Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Single life.

Its been almost 3 weeks i've been single. Lots of things happen. Fallen after fallen and it makes my life pretty hard as for now. I thought end up a relationship was easy cos i've been through it like couples of times. But the fact this time round its much more harder.

I hate the fact that every nite before i go to sleep, i'll be wondering bout him..about what his been doing, what he had for his dinner, and does he think about me as much as i do. Probably not! cos i know him well. Once its over, its gonna be TOTALLY OVER . Guys always like that...only girls who always think bout her passed and those lovey dovey memories. The most sickening thing is he's always on my mind. He is EVERYWHERE! He's still and always on my freaking mind the 1st thing when i wake up every single day. hmmpk;(

Your lips pressed hard against my own,
If you weren't holding me down I feel like I would have flown away.
Just by smiling at me you make my day.
You sing to me on the phone, You tell me that I am not alone.
Everything you've ever said swims through my head.
My first though before I get out of bed is about you.
You’re my first breath when I breathe.
You’re my first thought when I wake up.
I smile at you and u smile back.
When I moved away, I cried myself to sleep.
My love for you was deep.
But now my love for you is no more...........


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  2. so true. but we can ALWAYS go thru it all. breakups. it hurts, but there's always lessons that we learnt. going thru the same issue. =)

  3. well sab..the fact that i been thro couple of times...y did i do wrong till i deserve all this...i know crying over whats in da passed wasn't make any different...but...i make me feel better each nite b4 i call to sleep i'll cry....