Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Peaceful Weekend at Kenyir Lake

10.4.01- Last weekend i really had such a mesmerized trip. As usual the whole adventures plan was Shara’s idea. This feller is the closest buddy i have whenever it comes to crazy stuffs. It was her company, Utusan Media trip...ermm..which i donno what’s the purpose to having such trip. bUt yeah...knowing me..i’m up for everything to full fill my time with a good activities. So, there i go joining Utusan media to Kenyir Lake.

How do i get into this trip and stuck with Utusan Media people?? Well..the story goes something like this..Shara called me about a month ago saying in an excited mood of her..u know she and her HAWT FREAKING STORY whenever she called me. But this time not about those GUYS of hers. She was mentioning about having BREAKFAST with ‘PADUKA BAGINDA TENKU PUTERA of TERENGGANU’(without mentioning his name)....Sshara was really excited...and she choose me to company her. On my side, i felt honour and so pleased. (but still have a 2nd thought on this particular thing)..seriously i thought another prank of her. Somehow i felt it’s a sincere offer from her. Without thinking further more..i straight away say YES! I wanna follow think that i’ve no plan yet for that particular date.

And so the day came. WE push off from KL round 11pm. Promised to meet her up @ 9pm at her house..but yeah something came about and i reached at her crib round 11pm.hehe..almost 11pm i think....hee. Usual thing to do..i met her mom,sis...the whole family instead. ladetik perjalanan we both to Kenyir, Dengan harapan tinggi sgt ni tuk breakfast with Tengku di Istana! Shara was thinking it might be Tengku Mizan..i’m like helloo...that Tengku Mizan is currently the AGONG for god sake..why must he entertain us and most of all having breakfast with media...hmmm...but i keep that tot of mine in me je.

Fast forward....We end up sarapan kat Istana singgah in Terengganu je. Hahaha...hangan2 si shara ni nak bergambar sakan depan istana Sultan Terengganu x kesampaian.Yg plg best shara and zetty siap google ni Istana Terengganu..hahahha. Tak pe le...asal ader nama Istana ok le tu kan:p then nak jd kan cite...15 all of us ni kena stay on House boat on the Kenyir River!!! Sumpah 1st time buat benda2 ni smua..and its QUITE AN EXPERIENCE TO ME!!!! 3 days on house boat tinggal impact to myself...well..u can see the effect its on my skin tone,thou! I’m well cooked! SUNBURN weiiiii.........and secondly i got to experience ala2 deep fishing la.hihihi.....Shara and me always the one yg kechow and luar kawalan. People seems tired to handle us i guess....hhaha.

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