Monday, April 12, 2010

Wonderful Sunday

Had a wonderful chill out Sunday with my besties, Dura, Bear and Afiq! Been a while since i met them months ago...and today we actually meet up at last. Seriously, i missed the old times...these people was the one i always spend time with. From having fun doing crazy things, outing and can't believes time pass by really fast. The next thing we know we were chit chatting mainly bout our career. Its funny in some ways but yeah..we kind of happy to see each other move in a brighter life.

Dura who's the one really eager wanna meet them..well, she work far away @ Penang thou. There are lots of stories to catch up with for me..i just met bear 2 weeks ago..thats was just an accidental meet up where by he happen to be in Pavilion and so do i. hehe...
Today meet up was at Starbucks,Great Eastern.Janji nak jumpe konon nyer kul 3 la..planned by Dura. Knowing Dura, she sometimes can be pretty punctual. So, i made myseld to be there at 3pm! guess what..i forgot that our meet up involves the 2 heroes who always famous with 'DELAY'! hahaha....they all came round 4...and the one who planned it came round 4.30pm!huh....guess that very part didn't change them

After spending time with them..i'm heading to LOOK OUT POINT AMPANG!! celebrate sikin's birthday. actually its a SURPRISE for her..since me and shara cant make it for SINGAPORE with her this week. We came out and planned something really special....and we did pretty awesome. She imppressed! yay!!

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