Wednesday, March 25, 2009

KPMG Comunity Day

It was truly a fun day for me. Even thou i've to woke up early in the morning but i'm all full with energy. Its a KPMG Community Day and my department choose to go Kuala Gandah, Pahang. Kuala Gandah is actually a place for elephants. KPMG wanted to raise some money and make people aware about those elephants. As usual, i'm always bz capturing good photos to be publish in KPMG newsletters and i will select my own photo for photography contest as well that organized by Communication team.

This was my 1st and last time joining KPMG Community Day. I love this kind of activities where we actually be more sensitive to our surroundings and widen our concern on certain things. Somehow it will help us to motivate and to be more caring with other living things in this whole world. We might be happy but think bout others..are they happy? Give a room for others to feel happy just what i felt. The return will be more than we expected;)
Well, i won best photo out of it and lil bit of appreciation from others..hehe. Here are some of the good photos for sharing..have a good look on it;)
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