Sunday, March 3, 2013

oh!happy day~

for real...these is da day i feel im real..happiness are real and the smile on everyone face are just too good to be true. SuhannAllah..there is no words i could ever say...its just Alhamdulillah all da way. Today officially i've been BOoKeD! yeah...1 step ahead to welcome my other family.

Mama was so happy at last meeting up wt my other half mom. Sirahtulrahim di perpanjangkan lagi...and i just love it seeing both family merged happily. Mma and mak ( pronounced as it is~) get along pretty sis and his sista and myself..alhamdulillah...i've lots of girls in family soon.yay! al maklum la...ive been raised up in a family wt majority of guys~huhu.... God knows what exactly i need most~ ^_^

my uncle and aunty was there as well when the family came to do the malay custom procedures. ..."merisik"~ i felt all blessed....till uncle told me..most probably there will be another meet up as the conversation between both family gotta be firm and focus..i got what he meant...cos in the 1st meet up we were just giving a room to know each other better more~ all this while..the story always came from either my mouth or my bf's. hehe...and uncle meet up..he will meet the father and do the talk as well. there he wali and been there as my dad all this while... :( wishing my abah witness da whole things happen earlier on today.... i bet he was round~ T_T..

His father didnt turned up on today...just his mother and his 3 sisters and his closest nephew ever. i'm ok wt it at first...till my sista mentioned this.. "maybe ayah dia x dtg umah kite cos tau linda dh x de ayah lg"....hmmm.....this is unfair...but to think back isnt that fair enuff after gotta be more thankful and pls...x moh pk bkn2..hee. all blessed wt beautiful and most lovable people..yay!!

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