Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This time wedding was held at Banting, Klang. I reallyhad so much fun because its like back to my old days..saw village kids running round chasing each other, and all the so called 'org kampung' were really helpful...tolong-menolong jiran yg buat kenduri kahwin I like that kind of environment. Kebetulan Klang is a Javanese place. As for me, i've a Javanese blood running thro my body. it something that i feel like a home,thou..
Nway, wedding kali ni mmg what i can say...i did ALL OUT!(not really all out..but i think i'm trying):)cos y??? cos last critic session i've been polished with a very BOMBASTIC WORD! it is still there somewhere in my mind...keep on hearing it now and then.Well, i took that as my courage and determination to work more harder and keep believing in myself that I'm gonna success. For me, nothing really matters...all i wanted is to be in anything that related to weddings =)

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