Thursday, December 12, 2013

He stole my heart…and..refuse to give it back ~

I said YES!!! #engaged on 27 October 2013. As i search for the words to say, I smile with thoughts and vision of this day. Approximately a month ago, he decided to put a RING on my finger. And I'm all BOOKED!

Our journey hasn't been easy but we've always treated our relationship like a marriage. 3 years of hard work, loyalty, honesty and love and now we left another 37 days to embark on the next step of our journey….#bride2be I Love my fiancĂ© and i will always treat him like a KING…of course cos i really wanna be his devoted QUEEN. lol. The one who I will be with until the end. InsyAllah.

I am so happy yet nervous to think that another few days is my big day. The day in which of every girl looking up for.  I am truly glad that i found him in my life journey. God has made us for one another and i believes there are thousands of beautiful reasons behind all the set up. A love we never shared with no other. Thru good, thru bad..happy and sad… One thing will always remain true is he steal my heart everyday and i just like it to be that way now…and forever! Oh God, Pls just don't make this feeling fade away~ ^_^

So again I said YES!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

my new status...soon...

This coming Oct 27, 2013...its gonna be my BF's Birthday and at the same time OUR ENGAGEMENT DAY. wallahh~ to think back over the years we went thro...last year and last 2 years i've always surprised him on his birthday. Its just me the one who always ada je la benda nk buat kezutann kan~ 

Towards our engagement day, ya Robbi..byk nyer benda2 nak kena siapkan. I gotta tell you ols one thing ..its so inspired me so much. Dalam diam2 kalau dah kata MAMA tu kan...she whould the VERY BEST on her daughter big day. I'm always had this argument with her....I dont one it to be SO MAHA GRAND bagai....cos it just an engagement. But i guess she did it all her way. She prepare rite from my hantaran decoration (tiap mlm la ada je dia nak abiskan masa depan mesin jahit dia tu), my mini so called "paladin" home made of course planning on the vent flows skua. Fuhhh~ im like SERIOUSLY, ma.....hmmmmm. That's my mom and because of that EVERYNITE I always thank God to give such MOM. x pernah kenal penat janji she wants her daughter looks pretty and happy on her big day...(event thou event pagi and obviously myself lena bgn pagi and siap2 dalam keadaan separa sadar mata sepet) huhu!

actually we both just came back from Jakarta ...taking all our tempahan baju for engagement and weddings items there. jeng3x....i will upload soon some of the photos of me on my engagement day la kan. another 1 week je lagi ni...
Of course dalam pada sonok2 smua nak kawin ni..i always have this lil concern in me on getting ready to be really devoted princess to my prince chraming..wahh gitukan! bkn nyer alam Disney world where always have an HAPPY ENDING...reality order to get to the happy ending kena la cekalkan hati tu go ups and down together..and i always stated that in mind! mana latau...pompuan ni kan sometimes bile emo and hormones is everywhere..suami pon dis ingatkan cam kawan2 je kan. dah ilang rasa hormat tu smua...mintak2 la im always sable kan...insyAllah..
For me saat bahagia seorang wanita tu bile ada org yang dtg pinang la kan...and the best responsibility to a woman is when she be a MOM! and seriously...if my faith is with him...after marry i wish to have children straight away..kalau di izin kan tuhan la ye~
Memandangkan la lagi 3 bln je aku ni bergelar isteri...i did some of the reading about marriage life and such. saje bg pendedahan awal....and i came out with this quotes.."mencintai pasangan apa adanya dan sabar dengan kekurangan dia..."hmm....insyAllah things will run smoothy between us. Pompuan mana je tak takut kan tetibe gonna be with a man for the rest of her life...if the girl used to sleep alone..skali bgn pagi2 ada org kat sebelah kan..what if we fight yet gotta sleep on the same bed..haaa...thats the thriller part la kan. ^_^. 

Just a tips to share la kan and also as a reminder to me and others~

 1. Saling memberi hadiah. Bukan Mahalnya harga sebuah pemberian tersebut tapi RASA KASIH sayang kitalah yg MELEBIHKAN NILAInya. 2. Mengkhususkan waktu untuk duduk bersama..Jangan sampai antara suami isteri sibuk dengan urusan masing-masing dan tidak ada waktu untuk duduk bersama. Yang menjadi penyebabnya, kerana dia sibuk menghabiskan waktunya untuk pelbagai pekerjaan yang berhubungan dengan pelajaran dan lainnya, sehingga meninggalkan isteri dan anak-anaknya dalam waktu lama. 3. Menampakkan wajah yang ceria. Di antara cara untuk mempererat cinta kasih, hendaklah menampakkan wajah yang ceria. Ungkapan dengan bahasa wajah, mempunyai pengaruh yang besar dalam kegembiraan dan kesedihan seseorang. Seorang isteri akan senang jika suaminya berwajah ceria, tidak cemberut.4. Memberikan penghormatan dengan hangat kepada pasangannya, baik ketika hendak pergi keluar rumah ataupun ketika pulang. Penghormatan itu hendaklah dilakukan dengan mesra. Dalam beberapa hadis diriwayatkan, ketika hendak pergi solat, Rasulullah Shalallahu ‘Alaihi Wassalam mencium isterinya tanpa berwudhu lagi dan terus solat. Ini menunjukkan, bahawa mencium isteri dapat mempererat hubungan antara suami isteri, meluluhkan kebekuan ataupun kekakuan antara suami isteri. 5. Hendaklah memuji pasangannya. Di antara keperluan manusia adalah keinginan untuk di puji- dalam batas- yang wajar. Dalam masalah pujian ini, para ulama telah menjelaskan, bahawa pujian diperbolehkan atau bahkan dianjurkan dengan syarat-syarat: untuk memberikan motivasi, pujian itu diungkapkan dengan jujur dan ikhlas, dan pujian itu tidak menyebabkan orang yang dipuji menjadi sombong atau lupa diri. 6. Bersama-sama melakukan tugas yang ringan. Di antara kesalahan sebahagian suami ialah, mereka menolak untuk melakukan sebahagian tugas di rumah. Mereka mempunyai anggapan, jika melakukan tugas di rumah, bererti merendahkan kedudukannya, menurunkan atau menjatuhkan kewibawaannya di hadapan isteri. Pendapat ini tidak benar. 7. Perlu berekreasi berdua tanpa membawa anak. Rutin pekerjaan suami di luar rumah dan pekerjaan isteri di rumah membuat suasana menjadi keruh. Sekali-kali diperlukan suasana lain dengan cara pergi berdua tanpa membawa anak. Hal ini sangat penting, kerana dapat memperbaharui cinta suami isteri. Kita mempunyai anak, lantas bagaimana caranya? Ini memang sebuah problem. Kita cari solusinya, jangan menyerah begitu saja. Bukan bererti setelah mempunyai anak banyak tidak boleh pergi berdua. 8. Perlu adanya keterbukaan. Keterbukaan antara suami dan isteri sangat penting. Di antara problem yang timbul di keluarga, lantaran antara suami dan isteri masing-masing menutup diri, tidak terbuka menyampaikan ‘problem’nya kepada pasangannya. Yang akhirnya kian menumpuk, sampai akhirnya meledak.

Tanggungjawab utama seorang isteri ialah isteri perlulah taat dan patuh kepada suaminya. Kesetiaan isteri kepada suaminya perlu diutamakan terlebih dahulu lebih dari keluarga terdekatnya sendiri. Hari ini admin nak berkongsi tentang Kelebihan-kelebihan seorang isteri. beruntungnya kaum hawa ini :D


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rain Check!

approximately another 115 days to go...OMG! the numbers is truly going smaller each day! fuhh~ oh hello people...its been awhile kan since i update my blog. Life just extremely busy. Never in my life i've been this super bz with job, life, family and yeah....preparation on my big day. **tarikk nafassss* .....fuhhhhh.....*hembusss*

Engagement dress {CHECKED!} soon gonna pick up from jakarta yaw! its gonna be absolutely my fav cos i design it myself. Put a lil art on the design..and tadaaa..its zoo me indeed! will surprise u ols with my own creation very soon :)

i get a pair of new shoe from my indonesian designer as my engagement present :) 

 OK for my hantaran i leave it to my mom. She is an EXPERT on this i can say. Not to worry too much about it cos i wanted is the engagement ceremony to be simple and memorable to me and family. Nothing more i could ask for ..just to see all smiling happily on my engagement day..and plus its a day of MY FUTURE HUSBAND birthday as well. Awesome date to be remember! 

shall update soon on the belum kelam kabut lg ni...sbb we ols still chillax je. On top of our mind keep saying...lamaa lg...LoLz!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A month before i get engage!

hmm..siapa cakap getting marry is easy? people for in love..doing sweet things and bell starts to ring and hoth merpati dua sejoli ni pon masing2 la x sabar wanna leave together! oh pls....the whole preparation is just menakotkann...yet syok! uishh....donno la how to discribe it but i guess its just once amd for all.huhu
I've been toooooo busy to do much more than to worry about the whole wedding with only approximately a month to go for my engagement, i do feel a sort of calm settling over me, so im thinking just a moment to write about it.

I'm coming up on a trasistion in my life, lately i feel like we both are so much matured in handling "relationship" stuffs. we talked about how we met...the non-stop fighting at the beginning of our relationship..its just chaotic and to think and talked about it made us both laugh and thank God..we actually went thro all that! bravoo to us..and i always remind 'lil devil' inside me...MORE TO COME my dear! ehem! well atleast maybe next round we will face it with wiser solution..hopefully!

i've to admit at this point, cant really believes that my heart is slowly open in welcoming him into my world. the transformation are all seems amazing..we both looks like we take it lightly but the fact is we both are SERIoUs in making things happens as per what we plan.insyaAllah.  I felt a lot of stressed and shed a tear or two(or five thousand maybe...) over the course of our engagement and wedding, but it looks like it's all coming together. the word is of course..CONSIDERATION! pretty much i can say im finally starting to feel excited.  Plus...he started to asked me on OUR honeymoon!!! yayyy! despite of getting gonna have a loooooooong honeymoon wt him ...i mean..we want to be there for each other thro thick and thin. (sounds like everybody does hv this tot before married rite..hee..will see about it..)

With all the planning out of the way, im able to think about what this actually is...a marriage. I am getting married to Muhd Mahdhirul Amal Bin Zainal Abidin, and that thought actually calms me. I suspect that there are some brides out there who start panicking about now, because they start to realize what they are about to do. But when i think about whats about to happen, i feel certain that this is the best desicion i ever made. i know this is the right thing for me and he is the rite man. ..and spending the rest of my life with him is what i want more than anything. Seriously,i do a lot of reading on marriage and love...being wife and mother. I've to say Married life is an adventure i cant wait to embark upon, and with him i feel well equipped for the journey..insyAllah. This is absolutely a smart move...perhaps good idea and its pretty romantic ...hmmm...*dreamy smile*. With the stress out of the way, a deep happiness is settling upon me and im pretty sure Amal feels much the same~ ♥♥
ok Linda...pls control your excitement!! focus back to work! lolz  ;p

Monday, August 12, 2013

154 days to go...

Talking about forever makes me so happy but talking about forever with my love ones make me so ecstatic. Thinking about the future gives me butterflies ^_^.
Talking with you today and telling you everything that is been going on with my friends, works and myself was so easy. Telling you about the things that are happening made a weight get lifted off my  chest. Now, i guess is the time for us to focus on US, OUR MAJOR PLAN for these next few months together and the rest of our lives.
Yes, its time for us to proceed about the big "M" word. yeah..marriage! obviously it made my face light up a lil bit from the stressness of works that stuck in my mind plus the whole Raya celebration thingy. We both know that the big "M" word is at least 5months more or less down the line, and of course has a girl will always dream about a PERFECT one..well at least closest to perfect. hee:).
i love you to the ends of this world and will always continue to love you till the day i die. InsyAllah   

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Climbing the leader of success

At last, i found a good time on the holy month of Ramadhan. The nite its kinda quite and peaceful to me. Biasa la..i just finished replying all emails to clients and done updating my team as well as my new coming up projects. Life is so terribly busy...ehem*...pernah ke life aku ni x busy kan. hehe..x de keja pon masih mampu nk cari keja kan .LoL.

Middle of June, finally I've launched my own business. Launched by our advisory..Datuk Seri Syed Zainal Abidin. Yes! FINALLY. it took me half year in preparing the paper works...went up and down...hustles here and there..presentation by presentation been done and ALHAMDULILLAH ...finally aku tarik nafas lega sgt. Well, at least i kept my words and did the exact action in making part of my dream comes through. hmm...not yet but ...ok la...i've achieved it partly.

Here a little story that been there in my mind...SubahannAllah... frankly speaking, i feel that this year is the MOST BUSIEST and HECTIC YEAR OF MY LIFE. How to do i actually say it...hmm.. Just imagine.. 2 IMPORTANT AND BIGGEST THING THAT I AIM for all this while comes at the same time.
1. Getting marry..and..
2. Having my own business

GOSH! firstly i felt so grateful and all blessed...but when i think back is just kinda tiring and sometimes i felt like..wanna put a full stop for awhile and .... let it be je...but that's sooooo not me. Only God knows what inside my mind right now...all i know that circulation of people that surround me makes me stronger to face each day.

PRONTO PRIMA is the name. A Creative Brand Communications expert. I'm the one who leads the whole business of Pronto Prima. The join venture between mainstream people (business man) from business background was an honoured given  to me. I extended this amazing opportunity to my close friends who i think deserved another levels up in this competitive market. Most of all, i believes in a team works effort. By doing this kinda business associates, not just me enjoy the experience, knowledge and $$$... its all ABOUT EFFORTS AND NEW PATH FOR ALL OF US~ far the team was MADNESSS...we went through some crazee times back then, but now i've to admit...we are born naturally Crazee and wild with ideas. Best part is..everyone one pon tag along really well. Ya could i ever not Thank God for the path He created for me. Even thou sometimes i felt really down, stressed out, tired, but i always looks beyond the imperfection. And i tend to low down myself....redha~

Well..this are few of my awesome pictures shot during the launching~ My memoirs.....


Bismillah...and let the journey begins~

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ramadhan datang lagi...

I donno how to actually show what i feel right now knowing that Ramadhan month comes again. Ya Allah...syukran al Jaziran for the feeling that running thro my vain rite now. i found peace withing myself. Again....this holy month of Ramadhan somehow flash back the memories i had when i was in Mecca. SubahannAllah...its just a wonderful moment of my life time.
Thank you for making me realised every single day of Your greatness. 2 months i never had a chance to blog cos of a hectic schedules i had...seriously running own business is not easy as it seems. Somehow, i've stated and promised to myself that this Ramadhan is just me and God. The month that i always wish to witness the Lailatul any chance...if wish and we doesn't put some effort i dont think we gonna get it ^_^
oh ya..there is one thing that i really wanna shared...the tots and feeling that i had on my way to terawih wt mama...its just amazing. as usual la i always go terawih wt mama every ramadhan. suddenly my mind snapped was like someome was actually taking over my mind. Remind me that this Ramadhan gonna be something to remember...last Ramadhan that i will be single...Ramadhan that i will walk to the mosque wt mama...Ramadhan that i will do my terawih prayer besides mama...then lil pure baby girl tears went down. *touched* i was like...OMG! is this real....? is this going to happen?? mama...... so looking forward for my next Ramadhan where its gonna be a walk to the mosque wt my dear husband. Ya Allah...wish and prayers for both us to be just fine as husband ans wife..sooon~ hee  . insyAllah .

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Alhamdulillah~ im happy..hee

well 1st of all im so happy cos blessed wt such wonderful people surround me. firstly, happy mom's day to my amazing mama. we celebrated a day earlier cos my sista flew to sarawak on friday. it was a small celebration wt those two cucu mama yg tersyg sgt tu kan. Alhamdulillah to see all of us which i think mama did a very good job as a mother abd dad to all of us. not in my life i ever heard mama merungut cos of our behavior..all she did was understand the whole situation that she gotta faced as a single mother. i couldnt imagine her in her toughest years facing so much hustles in raising us up. with all respect...these very day i tend to realised Mama did everything to make us feels good and happy bout we have. never in my life i feel i didnt get what i want...rasa cam smua nyer cukup je all this while. best part is we get superb education and Alhamdulillah smua dh bekerjaya.

Mom, there is no any solid reason i couldnt love u much as u did to all of us. not just on mom's day..its everyday..every morning when all of us bout to go to work..we surely find u rite at the door step to salam and kiss u for us to be bless for the whole day. Seriously and Alhamdulillah, i never fail to do so. sometimes i even wish to raise up my kids just like mama did...penuh kasih sayang and kesyukuran. And all us never ask for more...cos we been train to just Bersyukur dgn ape yg ada. That is the greatest gift ever from my elderly. thanks for making me and others always berpijak pd bumi yg nyata~

Secondly, despite mom's bakal mertua..ehem*..*blushed* came by my house. now, lets get into a real talk about me and my fututr husband. Finally, both parents meet. how i wish My Abah was there discussing on the matters. i bet he was around watching us all td. perhaps, he is bless to see his future son in law...serious, my future husband have similarity as my Late abah :( it feels so good and grateful to have it back in my life once again . Ya Allah, thank you in putting the puzzle that ive been looking for all this while. serious x sangka...jodoh aku tu drkat sgt all this while. BarakAllah~

papepon, today was the 1st time in getting the silatuhrahim between umah semakin berkembang. i really hope this kinda meeting up wt lead to a beautiful and amazing ending for both family. InsyAllah~ :)


love from a happy girl,

Sunday, March 3, 2013

oh!happy day~

for real...these is da day i feel im real..happiness are real and the smile on everyone face are just too good to be true. SuhannAllah..there is no words i could ever say...its just Alhamdulillah all da way. Today officially i've been BOoKeD! yeah...1 step ahead to welcome my other family.

Mama was so happy at last meeting up wt my other half mom. Sirahtulrahim di perpanjangkan lagi...and i just love it seeing both family merged happily. Mma and mak ( pronounced as it is~) get along pretty sis and his sista and myself..alhamdulillah...i've lots of girls in family soon.yay! al maklum la...ive been raised up in a family wt majority of guys~huhu.... God knows what exactly i need most~ ^_^

my uncle and aunty was there as well when the family came to do the malay custom procedures. ..."merisik"~ i felt all blessed....till uncle told me..most probably there will be another meet up as the conversation between both family gotta be firm and focus..i got what he meant...cos in the 1st meet up we were just giving a room to know each other better more~ all this while..the story always came from either my mouth or my bf's. hehe...and uncle meet up..he will meet the father and do the talk as well. there he wali and been there as my dad all this while... :( wishing my abah witness da whole things happen earlier on today.... i bet he was round~ T_T..

His father didnt turned up on today...just his mother and his 3 sisters and his closest nephew ever. i'm ok wt it at first...till my sista mentioned this.. "maybe ayah dia x dtg umah kite cos tau linda dh x de ayah lg"....hmmm.....this is unfair...but to think back isnt that fair enuff after gotta be more thankful and pls...x moh pk bkn2..hee. all blessed wt beautiful and most lovable people..yay!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

the perks of being a Wallflower ^_^

Never in life i been sOOoo typically missing my chaotic friendship life. Obviously we went thro such cried, laughed, fall and hate pretty much...erk..not sure if it is a good thing but hell the end of the day i actually looked at the beauty of our friendship...absolutely beuatiful :) *Alhamdulillah*

The only thing i could think is that i will never know how to demonstrate how grateful I am for having some of the weirdest, ting tong and crazy beautiful people in my life, my girlfrieds~ LEEN, SHARA, and SIKIN! truly missing the time we had spend through out our crazy lil world back was totally a good memories for us to look back and smile once sweet day! hehe..

cheers~ To the MATURED US~ huhu
(one thing about us is We just cant get enuff with cameras) LoL.

aww~ look at doLLy sista now is a HAWTMAMA yaw~

Fo.R.e.V.E.R F.O.U.R 


Thursday, January 31, 2013

just a thought

today i think is not quite a productive day to me. 1st cos my proposition to client been rejected and secondly im atill stuck with this flu and caughing virus..its been almost 2weeks..all vitamins and pills been taken just nk baik cepat...guess its a sign from God kot for me to take a lil break from my works. week to week i've been working on 3 projects at the same time... 1 is obviously been rejected today..will see for another 2 more to be present soon..huhu.

And so in the evening i went to meet my doc again. kali ni amik ubat paling power...bak kata my bf. tot of makan my fav cendol and laksa bawah pokok somewherr near my house but too bad the kakak wt her van doesn't turn out to be at the same place. so, i went and makan shushi alone~

my brain is always functioning ..thinking bout job and such...but being alone this time im actually adapt wt whatever situation i came across. i pick a table at the corner of the sushi king. order my fav salmon sushi and enjoying looking around me till im focusing on this sushi manager. He smiled at me and i think probably he will be saying sumthing like... "kesian nyer budak ni..muke pucat and mkn sorank2"...but what im actually thinking was..."syok ke keja as manager kedai". this sponteneous thought happen in my mind cos what i see la...this guy just duduk caunter and everytime people masuk he will always pronounce 'ohaiyooo'...(dgn nada gumbira sgt)....hmm..then..dia bukak almari kire stok tisu..then gi kat tray kire the shushi stok kot...then casher duty on. and he did da same thing another 30mins. OmG! u guys must be thinking that i've no works just to lepak mkn sushi lelama kan...snap it! this is how im actually memuasabahkan diri...(btul ke ejaan aku ni..hee)

i used to think what if my life is not my life rite now? what if i actually only working and manage a shop and doing the same thing everyday...last time i always think and i wanted a life like what i have now...SubahannAllah...ape yg kite nk jd tuhan beri jua..its just that kite perasan atau tak kan~ and if we know it than Alhamdulillah..and thank to the Almighty God to giving us the kind of life we wanted sbb dia tau how strong seorang hamba tu can take His ujian. MasyAllah...sometimes we just hv to look around us and we know where we actually stand. *tunduk diri*

#justsharin je~ xx

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Week :)

last nite on my dinner date with my love at The Ship Restaurant having our fav steak and lamb, my handsome boyfriend now started to talk and showed his seriousness in marrying me. *blush* chup!!! is he proposing me?? suddently i felt really nervous but muke tetap maintain sambil kunyah2 the yummy steak..hehe. It has been stressful after the nite before i've this lil feeling call 'merajuk sakan'...i really meant it...i mean i never been hard before but that nite i just couldn't take it anymore. how ever i can say that it is such a growing experience and i definitely know he will be by my side thro thick and thin. in syaa Allah... therefore last nite..he taking another .....serious steps for both of us. Ya Rob, ternyata doa aku dikabulkan....and sesungguhnya Engkau la yang mengetahui isi hatiku yg terdalam^_^
there r no words can be explain how i felt in that particular moment. it's as if everything has changed but it hasn't to much..erk..i mean...we will adapt sooner or later with each other respinsibility kann~aww~ ♥♥
But i am sooooo happy now...he even asked me whether im excited or not for our wedding?? fuhh...sumpah inside my heart dah dubdap*dubdap ....and to be truth i feel like im gonna jump up on the dining table and jumping round and shouttt "yayyy!!!! this man....the man that i love would be my husband soon!!!" ***snapped it*** its just an exaggeration imagination of my happy inner the real thing was...ehem...muke maintain je jawab... (-_-) "well..i bet i will be extra exicted after i share this good news wt mama and obviously after both of our parents meet" and i give him my happy smile but ada skit malu2 kucing~ hee♡
then..i was spechless. couldn't form words, thoughts, ideas or anything. i knew i was happy. i knew the shaking was from overwhelming joy from inner me, but i still can make my brain works ...a little~ hee.
he had a nite wt me alone, just to relish in the moment of what his and his family was discussing during the day . No wonder he buzzed me and wanted me to go out wt him for a dinner..seriously i tot it was just a make it up dinner cos of the day before he accidentally put me down. But it was a dinner just talking bout simple things that it clicked. it was a slow click but its one forward. huhu~
It was a COMMITMENT over the 3 yrs of relationship..and Alhamdulillah we took serious in what we have. This was a sign of progression of us making a step forward. For everyone else it was a sign of seriousness. Now eat that people...i know im a person who hv a lil bit koo koo in da head...but committed. hee. we both take our love seriously and that we want to be there for each other forever. In syaa Allah~
this proposition will lead to a formal merisik2 thingy..just to make a formality in our adat Melayu ye~ but wowww~~ i have no words to describe what i feel. Perhaps this progression brings peace to my worried mind that we will get there one sweet day. it gives them sight to see fraction of how him and i see each other...their happiness in syaa Allah will bring joy to me as well...hmmm..if that possible to have more (im just being an ordinary person..mmg sentiasa mahukan
hope dari saat ini...segala yang bakal dirancang and ditempuh will always run smoothly and dirahmati Nya. In syaa Allah...doa kalian smua untuk segala dipermudahkan bg jalan jodoh kami berdua amatlah dihargai and let Allah swt bless us with wonderful things to happen. i'm just a bit overwhelming and happy beyond belief~♥♡♥
Thank you. peace.xoxo

Friday, January 25, 2013


1st time dalam idup aku perkara yang aku slaloo look forward and appreciate every single moment on wedding event suddenly tonite had changed to such gloomy and sad feeling after all. Where is the girl who always happy, glamarous, smiling, stylish and confident when ever she attend a wedding ceremony?? where is she???

Ya Allah....if dialah org yg dijanjikan Mu halal bagi ku, maka lahirkan lah rasa itu kembali...lahirkan lah pandangan aku seperti saat pertama aku lihat dia. napa aku x bisa bercakap sambil lihat pada mata nya ya Rob..apa selama ini perkara aku pendam kini buat lidah aku kelu untuk berkata-kata, mata aku berpaling dr dia, jiwa meronta2 memohon kekuatan dari Mu. Sesungguhnya...tlah banyak sign yg aku nampak dia bkn untuk aku...and kali ini...aku akur. let me just redha atas ketentuan mu ya Rob...Engkaulah mencipta segala yg indah buat ku and aku yakin pada ketentuan Mu...and so.aku mula memandang serius untuk selamatkan diri and hati aku ini dahulu...terlalu lama aku tlah comprise with his feeling while actually im hurt inside in every seconds~

maka..cerita KITA ini...pada saat ini...aku hanya mampu berserah pada mu..sesungguhnya Engkau lah yg Maha mengetahui ape yg berada di depan kite and didalam hati kita sendri. my tears that falling down rite now cos of aku akur dgn segala ketentuan Mu ya Allah...kerna...aku hanya seorang perempuan yg lemah dan kini hanya mampu untuk senyap......... aku kesal...kesal kerna aku pilih untuk senyap walhal aku bisa berbicara and menegur sesama apakan daya...hati aku terlalu pasrah dgn keadaan....


Saturday, January 19, 2013

kenduri kendara~

having a kenduri isnt a new thing in my family. since im small, my parents always threw birthday parties...kenduri keayukuran, doa selamat..tahlil and ..yeah all celebrations indeed. hehe..myself and whole my siblings i guess dh adapt wt this kinda keramaian...mix with people from different ages is benda my fwens are fwens wt my bros and mama knows i think nearly all of my fwens..hee.

myself as well friends and communicate wt mama's fwens, sis's fwen and my brothers' fwens. isnt that awesome?? huhu. yes it is. all the connections we had totally sumthing that we could count and respect on.

today, mama did a kenduri calling all her biro2 masjid al-rahman to attend a small celebration (trust mom called it small but i think ita HuGe) lol...doa selamat on her 58th birthday, tahlil for abah and our families member yg lain...and od course for future undertaking..rezki....jodoh..yada...yada.....

pak cik..imam masjid...makcik...aunties...uncles...friends...relatives are all gathered together. setiap saat aku memerhatikan everyone and sumpah..i can see in every faces lay a wonder happy smile. Alhamdulillah. the feeling of seeing people enjoyed the food and the awesome get together moment really made me felt so blessed be in such a wonderful surrounding. from babies to a wrickles women....i did what i supposed to do. Ya Allah..tiap tetamu yg hadir tu adalah doa sejahtera untuk family aku ni. syukran al jaziran~
ada sorank mak cik ni la...kawan to my mother.guess she always went to masjid wt mama (gank masjid la kot) ...she came to me shaked hand with me and lama tul dia pegang tangan aku ni....sambil bertanya itu ini...but the one question she did asked me was..."awak anak hj Ani ni yg dulu sakit ke?" like seriously??? seriously ke im famous among mama's fwen? huhu.

to be was really a hard time for mama to went thro back then. And this mak usap kepala i..."Alhamdulillah..anak dh sihat...makin lawa plak tu" (perlu ke aku mention kat sini) ....and dia sambung..."cari jodoh dgn org yg btul2 menerima kite seadanya ye nak"...dah tu..dia siap bacakan doa depan muke aku ni...and cium dahi aku and said.." moga panjang umur and murah rezeki...assalamualaikum"... *confused* ni dh cam my birthday doa slamat la plak kan~ hehe

to be was a great celebration :) more barakah to my family and may God always bless us with wonderful things in His world . Amin.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

my looner weekend

this weekend i have a top mission to be accomplish..1st i've to kemas2 my room..get rid of old items that i think useable and non useable guess it belong to the dusbin. so, on saturday ive been doing the wardrobe clearence.huhu. The whole day till my mom called me to teman her to her kilang sofa.

so there i went with her. blk tu i asked my mom to teman me buying a TV Led..hehe. since im decorating my own room..guess i throw out some items and i definitely gonna add on few stuffs. lol. smart TV Led brand phillip soon come into my room.yehhaaa~ btul ckp the time umur nk dekat late twenty ni if not marry yet, we tend to distant our selve from hectic person im to be soon. hiks! (not much of a thing to do nowdays) tv is my toy to play around with.hehe. sampai demam2 la smalam dok kemas bilik...rearranged tables and drawers and decorate itu ini..

and this morning i went out jogging round my house park just to get a lil sweat. Alhamdulillah...fever gone lil bit. then, i did my breakfast at my sista's yawww before hit to IKEA~

waiting for my bro to teman is taking ages..let me do it and settle things by my own..sebaik la tulang 4 kerat aku ni still allergic to benda2 lembab..whats on my mind i always put it into real action....

tu dia...trying to be "iron lady" searching for my tv cabinet and i gotta panjat ...angkat...and do all sort of heavy duty works ALONE. *pengsan* but to think back...i juat smile~ hoping one day my hero will be there to help me out with men's stuffs....aiyakk~ penat woo..dh cam main reality game kena cari barang2 kat gudang ikea :(

today mission completed! Alhamdulillah..smua in order..and on time! both item will be deliver to my house 2moro..meanwhile...ehem* touch up bilik skit. 2013 ..told ya..its my freaking year~ more success story to be tell bout soon..insyallah.xx
peaxe yaww~


Ya Allah...its just so freaking hard to understand guys sometimes. the more i dig my own effort in knowing him...i tend to get lost in transistion...* sambil dgr lagu naluri lelaki*

Maybe ....just maybe..i give it too much thought on what his thinking. cos i hv this big sympathy heart which i always think i can help to solve what ever problems that someone face it...hmm..dah la....remember la wahai linda...if someone doesn't even tell single story or seeking for help..jgn la nk gatal2 hv the thought of being a "super hero" ^_^

enuff said. wish we could travel in a same mind~ xx

Monday, January 7, 2013

Disebalik lipatan kain itam....o_0

This is somehow my own experience to witness such thing rite in front of my eyes. ..hehe. semakin aku travel semakin terbuka minda aku ni...i mean panjang btul akal aku merayap in that sense. Familly trip to London and Paris was not just a Family trip to just having fun...for me, in every of my journey it wakes me up with new things to be ponder about. So this time was about benda duniawi ni....i’ve seen and i felt it. U know.. girls who been in such high fashion city..My God!! Tergugat iman...eceyh! me being such a typical girl back then in sakan!! Bought lots of stuffs for my siblings, friends, and business partners and of course la to myself.

Semua shopping mall i was in on BOXING Day..till da day my mom said, lets go to HARRODS!! Well...mmg i planned to go there to look for my fav handbag. On the way to Harrods, mama told me, that was the shopping mall my late Abah used to shop with her...from perfumes, handbags to home stuffs! No wonder la..mama extra syok nk ke harrods. Lol

We actually spiltted when i got to harrods. I was going to handbags department and mama was in upper level. And yeah, this was the part i see and i learn. I’ve choose the handbag which I think I  like to buy and was been told to check the goods at the front counter. was actually a small room wt a counter. Guess x de la panjang sgt kena beratur cos just me and....this one Pak Arab and 2 of the sales person in the glass room.

Aku tgk kan aja Pak Arab ni...bkn main lg dia beli handbag sampai 4 5 ketul! Hiks! And those handbag is not cheap plak tu...the one in know it cost about 13K in Ringgit Malaysia k. Aku rasa ada gak 50K dia abis ni. So, while waiting for him to settle his payment...yang ada je la x kena tu..i watched him deal with the sales person. Then he looked at me...”you wanna pay 1st??”...and i was like.. “err..yeah sure..whichever easy with you”.. dalam hati aku bagus gak aku bayar dulu..pak arab ni gile cerewet!! Skali the sales person said, “ sorry maam, you have to wait for awhile cos we did scan 2 of this Man purchase items”..LoL! “ i’m good with that, no worries,” i replied! And this Pak Arab smile at me while im bout to sit on the couch! Huhu....Deal punya deal..pak arab tu confirm amik 5 beg!!! So i stood up blk and beratur la behind him...”and the total is 6,892 pounds all together”...that wasn't surprised me at all...I was surprised and shocked when the Man actually open up his Briefcase FULL WITH MONEY..siap berikat-ikat. OMG!!! He was paying with CASH with a sum total of more than thousand!! Ya Rob....Kaya nyerrrrrrrr this dude (i was saying this in my heart with my eyes was wide open seeing those cAsh!) . Knowing me...muke surprised aku ni mmg x ley cover lansung arr..Benci! sampai pak arab tu look at me...haha. “ This is my Pride”! wah gitu sih....jgn nk belagak sgt la...then he started to talked...”bought this  for my wife and daughters” (sambil tunjuk istri and anak2 pompuan dia yang semua BERPURDAH ye tunggu kat luar bilik kaca tu). Perghhhh!!!

He asked me am i here alone ?  dalam ati aku klo aku ckp yes ada nanti kes culik terjadi ni...but as i scanned him from up to toe..he looks very pleasant and a family type of guy..i guess. Once he'd paid all handbags, his wife and daughters came and approached him. That moment i can feel the room totally filled with love and happiness....before he went off he said sorry to keep me waiting and i looked at his wife and smile. Guess, di sebalik purdah tu pon dia senyum la kot kat aku ni yg beli satu je handbag just to reward myself.hehe. And in my heart.... UNTUNG nyer wanita berkain itam ni...bkn untung sebab dapat handbag...Untung berlipat ganda cos she actually hv a husband that really knows to value ‘Darjat seorang Wanita”..Why did i said that?? His Husband actually told me as he was paying those purchase goods.. “THIS IS MY PRIDE” (teringat muke bangga dia ckp benda ni)....aww !come on~...i really know how to read between the lines, thou. Don’t you all get it? my words i would explain...his wife and daughter are his Pride...terkawal maruah isteri and anak2 pompuan dia, maka darjat wanita itu tinggi la di mata dia~ even heaven terletak dibawah tapak kaki kaum hawa or Ibu. MasyAllah~ i just gor it! BINGGO! And his wife as she passed thro me.. i heard she said softly...” Assalamualaikum”...erk....”waalaikumsalam”..*SMILE* :)

Maybe dalam  jubah itam and purdah tu simpan rahsia yang hanya the husband and wife je tau. Concept nyer dalam islam is Perempuan kena berlawa hanya untuk SUAMI nya aje ye. And for that maybe the husband x de hal la abiskan sampai ribuan pounds for his only “PRIDE that will shadow him to a highest Jannah”~wah..class gitu kan~ ehem..amacam u ols...bley buat tak?? Jeng jeng jeng...hehe. I was toOooOoo freaking Impressed till my mama came and spotted me and my adik always sentapkan me with...”woiii...termenung keja setan la” haha!  Pfft!

So jangan memain u ols...disebalik kain itam itu punya handbag hermes, channel, prada, and couch taw....yang hanya tuk kepuasan si isteri tercinta and tatapan sang suami yang penyanyang. Tu smua duniawi tu yang buat this family tak belagak sgt..serious klo jumpe kat luar ni npk cam arab2 yang biasa je...yang slaloo buat kecho..but this one is different..looks like very educated and rasa nyer dlm aliran “Al-bashi” kot..huhu...rasa nyer la..cos its freaking RICHHHHH~ *_* lol


Xx pweace!


i never been to Paris. all i know is a romantic city and i've this lil notty wish in my teenage years to have a wonderful French Kiss in front of effile tower..of course wt my hubby. but i happen went to Paris with my family~ @$!^#* kill that lil wish of yours, Linda)!(*#₩€=£《¤ hehe

Paris in my own words i would say...

1. kota romantik
2. Fashion city
3. Top designer collections
4. its a historical city
5. An art
6. smua muke stok model je...dari the one yg jd promoter for butik and kedai makan...*unique*

what in da world i could ever imagine celebrating my new year in Paris!! Like is happening.. *double slapps* !! the best was just me , mama and my lil bro!! mama told me once, the place that i standing was actually a same place as my late dad were capturing her photo. aww~ i donno i've my dad's vission to see whats da best angle to capture the image.huhu... memories after memories been told....thats the city my mama and abah were dating those days~ ♥

If i were to have the same thing  to tell my kids..i will tell them...cyberjaya je tempat we all dating...x jauh pon~ haha. dasyat tul dating sampai ke paris...guess its during my mom study years in London~  beside side seeing, we did travel to a small town ..choisy Le Roy where we stay at. it is simple and a friendly town i can said.

Shopping was fantastic!!! others was great.....i officially fall in Love wt paris~ ♥

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 is my year~

Bismillahirahmanirahim~ Alhamdulillah..another year for me to venture. Of course..those past things that happen leave such a wonderful remark to me..either the bad or the good ones. I've literally made myself to a satisfied level which i would always thabk God and peopke round me. Syukur this year i end up and begin my year with my own Family.

2weeks plus me and my family went to a loooooooonggggggg europe holiday yaw!! inniatially was me travelling alone then my mom wanna join me...and end up 2 of my brothers also tag along. Awesome!! and it became a FAMiLY HOLiDAY. the best part a week before we pushed off, my sista from 1st family buzz and said that she will coming down to LONdOn!

ok..whats next? kekok plak rasa gi holiday wt family while at this age i gotta bring my kids and family rite...but hey still and always be my mom lil girl ^_^ hiks! ....London was awesome...its like shopping heaven! i touched down in London on christmas day....the city was quite empty..but hell yeah..the next day i witness 'the Boxing' day yaw!!

there goes half of my time in london..busy shopping and side seeing..not much of ay side seeing cos this is not my 1st time be in London city! basically, i enjoy much of my time wt my family. thats more important :)