Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Its Complicated

Today right after work me, shaz and wani went for a movie. Well..the idea came out during my lunch with Shaz. I was watching this one movie preview while having lunch @ starbucks(doesn't make any sense having lunch @ starbucks but yeah..I am)..and i asked Shaz what movie was that..So she started to mumbling..all i can hear was there are so many movies play in cinema now and i missed almost everything. Then i went something like..LET US GO FOR MOVIE TODAY! ya...we both end up fighting for which movie we should watch since its been awhile. Damn!

Shaz wanted to watch Night Date..but i was eager to watch It's complicated! Really wanted to watch this movie ever since i saw its preview 2 months back...And yeah! I WATCHED IT AT LAST....hahaha. Guess Shaz being so kind to actually follow and stick the movie i choose. haha. To think back what shaz been through i guess this movie its a perfect answer for another words she will get her own very answers to her personal problem that she's facing right now..erk...about a year maybe....At least i'm being a nice friend to help her figure out..hmm more or less...hee. At the same time i'll figure out as well for my own;)

I'm so adore and admire Merryl Streep acting. She's so into her character...wonder what and how am i supposed to face if that very lil prob come to me. Oh no...divorce no a lil prob,thou..its MEGA HUGE prob! cos i cant even face break up..can't imagine if i'm facing a Divorce. aww!~ Lord...put me away from that particular disaster.Amin. hehe...oh yeah..btw...i'm not marry yet but what the hell i've been thinking...^_^ Seriously, after all i find that its kind of cool to have an affairs with your ex-husband..not to mention that i would do such thing but when things get lil rough in another end we tend to over look what we missed in the past. At that particulat time, if we hit at the right moment we may get the 2nd chance if not..BoOmM! we blow everything out! and thats will be the end of everything...;(

Great movie. Awesome Storyline. Good acting and BEST COMPANY(Shaz & Wani);) xoxo


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  2. See,Told ya!it’s possible for people to change.i learned to give in (p/s i watched date nite just now with Hani hehe u missed it)in a way,i still get what i want :P whatever it is, something about this movie is quite true... the fact that we shouldn’t hold on the same person and put so much hope for things to work out when you clearly know its not going to..

    why would you want to have an affair with your ex? You tried so hard to get out from the hole and now you’re jumping back in just because you feel so comfortable with the same person as much as he does, doesn’t mean it is alright for him to get involve back in you life anytime he likes. It’s like digging your own grave.

    Yes,I know probably your too lazy to start things all over again but life is short…u suppose to enjoy it. A first date not suppose to be a hassle for you to go through, its suppose to be a new chapter in your life for something new to look forward to.
    Would you rather wondering how it feels like to be with him and him or him OR you rather stick to them same old guy that you’re not in love with…to be with him not cause you want to but you have to? It is so for the wrong reason…

    Purpose of life is for you to explore it…I rather go through it over and over again til I find him…The one who's meant for me and im sure God will find a way for him to meet me…somehow ….

    p/s You’re a great friend Linda, but I don’t think he is my Mr right :)
    I don’t believe in 2nd chance…he let me go once, that’s a sign…that we are not meant to be….i just got to learn to let go…and im sure I will,one day….One find day,dear…
    Thanks for being there for me…and in return, I will always be there for u when u need me at anytime~luv u xoxo