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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Moody Sunday....

How can i tell bout my lame moody Sunday. I was MUCH happier yesterday..and i don't know somehow something turn off my bubbly and cheerful Sunday! Everything and everybody put a blame on me...and i felt i'm so fucking useless!! why why why?? i just need some support and appreciation from others but all they can see is my mistakes? while i'm always giving supports to others in whatever they do..not letting them down..not even once !... Sometimes i even ask my self, why should i be nice to people who always notice my mistakes rather than the good things i did? Is it hard to say Thank YOu or give some positive supports? i aint not need any money for god sake! u got nothing to loose nway...

There's only lil misunderstanding than leads to a MAJOR disaster! but please do remember than i'm trying my best here..put so many effort to make this happen as much as want to see all my friends happy. If what in the return i get is just bad points for u guys..i guess there's no room i can be trusted ever in your heart....T_T

Friday, November 13, 2009

The carefreequeen=)

Heyoooo peopleee.....well..this is it! Finally i get a platform to enter a competition where i can submit my very own Video Clip:) This vedio was done 3 yrs ago...and Never Ever been published on youtube or any media based....As a team, all members agreed not to published or to spread around but yeah..guess its about time we should enter competition. I know its kind of lousy video...but atleast we tried to came out with such a conceptual music video...better than the original video;) ....i think so la...haha

So, here i'm sooooOOo soOooo please if u guys out there think that our video deserve to win, do vote by clicking the below image...and i know u can see the navigation called 'UNDILAH SAYA'..hurry!! just one click and BoOommm....God Bless you FOREVER!:) heee...

and good luck fopr others...u guys been so great and confident bout yourself...thats why we are in this competition..:)