Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm feeling so ALIVE!!

Alhamdulillah...everythings over in a way that i wanted to. I just got back from CAREFREE QUEEN competition held in Crown Plaza Hotel,KL. Somehow i look back what i had been through is so colorful. Me myself feels with so much love surround me and i'm so blessed. I really am. Its all started when i actually wanted to send my own personal Video for a competition. I knew that the video gonna be a big hit! and i can say...IT IS!! For this i just wanna thanks to my groupies who had turn out tonite to celebrate the enjoying awards nite with me. We deserved the appreciation..the good feedback and of course the amazing impression own our art works!! and i'm so thankful that we are in one group..after all what we went through last time last berbaloi gak!! hehehe...deeep inside my heart i know that this video will go somewhere...and BOOMMM!! there u go...we WON!!! damn girl....i felt really like superstar..with all flash lights on me..NON STOP! makes me feel great and enjoy every moment of the flash and spot lights! its all about glamarous...and hell yeah..not that easy being a superstar i guess...reporters keep runnin to us non stop..questioning and taking photos. I need to make my self in the centre of my own control so i wont slipped any harsh or sensetive words that might make certain party unconfartable with. I'm glad everything runs pretty awesome to me..did it very casually as i always did:)

There are so many congrats wishes to me that nite and all i gave back was THANK YOU SO MUCH and a smile to all that had supported me all this while...felt that i'm winning an oscar or something..but some sort like that kind of feeling,thou.haha. The most memorable wishes came from my lovely sista saying....

ur the Queen of my heart...4eva! U deserve to win and u won! Proud of u. Later we go celebrate with family. Take care and safe drive back home.

So...a drop of tears felt touches my heart. I'm so blessed to have such a caring and lovely sista like her. She came down just to watched and honour my day. Well, to be frank with u sis, i dont even bother to win that nite...what i look for was just a getting together with fwens and family..i wanna know are all that i always rely on are truly the one who always support me from behind and be there for me no matter what....and obviously u guys did proved it rite. THANK YOU..MUCH THANK YOU. Well..its a long way to go...and much more to learn in life. Cross my finger wishing nothing but the best for me, family and friends to success.


  1. Yeah...2nd place! its all good darl! what i looked for is the support from my family and fwens..i i got it! happy..tersgt happy ok! they all like lyn kan aje my gila2 all the time till to the extend of some contest like this..hehe.pretty funny..but fun,thou=)

  2. hehe. hey linda. ur blog will be much interesting if u put at least a picture for each post. heee. lagi layan kot.anyway, what you got from the contest. i mean the prize. i expect you gonna be the winner. sbb the video was superawesome.