Friday, February 18, 2011

How to deal with a woman who’s coming on too strong

In a relationship

If you’re in the budding stages of a relationship and you find she’s smothering you with her demands, start laying down the law now. Once she realizes she’s got you where she wants you – on a leash – your only recourse for help will be the SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). A guy have got to make her see reason and be rational about things. If you’re absolutely firm and she realizes she can’t make you dance to her tune, she may mellow down and agree to compromise. But if she doesn’t and you can’t get through to her, if you don’t get out now (unless she has a multitude of other redeeming qualities, and even if she does), you’re doomed to the doghouse for life!


If you’re happy about it and enjoy a submissive role – great, enjoy it. If you don’t like her taking the lead, try and convey either through actions/body language or words (if she’s not the subtle type, chances are you’ll have to hit her on the head with a sledgehammer to get through to her) that you would like her to back off and take things a little slower. If you don’t learn to slam the brakes on firmly, or she doesn’t seem to get the message, this woman is not for you. Unless of course you’re just in it for the fun of it.

Too opinionated

If you encounter this kind of woman, either at a party or a conference or even at work, remember that she won’t abide by etiquette and loves the sound of her own voice. So don’t expect her to wait for you to say your piece. If you have something to say, you have to stop being a gentleman about it and just ride roughshod over her. Butt in, say what you have to and have the courage of your convictions. Once she finds she’s met her match and you’re a worthy adversary, she’ll think twice about locking horns with you. Stick to your guns and watch her run for cover – or at the very least you’ll be out of her firing range!

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