Saturday, March 21, 2009

Things that i did back in Uni Life.......

PART 1 (3D environmental)

I'm an advertising student at Multimedia University. I's so into the course that i took which is MEDIA INNOVATION=) i learn a lot....this is some of my previous work that i think i should be proud of.....things that i love to share with others..for me..ART is one of the way to express something non-verbally. So, here are some of my works.......

3D modeling

GosH! can't believes that i actually learn 3D Environmental Design. Pretty cool,thou. But seriously 3D wasn't my best work back then. yeah...I've to do it for the sake to pass my course!

PART 2 (Interior Design)

Another 3D work of mine. This time was bout interior design where i don't think it looks nice to who ever see it.hehe :)

PART 3 (web site)

In this assignment, i was assigned to do a brand new look on jack & jiLL web site. So what i dud is a combination of 3D element + photography + Flash web base. Kind of simple...probably u guys can see such a kiddy and playful yet lovely concept;) thats what Jack & Jill are all about..Jack & Jill is the best things to have while watching movie with the love ones..isn't it?huhu

Minor Project 1- web site mock up
My Final Year Project

Creative Strategy
This pets adoption programme portrays an idea of “Pets Need Homes too” which further enhances a ‘Loving Society’ concept in Malaysia. In addition SPCA aims that each animal will go to good homes, and well taken care by a responsible pet owner. As such, the elements of caring and loving are needed in welcoming new member in the family.

Using ‘ luggage’ and travel bit and pieces of a person present as pet’s stuffs that has been packed in a suitcase as if the pet is ready for adoption. The site will feature information on adoption procedures, link and information about SPCA shelter, online adoption, and pets care guide and event highlights. The viewers will feels as if they are viewing one of their family member’s belongings as they can click on things like passport, tag, traveling cheque book, and toiletries. There are some other stuffs like photo frame and clothes in the suitcase where it just to add some moods of adoption for viewers.

PART 4 (production)

There are so much more to share but lets focus on what I'm doin as for now. Graduated 2 years back but i couldn't even forgets my Uni life. Its like just yesterday i completed my study. .hmm..Now i'm in a real CAREER world. Lots of ups and downs i've been through. How time flies so soon and how days killing my age everyday.....hmmm.........well..thats what we call LIFE=)

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