Tuesday, November 23, 2010

fly to spread my own wings...

Its been 1 week i changed my job. And i can say everything went so well so far...well..its an advertising firm. A place i've been dream to be with once upon a time regardless to what the company name is. Bottom line, i'm happy in what i'm doing and getting ready to build up a new phase of life. I dont want to compare on the environment part...cos as far as i'm concern, i've been exposed with such a luxurious environment as i'd been working with a big corporation ever since i graduated. And now, i donno whats got into me where i definetely can say i tone down myself to a small advertising company.

Back to square one. sick of handling things for big corporation and its time for me to work my ass out and lead the company together with my boss to another level of business. Oh yeah...i got lucky to handle all management accounts and work closely as one team with the directors. I love to lead and i consult others who needed...thats why i'm enjoying my new life. Advertising world as been part of my life since i'm a lil kid. I was amaze with super interesting ad on TV that brought me to work at TV station before...and i was groomed to be and client servicing before back in my interns years to deal with the real advertisers. And now i'm taking chances and opportunity that been given to me to lead the team of management acc together with my boss..

hope it will bring joy, experience and of course CASH$$! to me.....hehe. Never stop to always say Alhamdulillah for what You have given me all this while...and always pray for better future. insyAllah...

Part from i'm slowly build up my career...i'm actually kind of 'fallin' in love...last nite this kinda guy had made his 1st moved. I was shocked and impressed but guess what....i ignored him for the nite! inever one this feeling to interupt what i'm slowy trying to built up...but deep inside me i always wanted this kind of guy....but i still having this lil feeling that i might get hurt badly like what i've been through before this.......hmmmm....guess i've to deal with it!

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