Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rain Check!

approximately another 115 days to go...OMG! the numbers is truly going smaller each day! fuhh~ oh hello people...its been awhile kan since i update my blog. Life just extremely busy. Never in my life i've been this super bz with job, life, family and yeah....preparation on my big day. **tarikk nafassss* .....fuhhhhh.....*hembusss*

Engagement dress {CHECKED!} soon gonna pick up from jakarta yaw! its gonna be absolutely my fav cos i design it myself. Put a lil art on the design..and tadaaa..its zoo me indeed! will surprise u ols with my own creation very soon :)

i get a pair of new shoe from my indonesian designer as my engagement present :) 

 OK for my hantaran i leave it to my mom. She is an EXPERT on this i can say. Not to worry too much about it cos i wanted is the engagement ceremony to be simple and memorable to me and family. Nothing more i could ask for ..just to see all smiling happily on my engagement day..and plus its a day of MY FUTURE HUSBAND birthday as well. Awesome date to be remember! 

shall update soon on the belum kelam kabut lg ni...sbb we ols still chillax je. On top of our mind keep saying...lamaa lg...LoLz!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A month before i get engage!

hmm..siapa cakap getting marry is easy? people for in love..doing sweet things and bell starts to ring and hoth merpati dua sejoli ni pon masing2 la x sabar wanna leave together! oh pls....the whole preparation is just menakotkann...yet syok! uishh....donno la how to discribe it but i guess its just once amd for all.huhu
I've been toooooo busy to do much more than to worry about the whole wedding with only approximately a month to go for my engagement, i do feel a sort of calm settling over me, so im thinking just a moment to write about it.

I'm coming up on a trasistion in my life, lately i feel like we both are so much matured in handling "relationship" stuffs. we talked about how we met...the non-stop fighting at the beginning of our relationship..its just chaotic and to think and talked about it made us both laugh and thank God..we actually went thro all that! bravoo to us..and i always remind 'lil devil' inside me...MORE TO COME my dear! ehem! well atleast maybe next round we will face it with wiser solution..hopefully!

i've to admit at this point, cant really believes that my heart is slowly open in welcoming him into my world. the transformation are all seems amazing..we both looks like we take it lightly but the fact is we both are SERIoUs in making things happens as per what we plan.insyaAllah.  I felt a lot of stressed and shed a tear or two(or five thousand maybe...) over the course of our engagement and wedding, but it looks like it's all coming together. the word is of course..CONSIDERATION! pretty much i can say im finally starting to feel excited.  Plus...he started to asked me on OUR honeymoon!!! yayyy! despite of getting gonna have a loooooooong honeymoon wt him ...i mean..we want to be there for each other thro thick and thin. (sounds like everybody does hv this tot before married rite..hee..will see about it..)

With all the planning out of the way, im able to think about what this actually is...a marriage. I am getting married to Muhd Mahdhirul Amal Bin Zainal Abidin, and that thought actually calms me. I suspect that there are some brides out there who start panicking about now, because they start to realize what they are about to do. But when i think about whats about to happen, i feel certain that this is the best desicion i ever made. i know this is the right thing for me and he is the rite man. ..and spending the rest of my life with him is what i want more than anything. Seriously,i do a lot of reading on marriage and love...being wife and mother. I've to say Married life is an adventure i cant wait to embark upon, and with him i feel well equipped for the journey..insyAllah. This is absolutely a smart move...perhaps good idea and its pretty romantic ...hmmm...*dreamy smile*. With the stress out of the way, a deep happiness is settling upon me and im pretty sure Amal feels much the same~ ♥♥
ok Linda...pls control your excitement!! focus back to work! lolz  ;p