Saturday, February 26, 2011

Morning Depression...........

I dont like to wake up every morning wt so much things in my head. It troubles me now and then. The feeling of worries and wonder whats gonna happen always there in my mind. How could i move forward cos what i did in the past really scared me off...i stuck as if there is no brighter future for me. But still...deep down in my hearts there is a lil believes in myself which somehow a key for me to over come the circumstances and stay strongly focus in what i'm doing!

Every morning, as i open up my eyes, i pray to God that today gonna be a great day for me...better than yesterday. Hoping there will not be too much of worries in me. I dont really talk much too people on whats the trouble i'm facing rite now. People would always see me happy and fun, but the truth is...........God knows...... :( Pls kill the feeling of being regretted and such... make my route to happiness and success become wider and easy. Amen.

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