Monday, February 21, 2011

Inspirational story...

Today my blog would be about financial freedom..why am i suddenly pay much attention and take seriously when it comes to financial? frankly speaking, i just realized how much important is our savings. Yes...i've been saving all this while but i spend more than i actually save. The more we earn the more we tend to spend...and of course its more or less related on our environment, social life and career.

I met this one old guy, a good prospect who looks nice for me to deal with. **BINGO!** he actually more than a prospect to me. He inspired me in some ways. Me and my colleague was trying to get him take a step towards CIMB retirement plans. As i was trying my colleague to close the deal, he stopped us with this one inspirational story of his. To cut it short, he has achieved all he wanted in life and at this particular time, while others are still working hard, he is enjoying his life with family and tour
ing round the world. All he does back then was working and investing. He knows how to roll back his money. He did shared with us his awful years during he childhood. He came from a very poor family and he got lucky to get fully sponsored by government to one of the famous premiere school in 'tanah Melayu' which is Sekolah Tuaku Abdul Rahman(STAR). I bet he's a genius. hee.

So the story goes on and on and on. Till, he said that he have been managed his financial at the early stage somewhere in his 20's while some of his friends are enjoying spending time partying. What he look up for a better future for himself and his family. And from his look and the staring on their eyes, i know that he is satisfied and really thank God for what he had. Only concern now is his health. He told that how rich we are, at the end of the day if we d
oesn't look out on our own health, we definitely soon gonna be broke. But Alhamdulillah, i can see he managed all of it in a good way.

As he was sharing the story, my mind sometimes flew into a feral imagination. I look up on the way he thinks about life, future and family. Deep in m y heart, there is lil voice whispering said, 'you gonna get this kind of life..this kind of husband and of course this kind of happiness without u knowing it......'

He refused to invest some of his money with a solid reason and for the 1st time ever i didn't even debate about it. I totally understand that he's is now at the peak of his own happiness. Gosh! ur a one men that strongly captured my whole attention.

At the end, i just knew that he's one of the 'Datuk' for UMNO in Shah Alam....He left us with his short valuable suggestion which is.. we should catch all the young executives to actually look deep into materializing their financial regards to savings or investment. Inspired*

( mind was imagine to have someone like him for my husband thou..i mean his mind set and futuristic thinking ;) ) hehe.......

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