Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oo La La (Final)

Last nite was really awesome. I planned to go and watch Oo La La Final since its been ared on TV9 for the past 10 weeks. Well, I've to get involve with this as i'm part of TV9 Business Developement Group. This Oo La La thingy is just like Mentor TV3 but we have our very own direction. The concept is more or less ae the same.

Seriously i dont know whose in and whose out. Only the 3 finaist will remain on y mind. They all was SUPER TALENTED! i was soooo impressed with their performance last nite. Vert confident and enjoyful. It remind me ack those days where i used to be on stage performing with my crew for various of local artists. Well, time past by really fast....and i admitted that the life i had been through is so Freaking Colorful!! Many phases of joyfulness plus a lil bit of sadness here and there. Gosh! i miss to be on da center stage again..cos once i remembered my teacher said, the best place on earth is the PERFORMING STAGE cos YOU can be anybody you want and everyone will see you as you are..Obviously they will enjoy and smile over you. Aftr all, i'm th one who always love to create a smile in every faces that happen to be part of my life=)

Nway, here is the Video by Amira(finalist) and her very own guest artist, Ezlin. i can't take much cos i've been choosen to be the one assist on stage...actally me and Wany:) guess what we been dressed up in a same out fi and we look like a Sisters,thu...sounds funny but its CUTE!!hhaha.check this out...more pictures will be upload soon;)

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