Sunday, March 22, 2009

Zouk 10th Anniversary

Skali lagi linda diberi peluang untuk merakam kan detik detik ato saat saat happening bg zouk management sbb ZOUK DAH 10YEARS weii! Zouk nyer theme for the celebration was 'MAJESTIC JUBILEE'. it somehow means party animals...the whole things was really great rite from the concept,theme and shows...
B4 the launch and celebration..ada la fashion show...smua berkonsepkan binatang!!tak plak sekor sekor cam binatang kan mlm tu..dah x supe manusia pon ader.haha .

well..i would like to say thanks to niza.a.k.a zouk grapfika kerna udah memberi peluang to me ky jd fotografer 4 happening event in zouk
akhir kata..enjoy da pics!


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