show happiness, anger, sad, hate and whatever feelings runs through myself at that particular moment. hee♥͡.̮♥͡

So what has blogging has done for me?

§ It’s provided a creative outlet for me. I can tell i’m pretty good at arts and crafts, thus i extend the love by putting together a pretty post.

§ It allows me to practise my writing skills. I was delighted to find I actually have some!

§ I’ve add on my photography skill on it. When I first started blogging I was mostly sourcing photographs from the Internet to illustrate my posts. Since then I’ve found it fun to take my own photos. Sometimes, I take photos first and the “stories” develop from there. Stories became more interesting with a visual to add on it;)

§ It’s a way for me to document my life. I don’t mean that in any formal sense of what I did on particular days. I really don’t lead that fascinating a life! But just to take note of interesting things I come across in my daily life. I can look back at my archives and know what I was thinking or doing at a specific time.

§ I’m a person full with sense of humour. Blogging has polished back my sense of humour (to become more humouristic.hee). I sometimes still find conversations with more than one person at a time overwhelming. My brain can’t keep up with the conversation and by the time I think of something witty or interesting to say, the topic has changed. Writing down my thoughts gives me an opportunity to express myself at my velocity.

§ I’ve been able to connect with people worldwide who have similar interests. Who knew there were so many nature/bird/animal/spider/plant/sunset etc lovers out there!

§ It’s been a place for me to escape out of my limited world. I love reading the blogs of people who live in other cultures. Whether they were born into them, or are just visiting them. And I also like reading the blogs of people who are living less conventional lives “off the grid”.

§ I’ve discovered some wonderful blogs with interesting stories that so captivated.

♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡

Monday, February 21, 2011

Inspirational story...

Today my blog would be about financial freedom..why am i suddenly pay much attention and take seriously when it comes to financial? frankly speaking, i just realized how much important is our savings. Yes...i've been saving all this while but i spend more than i actually save. The more we earn the more we tend to spend...and of course its more or less related on our environment, social life and career.

I met this one old guy, a good prospect who looks nice for me to deal with. **BINGO!** he actually more than a prospect to me. He inspired me in some ways. Me and my colleague was trying to get him take a step towards CIMB retirement plans. As i was trying my colleague to close the deal, he stopped us with this one inspirational story of his. To cut it short, he has achieved all he wanted in life and at this particular time, while others are still working hard, he is enjoying his life with family and tour
ing round the world. All he does back then was working and investing. He knows how to roll back his money. He did shared with us his awful years during he childhood. He came from a very poor family and he got lucky to get fully sponsored by government to one of the famous premiere school in 'tanah Melayu' which is Sekolah Tuaku Abdul Rahman(STAR). I bet he's a genius. hee.

So the story goes on and on and on. Till, he said that he have been managed his financial at the early stage somewhere in his 20's while some of his friends are enjoying spending time partying. What he look up for a better future for himself and his family. And from his look and the staring on their eyes, i know that he is satisfied and really thank God for what he had. Only concern now is his health. He told that how rich we are, at the end of the day if we d
oesn't look out on our own health, we definitely soon gonna be broke. But Alhamdulillah, i can see he managed all of it in a good way.

As he was sharing the story, my mind sometimes flew into a feral imagination. I look up on the way he thinks about life, future and family. Deep in m y heart, there is lil voice whispering said, 'you gonna get this kind of life..this kind of husband and of course this kind of happiness without u knowing it......'

He refused to invest some of his money with a solid reason and for the 1st time ever i didn't even debate about it. I totally understand that he's is now at the peak of his own happiness. Gosh! ur a one men that strongly captured my whole attention.

At the end, i just knew that he's one of the 'Datuk' for UMNO in Shah Alam....He left us with his short valuable suggestion which is.. we should catch all the young executives to actually look deep into materializing their financial regards to savings or investment. Inspired*

( mind was imagine to have someone like him for my husband thou..i mean his mind set and futuristic thinking ;) ) hehe.......

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Other Woman Movie Trailer Official

This is the movie that i will definitely go and watch wt my dear Shara. Well, the storyline tells everything on being the 2nd woman in someones life. Rite shara? its practically nothing to do wt both of us, but we just like to discover and explore every possibilities when it comes to real life relationship drama! huahuahau... ;) hope not only we both got the message, its for the one who actually faced it or about to face it..hehe. no offence!~ peace:D

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

How to deal with a woman who’s coming on too strong

In a relationship

If you’re in the budding stages of a relationship and you find she’s smothering you with her demands, start laying down the law now. Once she realizes she’s got you where she wants you – on a leash – your only recourse for help will be the SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). A guy have got to make her see reason and be rational about things. If you’re absolutely firm and she realizes she can’t make you dance to her tune, she may mellow down and agree to compromise. But if she doesn’t and you can’t get through to her, if you don’t get out now (unless she has a multitude of other redeeming qualities, and even if she does), you’re doomed to the doghouse for life!


If you’re happy about it and enjoy a submissive role – great, enjoy it. If you don’t like her taking the lead, try and convey either through actions/body language or words (if she’s not the subtle type, chances are you’ll have to hit her on the head with a sledgehammer to get through to her) that you would like her to back off and take things a little slower. If you don’t learn to slam the brakes on firmly, or she doesn’t seem to get the message, this woman is not for you. Unless of course you’re just in it for the fun of it.

Too opinionated

If you encounter this kind of woman, either at a party or a conference or even at work, remember that she won’t abide by etiquette and loves the sound of her own voice. So don’t expect her to wait for you to say your piece. If you have something to say, you have to stop being a gentleman about it and just ride roughshod over her. Butt in, say what you have to and have the courage of your convictions. Once she finds she’s met her match and you’re a worthy adversary, she’ll think twice about locking horns with you. Stick to your guns and watch her run for cover – or at the very least you’ll be out of her firing range!

Why you shouldn't reveal everything about yourself to your lover

When you’re getting to know each other and are in the initial stages of a budding relationship, it's best not to reveal everything about yourself to your lover. If you insist on telling him everything, even if your life is an open book, he might be bored because he already knows more than he probably needs to. It is always good for a relationship to retain a hint of mystery and to keep him guessing a bit. It is more fun to let him discover things for himself and gradually uncover your hidden depths, layer by layer.

If you have a few skeletons in your closet, and you choose to reveal them all in the beginning of the relationship when you’re still treading on uncertain ground, you run the risk of your partner backing off if he’s not comfortable with what you have disclosed. Once you are more settled into the relationship and if the situation presents itself, tell him only as much as you think he should know.

Trust and honesty is important for a relationship, so if he asks you certain pointed questions, don’t try and hide stuff. But you don’t have to tell him all the gory details, an abbreviated version will do. Being comfortable enough with your lover, to tell him the truth, also involves trusting him enough with your feelings and that he will not abuse this trust, or use whatever you tell him to get back at you someday, or throw it in your face.

If your lover is the jealous type or overly possessive, be wary of what you tell him about past relationships. If you think he can’t handle the information in a mature manner, tell him selectively whatever you think he can deal with. And if he doesn’t ask, don’t tell him at all.

Also, if you do discuss your past history with your lover, you don’t need to go into details about each and every past relationship you’ve ever had. He also doesn’t need to know statistics – how many boyfriends you’ve had, how many people you’ve slept with, how many live-in relationships you’ve had – unless you’re truly comfortable and want to discuss it. And unless it becomes a bone of contention, some things are best left in the past.