Monday, December 28, 2009

Sharing thoughts..

How do we actually knows that we fall in love?? Is there any sign? This is what i'm facing right now. hmmm....its been a while i didn't get this kind of feeling in me. Not that i know since my last break up. The dating game started 2 months back..think i'm reading to be on the market back! sounds kinda funny..guess what..thats what single girls do. But i play it really safe this time. I wouldn't want to date some kiddos/ what i'm looking for is the REAL MAN..GENTLEMAN!! fuhhh....i think i'm ready to be committed once again. The QUESTION is..HOW DO I GET INVOLVE WITH LOVE AGAIN?? all this while..i can say come and go in my freaking life. It wouldn't stay long like i always wish for. I think is time for me to take it really slow..really really slow. I believes after all i've been through there's no need to rush in relationship. Being in love its a journey that we should feel amazing and appreciate the moments being together. haa......FINALLY..i speak in such a lovely words...gosh! i think i fall in love.....(better not to think it so serious..cos the other person just being relax and steady bout whats goin on)LoL!

ok..back to my Question love need a sign from both party? what kind of signs? I always the one not GOOD at reading sign when it comes about feelings.hehe.. i can be super BLUR actually. for me love always happen in the center of my realiazation. This i answer that very question if to think that i'm fallin for someone....

When i fall in love with another person, i tend to get happier than i always do and lighthearted. I'm excited about life, and have this burning desire in me to be with that very someone as often as possible..this include always want to talk on the phone with him in every seconds of my life.(i know it sounds so cliche). the fact that i wanna be close with him and laugh with him as well...if happen we are really click together and there are lots of stories to tell and things to argue about..knowing always have arguement between me and my partner where i found it really an interesting thing to happen in relationship. well atleast it will spice up our day.heee. And of course i did that in purpose just to make that someone make him whenever he thinks of me it will creat a smile even in his Of course when he's happy thats the moment of BLESSED to me...its goona make my life even HAPPIER and blissful. As time goes on , if it is a true love( i always wish for it everytime)..i want to spend and share my life with that very someone as much as i can give.

So, do u think i'm fallin in love right now...?? I should ask myself then. This guy is somewhere in my heart that i just donno whether its real or not....confussion is part of fallin in love i guess.haha...will c whats gonna happen next. To be continue.....:)


  1. hi linda..
    Happy new year dear!! may 2010 bringss more happiness to u...
    new love too..!
    all the best dear.. hugs!

  2. menarik!! kontest black'n'white baru pulak di jgn lupa click nuff ads!

  3. hey linda..
    happy new year
    happy 2010 may you will get blessings and happiness ya..
    you put it in such a beautiful words.. who ever he is that makes you feel in love again. follow your heart and he might be the one ;)
    take care

  4. hey u ols..thanks! happy new year too=) hope 2010 gonna be better to u guys. and yeha..i'm looking forward to have more joy, love and success..