Friday, December 11, 2009

Finally i have my own time. Long back then..for couples of week i've been dreaming to have my own personal weekend. Say NO to DATING! pause that trendy dating in my life for a while.. its time to focus on what i want. Probably a lil room for my self and friends would help. So, today..i'm proadly announce that i'm at home. lying on my bed i think for abhout half a day..well..might sounds boring to all but trust me..I'm loving it!! so much in fact. Lying and watching some good movies are something i usually do in spending my own time. My phone been off and there you go...feeling great the whole day. Till i open my phone back...and there goes lots off messages...Oh nO! but well..thats life..people get connected!

Last week i pampered my self with a SPA treatment then going outing with fwens to Berjaya Hills (we wanted to go to Frasser hill but turn to berjaya hills I did my SPA at Sembunyi Spa, Cyberjaya together with Wani. Never had a good company like what i got with that girl. Lots of girl talks been done and yeah of course there a il bit touching stories as well. Personal and stuffs. Its totally a good SPA package with a good company. After Spa..i wend to for an outing with my CLOSE FWEN..Ai,Azry,Reena and Arip. 2 girls and 3 guys...:) and yes there's one more room for a girl where i supposed it belongs to our dearest DURA. damN! we missed u we can say....Aijust got his NEW BRAND SLR CAMERA..and so he officially out from CANON gank with me. He change to NIKKON to join Azry. They both was really eager to go outing taking photography. So here came in da picture to give them a hand on photography skills and anything that i've learn about it. With and open arms..i LOVE too=) As i look at both of them, i can see they were so excited to discover the photography world. It create a sweet touching moments in my heart. I used to have that eagerness in meself. Feeling great taking photos of beautiful nature and creatures. Its a moment of satisfaction. I did taught them something i learned in my past in handling cameras and models. Guess and reena are their model;) hehee....i couldn't deny it, i just love working in front of camera as much as i did behind the camera=) I even gave Ai a chance to explore modelling photography as wani wanted me to be her photographer for her and her sis's boutique. But i end up to be their model instead..and i direct Ai to be the photographer:) absolutely a Fantastic photos,thou!

And Yesterday...we went for outing as well...ok..let me rewind lil bit back..i went out for a movie to watch Love happens. Its kinda boring but the msg that i got it went rite to my FACE! its all about MOVING ON!! How well i said that i actually had moved on but deep inside me i wasn't..maybe a bit. but still there a lil piece of me that not move on from what in my passed. In that movie..the HERO was told that he's the one who help people to move on and pronounce to others that he DID moved on from the confussion,the lost and the passed but the fact that at the end of the movie he reveal to all that its kind of HARD for him to MOVE ON even though he tried his best!! i second that...hell second that!!!been there and done that.But yeah..his stories and my stories are different. he kind of got a happy ending( cos its in da movie i guess)..but for me...i'm still searching for one Happy ending but i don't seems it coming to me now.......perhap later soon...hopefully..

Ok! back on track...after movie..i went home. Then kena culik with a same people to GENTING!!yehaaaaaa.....i cant really remembered quite well what we did over there...but it was FUN! The most that i can remembered was i played a psychology games at OLD TOWN Genting! thats the part i remembered most. seriously it was Fun, Funny and hillarious!!!hahahaaha..well i guess i must be pretty tired last nite that i'm not in da middle of my own COntrol. Been sleeping for 3 -4 hours a day...lately he came back to my mind...gosh! i know i could lives like this ...and i dont want to...........i believes the time will come..